57 – Disciples(2)


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Regina was still hiding her bright red face with both hands,

Xenovia tilted her head looking at Regina’s behaviour.

「Master, what exactly did Regina do?」

「Well, right now it is not that big of a deal but…」

「Master… please let it go already. I beg of you, I beg of you…」

Since Regina was begging me to stop, I hastened the continuation of the story.

Regina was exaggerating it, even though it is not that big of a deal.

Regina, who admired the legendary swordsman, took Xenovia’s sword and went out to subjugate monsters.

However, Regina got cold feet and did not venture outside. Instead, she looked for monsters inside my mansion.

It was simply Regina’s game of make-believe, so to speak.

And then, Regina went into my laboratory which I had restricted.

At that time, I had been researching a famous sea demon beast which had a terrifying appearance in my laboratory.

When Regina saw the mounted demon beast, she was frightened to the point where she couldn’t move, and tried to flee.

However, she couldn’t escape due to the door being locked and Regina became increasingly more panicked.

The door being locked was nothing much. It was just that, Regina herself had unconsciously locked the door.

Similar to how one would lock the door when entering the toilet.

As she had locked it on her own, she should have been able to open it as well.

However, due to panic, Regina was unable to open the door with the key, and was crying for help until I returned home.

By the time I heard Regina’s cries and opened the door, the laboratory was a wreck.

Regina had rampaged around in the laboratory with the sword.

At that time, little Regina had pissed and shat herself.

And of all things, Xenovia’s precious sword was stained by Regina’s excrements.

「Big sister Xenovia is going to kill me!」 was what Regina was frightened of.

The one who cleaned up Regina, the laboratory, and Xenovia’s sword, was obviously me.

「How nostalgic… I’m glad it didn’t develop into a trauma」

「…how embarrassing」

「It’s simply a story from when you were four. There is no need to be embarrassed」

「No, it is embarrassing」

Fortunately, Regina didn’t develop a particular weakness towards ocean-based demon beasts.

No, on the contrary, I feel as though her attacks are extra-refined when facing ocean-based demon beasts compared to other demon beasts.

She might have been thinking, 「Hurry up and disappear from my sight」.

I left Regina who still had a bright red face alone, and turned towards Dion to convince him.

「As for the story only I would know regarding Dion…」

「Master, there is no need for that」

「Mu? Is that alright?」

「Yes, I had already realized it was Master when I saw you personally」

「…Is that so? How did you know?」

「Well, it was more of an intuition」

「Heeー, that’s amazing」

It might be a unique intuition of dragon newts that I do not know of.

It can’t be helped that I got interested in Dion’s intuition.

「Now then, since you guys have accepted that I am Edelfuss’ reincarnation…」

As I wanted to talk to them without rushing, I took a seat beside Xenovia.



Regina embraced me with all her strength.

Probably due to being overcome with emotions, Regina’s face became mush with tears.

It was almost unbelievable that her face was bright red a second ago.

Regina was crying while embracing my head tight to her chest.


「…Regina could hug me like this for the first time due to being taller」

I muttered while being embraced.

「I am also glad to be reunited and to see Master so lively」

「Aa, thank you, Dion」

Dion’s tone of voice was completely calm and collected.

However, he was grasping my right hand tightly. Dion’s hand was hot.

Normally, a dragon newt’s body temperature is low. But, when they are overcome with emotions, the temperature rises and becomes hot.

「I am also glad that Dion is doing well」


Dion’s magnificent tail was swaying around in circles.

Dion seemed to be extremely delighted as well.

Shiro must have also gotten excited, looking at the somewhat excited Dion and Regina.


He leapt off Xenovia’s lap and rushed towards my buttocks with a head-butt.

Until Regina and Dion calmed down, I was left at Shiro’s mercy.

After crying for some time, Regina said while wiping off her tears.

「…it seems like I had lost my composure. I have shown an embarrassing sight」

「Don’t worry. It’s been a hundred long years, so it can’t be helped」

「I am also immensely happy」

Saying so, Dion sat back down on the couch he was sitting on just now.

So does Regina.

I tried to sit down beside Xenovia, to start talking again.

「Master, over here」

My clothes were grabbed from behind by Regina.

I was sat on Regina’s lap as is with my back towards her, within Regina’s hug.


「No, it is a new experience to have Master being smaller than me」

Regina said so, while resting her chin on my head.

「Well, I guess it is a new experience」

「Master is eight now right? You will surely grow big soon. So I just thought of hugging like this while I still had the chance」

「I see. Do as you like」

As Regina is a dwarf, she has a short stature.

Thus, she is fond of people who are shorter than her.

Milt was also embraced as I am right now, when he was still a child.

Incidentally, the eldest of my disciples was the Beloved Child of Water God, Dion. Right now, he is 130 years of age,

Next, is the Elf Xenovia, who is also 130 years of age.

Next is the dwarf, Hero Regina, who is 125 years of age. Lastly, the youngest is just an ordinary human, Small Sage Milt, who is 120 years of age.



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