55 – First Day of Classes


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The day after completing Arti’s sword, in other words, the first day of academy classes.

After sending Saria and RunRun to the nursery, I head towards the classroom together with Shiro and Fluffy.

Basically, I wanted to skip classes today.

However, during the guidance at the entrance ceremony, we were told to attend the first week of homeroom.

And today was the very first day of classes and also the first week of homeroom.

「Good morning, Will! The classes begin today」

「Yeah, are you looking forward to it, Rosetta?」

「Yes, I am! Are you not looking forward to it, Will?」

「Well, I’m not really sure」

It is quite difficult to tell Rosetta, who is super motivated, that I was trying to skip classes.

「I am looking forward to it!」Tina said.

「Yea, me too」Rosetta agreed.


Rosetta and Tina were smiling.

Both of them seemed to be diligent in taking the classes.

「Rosetta, which classes are you planning to take?」

「Let’s see, I plan on the close quarter combat classー」

Rosetta and Tina were discussing about that.

They might be hoping to take the same class.

The two have been reading through the available syllabus table all week long, apparently.

I, on the other hand, had even forgotten about the existence of the syllabus table.

「Which classes do you plan to take, Will?」

I can’t just tell them I wanted to skip classes.

However, it doesn’t really matter. They would find out soon enough anyways.

I have no other choice but to tell the truth.

「…I plan to take the end-of-semester exam properly」

「…I see, as expected of Will」

「I see, if it’s Will, you can get through with that alone」

Tina and Rosetta seemed to have understood.

A short while later, the homeroom began.

The homeroom today simply conveyed basic important points.

Once the homeroom ends, everyone headed towards their own classes.

By the way, Arti had already skipped the very first homeroom itself.

I headed back to my dorm room without taking the classes, in order to create weapons.

「I should… focus on armours too」

Armour requires much more materials than weapons.

There are also many other aspects to be considered when creating armour.

It should not inhibit movements, and has to guarantee solid defence.

「Enhancing armours bought from a store would suffice for now」

For now, let’s focus on creating weapons.

While thinking that, I continued with weapon creation.

Since I had already created a short sword, I decided to create a one-handed long sword.

After completing the one-handed long sword, I also wish to create a two-handed sword, axe, lance, bow and such.

I am specialized in handling all sorts of weapons. It is only limited by my imagination.

If I could make fine weapons, I would like to give them to Rosetta and Tina too.

Weapon production might be something that comes naturally to me.

After defeating the Beast of Calamity, I would like to cease being a mage, and take on blacksmithing.

While thinking about that, I completed the core of the one-handed sword.

「Guess I’ll take a break before making the sword blade」

My short sword and Arti’s sword; creating these two swords, has improved my manufacturing skills considerably.

I did not use up all my energy creating the core of the one-handed sword, like I did on the first day.

After taking a little break, I can still maintain my concentration and create the sword blade on the same day itself.

I returned to the living room where Fluffy and Shiro were.


Shiro rushed towards me joyfully.

Shiro seemed to have been playing with Fluffy, while I was still working in the weapon manufacturing room.

「Shiro, thanks for being a good boy. Fluffy too, thank you for playing with Shiro」


As I held up Shiro, a voice rang out from the Transceiver Bracelet.
[1. T/L Note: “Transceiver Ring” has been changed to “Transceiver Bracelet”.]

『Is this a good time?』

It was Xenovia’s voice.

She must be taking into consideration the possibility of someone else being around me. Therefore, she does not use honorifics.

「Yes, it is okay」「Meeee」

Shiro cried out happily after hearing Xenovia’s voice.

『…Come to the President Office asap』

Xenovia only said that much and ended the call.

「Did she see through the fact that I was skipping class?」

Nevertheless, that doesn’t warrant getting angry over.


Shiro was looking at me as though wanting to ask「What happened?」.

「Xenovia wants me to go to her place. It might be something important since she even used the Transceiver Bracelet」


I lowered Shiro on to the floor, and started moving towards the Presidents Office.

Shiro happily ran after me, as I trotted along.

Fluffy on the other hand, skilfully hopped around following after me.

Fluffy’s movement speed might be on par with Shiro.

We arrived in front of the Presidents Office in no time.

Xenovia should be aware that I had reached her room.

However, unlike last time, she didn’t open the door.

In other words, there were people other than Xenovia in the room.

Therefore, I politely knocked on the door.


「This is Will Wolms」

「You can enter」

「Excuse me」

I slowly opened the door.

I conducted myself with polite behaviour as an ordinary student would.



As soon as I opened the door, Shiro vigorously rushed into the President Office.

He ran up to Xenovia who was sitting on the couch, while crying out happily and energetically.

And then, Shiro hopped on to Xenovia’s lap.


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