58 – Disciples(3)


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Milt said while tenderly brushing Fluffy who was on his lap.

「I look like oldest even though I am the youngest disciple. Humans sure are at a disadvantage」

「You can’t change race after all. Even I find growing larger endlessly to be an inconvenience.」

Dragon newts have their own hardships too I guess.

They keep growing larger even after reaching adulthood. So, they have to constantly buy new clothes which fit their size.

「Ehー, I’m actually jealous of Milt who is of the same race as Master」

「Yeah, there is that too. How enviable」

Regina and Xenovia said so while eating candies.

Meanwhile, Shiro was engrossed on climbing up Dion’s body.

「Shiro, you shouldn’t climb someone’s body without permission.」


「Do it after you get permission. You can climb my body however much you want, so control yourself」

I extended my hand towards Shiro, and made a slope to make it easier to climb.

However, Shiro was still engrossed with Dion.

As expected, there seems to be more merit in climbing Dion’s body which was more than twice as large as mine.


Shiro looked at Dion and tilted his head.

「I don’t mind if you want to climb my body」


After getting permission from Dion, Shiro resumed his ascending.

Dion slanted his body a little to make it easier to climb.

Thanks to that, Shiro soon reached the top of Dion’s head.


Shiro stood on Dion’s head skilfully, and shook his short tail merrily.

I ignored Shiro who was doused in happiness, and turned towards Regina and Dion to tell them the chronology of how I ended at this point.

「I don’t know how much you two have heard from Xenovia and Milt but…」

「We haven’t told them anything yet. I am sure Regina and Dion would like to hear it from Master as well」

How Xenovia-like forethought.

「Ah, although I have told them about Master and Arti defeating the beastkin」

「Yeah, I heard that. Master is amazing as ever even at eight」

「It is an admirable feat. Master is on a whole different level」

Regina and Dion showered me with praise.

As it was embarrassing, I decided to move forward with the story.

「I see. Well then, I shall start from the very beginning」

I explained everything in chronological order, from the moment I died to the moment I enrolled into this academy.

Naturally, the perspective of time is different in the World of Gods, so fundamentally the chronological order is off-point.

However, as that would make it exceedingly incomprehensible, I decided to include it in the chronological order as how I experienced it.

「Master went through many troubles too」

Regina strongly caressed my head.

There is no doubt that she simply wants to pat my young-self.

「No, it isn’t as comparable to the hardships you all went through」

「I don’t think that is the case though…」

Dion said, while still having Shiro on top of his head.

「Leaving that aside, shall I crush the Wolms family which bullied Master?」

「No… Regina. You don’t have to worry about that. As long as they don’t pose a threat to other people, leave them alone.」

「I seeー… If Master says so…」

「Regina, those who possess power should always exercise it with caution, right?」

The oldest disciple, Dion said in a remonstrating tone.

「I understand that plentyー」

Regina seemed to be listening to Dion’s advice,

My disciples joined under me when they were all still very young. Therefore, they become apprentices by priority of age too; especially Dion whom I had raised since he was still an egg.

In other words, my very first disciple was Dion.

Being the oldest, and the first disciple, Dion seemed to be the mediator among the four.

「Dion… looks to be working hard」

「I am not working that hard」

Saying so, Dion smiled.

Dion is the type that does not share his troubles outside.

「Dion… you seemed to have been doing your best while I was gone. Thank you」

「…No, I have simply done what I could」

「And that is amazing」

「…T-Thank you very much」

Dion’s tears started to overflow quickly.

There was no one here who would laugh at that.

「I have burdened you a lot, Dion」

Saying so, Regina nodded while patting my head.

Xenovia and Milt were also nodding in agreement.


Shiro descended from Dion’s head to his shoulder, and started licking Dion’s face.

Shiro might be trying to cheer up Dion in his own way.

「Thank you, Shiro is kind」

Dion gently petted Shiro, who was on his shoulder and then immediately stopped crying.

「I am sorry, Master. I was suddenly overcome with emotions」

「No, don’t worry about it」

He must have had one-hundred years’ worth of pent up emotions. It was natural to cry out.

After confirming that Dion had stopped crying, Shiro climbed back to Dion’s head, and cried out 「Mee!」.

After that, Xenovia and Milt began explaining about plans for the future.

Specifically about concealing my true identity.

「That is why it is prohibited to use honorifics when addressing Master outside. Especially Regina, be careful」

「Y-Yeah, even without Xenovia’s reminder I can do that much」

「If so, that is good」

I discussed about raising the young-bloods, as preparation for defeating Teinebris, who would resurrect in a few decades time.

I also conveyed that, I had already started the training with Arti, Tina, and Rosetta at the present time.

「If they are nurtured from this point onwards, they will definitely become a strong fighting potential」

Regina said delightedly.


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