54 – Magic Training and Sword Manufacturing


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The next problem is the training location.

Since Tina, a mage, would be joining the training, we can’t keep training at the courtyard as usual.

「Tina, is there someplace we can use for training?」

「A place for training, right? We can use the practical exam site」

During the entrance exam, I did not participate in the practical exam.

However, I do know that the duel with the scions took place in the practical exam site.

「Well, that place might just work」

Though it would be difficult to use magic in full throttle, a little bit of offensive magic should be okay.

「I shall get the permit for using the training site from President-sensei」

「Thank you, Arti」 Tina said.

「No problem, It is my pleasure」

After that, I taught Tina the training method of a mage.

It was the same training I did while cleaning in the Wolms main family.

It is a ground-breaking training method which can be used to train magic strength while going through daily routine.

The training method includes continuously circulating magic throughout the body while awake.

In addition, when moving your body, use magic to make the movements more difficult by putting pressure against you.

A method which requires being under the constraints of magic every day.

「By doing this, you can train muscle strength and magic strength simultaneously」

「Is-Is this how it’s done?」

「Yes that’s it. As expected of Tina, you catch on fast. Do this until you can keep it up for 24 hours」

「All day long is going to be difficult」

「You’ll get used to it in no time」

Tina crudely walked around the room. Her first attempt is quite commendable.

As expected, Tina has great aptitude.

「If you keep this up, you will become skilful in magic control too」

「Will I be able to prevent against interference from healing magic, and cast healing magic and detoxify magic simultaneously without direct contact?」

If you were to cast an additional healing magic to someone who is already under treatment by healing magic, an accident might occur due to the interference.

To prevent that, is incredibly difficult.

However, I exercised healing magic without interference right in front of Tina.

It was during the first time I met Tina in the forest.

Moreover, I displayed healing magic and detoxify magic casting simultaneously without direct contact with the body.

Tina is surely referring to that incident.

「Of course, you will be able to perform those feats」

「I’ll train hard!」

While Tina was displaying her determination, Rosetta and Arti said.

「I would like to learn it too」

「Please teach me too」 Arti said.

「Of course, no problem」

It is important that even vanguards should increase their magic pool.

Excellent vanguards are those who advance their physical abilities by always augmenting their bodies with magic.

This training which strengthens physical ability and magic strength is also the most suitable for those who take on the role of vanguard.

And above all else, they have to train to synchronize physical ability and magic together.

「Vanguards, who consciously train to increase their magic pool, are in the lower end of the spectrum」

「In other words, with this training alone we can surpass the average vanguards!」Rosetta said.

「Regina-sama and Xenovia-sama seemed to have done magic increasing training in their childhood」I said.

Although, the training method I taught now, was an improved version developed after training in the World of Gods.

The efficiency is much better than the training methods in the old days.

「That’s right! Even the esteemed members of the Council of Sages went through this training. I will train hard too!」

Rosetta was also determined now.

I taught the training method to Rosetta and Tina again.

Since Tina does not have a magic job, her proposed training method was a little complicated.

After explaining the general method, I revise each of their training method to improve specific aspects of their strengths.

I have to revise them scrupulously without rushing. The foundation of training is important after all.

「Is this correct?」

「Yes, yes」

「Will, is this okay?」 Arti said.

「It’s okay」

In the span of an hour, Arti and Rosetta were able to perform their training skilfully.

「This, sure is quite tiring」

「That is why it is good training」

「That’s right, let’s work hard!」 Tina said.

「However, don’t push yourself too hard. This much should be enough」

「I understand. I will work hard」 Arti said.

After that, all three returned back to their rooms.

I stayed back in my dorm room together with Shiro and Fluffy.

I just created the core of a sword a while ago too, so I laid down on the couch exhausted.


Shiro jumped up on my belly.

「Shiro sure is energetic」


While petting Shiro, I fell asleep.

From the next day onwards, my daily routine changed to training with Arti and the rest after sending Saria to the nursery.

As the training ends, I move to Milt’s laboratory and help him with investigating the beastkin.

After that, I return to my dorm room and continue working on the sword.

Completing my personal sword took two days, including the first day when I created the core of the sword.

And completing Arti’s sword took a total of three days.

It has been five days since the first day I started making the swords.

As soon as I perfected the sword, I went to visit Arti’s room.

Arti delightfully welcomed me into her dorm room.

「Arti, I have completed the sword」

「Thank you very much」

「I’m glad to complete it in time before the classes started」

It has been a week since the entrance exam. In other words, tomorrow is the day the academy classes begin.

「Although, Arti might not have to participate in the classes」

Arti has already graduated the Academy of Heroes once. It would be unnecessary to participate in the classes now.

The probability of me not having to participate in the classes is also quite high.

「Arti, please ascertain the sensation of the sword」

「Yes, excuse me…」

Arti accepted the sword from me, and quickly drew it out from the scabbard.

And swings the sword around several times.

「This is a magnificent sword. It fits perfectly in my hands」

「Do you feel if it is too heavy, or too light, or should it be a little longer?」

「No, none of those things at all. This sword is magnificent」

「I see. If there is anything else you wish for, just tell me. I would like to practice my weapon manufacturing too」

「Yes, thank you very much.」

My short sword and Arti’s sword were completed duly.

With this, we can fight with the beastkin level opponents on equal footing.


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