59 – Disciples(4)


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Dion said with a serious face.

「Does Master see talent in those three?」

「They have developed much since the beginning of training, and I have also judged that they are talented enough.」

「If it’s Master’s judgement, then it is surely right.」

Regina stroked my head.

「Including Master, there will be four. Doesn’t the fighting power seem lacking?」

「The rest will be filled up by the god-beasts. Shiro, Fluffy, and RunRun, who is currently not present here.」


I explained regarding the god-beasts to Regina and Dion.

「That is reassuring to hear.」

「Master, please let us meet the dog RunRun too.」

「Aa, I’ll bring him over next time.」

It would be easier if Regina came to play in my room.

However, the Hero Regina visiting the dorm room of a mere student would be too suspicious.

Bringing RunRun over to President Office would be better.

Dion, who was thinking with a serious look on his face, said worriedly.

「Master… do the three youngsters have the resolution to fight the Demon King?」

「I have already revealed to the three, that my goal is to subjugate the Demon King, Beast of Calamity Tenebris.」

I also informed that the three reached the same resolve to subjugate the Demon King.

「Although, I can’t know how things would turn out in the future.」

「…Did Master reveal your true identity?」

「For now, I have revealed my identity to Xenovia’s disciple, Arti.」

「In other words, Master hasn’t revealed it to my disciple, Tina.」

「That’s right, Tina’s resolve is still not as concrete as Arti’s.」

Arti, who is already a member of the Salvation Organization, is on a fundamentally different position than the student Tina.

In addition, Tina is a member of the Imperial family. She still has ties of obligations.

「I express gratitude for Master’s consideration.」

Saying so, Dion bowed.

Shiro skilfully balanced himself on Dion’s bowed head.

While looking at Shiro with tender eyes, Xenovia said.

「So, the real consultation starts from here… We have been wondering about who should be Rosetta’s master.」

「Rosetta is one of the students training with Master, right?」

「That’s right Regina. You remember well.」

「Of course I do, Xenovia. A scout who uses a bow, right?」

「Aa, a beloved child of the Hunting God, what do you think, Regina?」

「Even if you ask me, do as you like, Xenovia. She has talent, right?」

Regina must have thought Xenovia was talking about adopting Rosetta as her own disciple.

Milt realised that, and slowly shook his head.

「That is not it. We are asking, how do you feel about adopting her as your disciple?」

「…I am not capable of taking in a disciple. Xenovia should adopt her instead.」

「Xenovia already has a disciple, Arti. And Dion already has Tina.」

「If that’s the case, Milt should adopt her as disciple.」

「I have decided to take in Master as my disciple.」


Regina let out a weird sound.

Milt ignored Regina and continued to explain.

「As I was saying, Regina is the only one without a disciple/」

「Nononono, there is no need for Master to become a disciple is there?」

「It’s simply for appearances sake.」

「If Master is just for appearances sake, then Milt should adopt Rosetta too since your responsibility would only be one person.」

I decided to silently listen to my disciple’s discussion.

Regina’s claim sounds justified, but I chose not to interfere.

Milt, Regina, and Xenovia discussed for short period.

Dion simply listened to them.

These past hundred years, the Council of Sages had most probably moved forward in this manner.

Knowing this brings joy to my heart.

Why exactly does it bring happiness, even I do not know.

My disciples are somewhat akin to my own children. Perhaps I was happy to see how much they have grown.

Or perhaps, I was simply happy to experience this again with my disciples after a hundred years.

After a while, the argument settled down and the room became quiet.

At that moment, everyone’s line of sight gathered on Dion.

「…Let’s see. Certainly, Regina’s claim is justified…」


「However, Regina, leaving aside the justification, isn’t it about time you took in a disciple?」

「…Like I’ve been saying, I’m not capable of taking in a disciple.」

「If that’s what you believe… then it applies to all of us. An immature supreme authority.」


「We are aware that Regina has been reluctant to take in a disciple due to a misfortunate accident…」

Regina slowly shook her head.

「I am weak… thus, I am unqualified to take in a disciple.」

「If Regina is weak… then all of us are weak.」

Perhaps Regina did not agree with Dion’s words.

Regina firmly hugged me.

「What do you think, Master? Is it alright for me to adopt a disciple?」

「I think it will be fine.」

「But, I’m still weak.」

「I know that Regina is strong.」

Regina kept asking more questions as such.

It seemed that, Regina has lost all her self-confidence due to losing her precious disciple.

Regina herself still comprehends that her own strength has not fallen behind my other disciples.

However, her determination has taken a nosedive.

After conversing with me for a short while, Regina stood up while still holding on to me.

「Master, I should probably adopt a disciple too.」

「Aa, I think so too.」

「Thank you, Regina, you seem to have found your determination.」

The moment Xenovia happily said that,

「But! It is only after I directly meet Rosetta!」

Regina strongly proclaimed as such.


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