56 – Disciples


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After all the trouble I went through to act like a proper student, it has all been thrown out the window.

I became flustered and called out to Shiro.

「Shiro, remember your manners」


Shiro tilted his head while still sitting on Xenovia’s lap.

As Shiro did not do this out of ill intent, I have to teach him properly later.

Perhaps, it was my mistake for not warning Shiro before opening the door.

Thus, I can’t really scold him.

As I closed the door,

「So you are the Will Wolms bastard」

I was called as such.

The speaker was the person sitting on the couch opposite Xenovia.

The person was sitting with their back towards me, and did not react to Shiro’s misbehaviour.

Meanwhile, Xenovia was smiling about and started stroking Shiro.

Incidentally, Milt was sitting beside Xenovia.

And there was another individual sitting beside the speaker.

The two who had their backs towards me had a strangely thin presence.

They were definitely suppressing their presence.


As Shiro had climbed on to Xenovia’s lap, he was positioned to the front of the speaker.

He stared at the face of the speaker while being caressed by Xenovia.

「That’s right. I am Will Wolms. Long-time no see, Regina」

「You and I are meeting for the first time!」

As she said that, Hero Regina stood up and faced me.

Simultaneously, she emitted an intense bloodlust towards me.

Given that Regina is a dwarf, she has a small stature.

Her height was just under 1.3meters.

And she had long golden hair, which is tied up in pigtails style.

Although she was long past the age of one hundred and twenty, Regina still looked like a young girl who is closer in age to me.

I responded with a carefree smile to the bloodlust.

「Regina, you’re still as small as ever」

「Shut up! Insolent fellow!」

Dwarfs have longevity, although not to the extent of elves. Thus, Regina looked as youthful as Xenovia.

No, when compared to Xenovia, Regina looked more like a child.

「So you are the Will-kun, who is rumoured as the reincarnation of Master Edelfuss?」

The one, who suddenly stood up soundlessly while saying so, was the beloved child of the Water God, Dion.

「Dion sure is as huge as ever…… no, you seem like you’ve gotten even larger compared to a hundred years ago」

「Thank you for the praise, I am honoured」

In contrast to Regina, Dion was staggeringly larger.

The dragon newt, Dion was about 2.5 meters in height.

His body surface was covered with beautiful bluish scales. How beautiful.

The scales are not simply a beauty aesthetic; it was also tough to the extent that, ordinary edged tools wouldn’t be able to penetrate his body.

The tail which was even thicker than his leg, also serves as a powerful weapon. His raw strength was to the extent where he can smash a log with his bare hands.

However, he is a healer.

Moreover, Dion is Tina’s master.

「Nevertheless, a hundred years ago, you were only about 2meters long…」

「Naturally, people would change in the span of a hundred years, you know. Growing larger isn’t all that unusual」

Saying so, Dion opened his mouth and revealed his tongue. Even a single glance was frightening.

However, Dion was simply laughing right now.

His muscles which create expressions in his face are different when compared to ordinary humans, thus it is difficult to read his expressions until you get used to them.

Naturally, I have been together with Dion since he was just a child.

Therefore, I can easily read Dion’s facial expression.

Even I would find it fairly difficult to read the expressions of other dragon newts as opposed to Dion.

While I was calmly chatting with Dion, Regina slowly walked towards me.

And then, she brought her face close to mine, so close than her exhaled breaths were hitting my face.

She stared at me with an extremely sharp glint in her eyes.

Regina is hailed as the strongest hero even among generations of heroes.

The one who holds the ultimate fighting strength amongst the human race in the present age.

That ultimate fighting strength was now releasing an overwhelming bloodlust towards me.

If I didn’t truly know Regina, I would have definitely cowered in dread.

「Although you succeeded in deceiving the soft-hearted Xenovia and Milt, you can’t deceive me!」

「But Regina is also mostly soft-hearted too, right?」

「Haa? You bastard, quit making fun of me!」

Regina clutched my collars.


Just as Regina did so, Shiro rushed at us from Xenovia’s lap.

And tried to hit Regina with a head-butt.

「Wh-What’s up with this goat?」


Regina dodged Shiro’s head-butt while still baffled by it.

As expected of Regina, the one hailed as the strongest hero in history.


Even Fluffy moved promptly to assist Shiro.

Fluffy must have intended to coil itself around Regina’s legs.

「Fluffy, Shiro, Calm down」


Fluffy and Shiro seemed to be asking 「Why?」.

「Fluffy, Shiro, This person is a friend」

「Don’t decide that on your own!」

Regina cried out, but Fluffy and Shiro seemed to have calmed down.

Xenovia said to the god-beasts.

「Shiro, Fluffy, It is alright. Will is safe, so please come on over here. I will serve some candies」


The god-beasts happily ran towards Xenovia.

Dion said while looking at the scene with tender eyes.

「Now, now, Regina. Let’s come to a conclusion after listening to Will’s story」


Regina returned and sat on the couch opposite Xenovia.

「You’re called Will or something right. Let’s see if you can convince me that you really are Master’s reincarnation you bastard!」

「I understand. I shall tell a story only I would know. Even Xenovia and Milt do not know about it」

「Go ahead, if you really can!」

I slowly approached closer to Xenovia, in other words, opposite Regina.

「It was… that’s right. If I remember correctly, it was when Regina was four」

「Hmm? Four years old? I don’t even remember the memories of such a young time. Do you plan on telling some vague story?」

「Regina who admired a legendary swordsman back then, took Xenovia’s sword and…」


The bloodlust Regina was emitting vanished.

「Regina went inside my laboratory, which I had prohibited entry to, and…」

「AaAAaaaーーー, that’s enough, enough already」

「I haven’t told the full story yet. The main story starts from here on…」

「NO, I understand now! Perfectly! Please let it go!」

Regina concealed her face which was turning bright red with both hands.

Apparently, Regina has come to an understanding.



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