60 – Regina’s Preparation Period


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Certainly, Regina should meet Rosetta personally before adopting her as a disciple.

Milt had the same opinion as me. While nodding, he said,

「Aa, of course, it would be best to decide that after personally meeting Rosetta」

「I will go call Rosetta right now」

Xenovia stood up to go call Rosetta, but I stopped her.

「I’m sure Rosetta will come if Xenovia were to call her, but… she is in the middle of classes now」

「Yes, you are right, Master. I had completely forgotten」

Thus, Regina sat down again while still hugging me.

And she started brushing my head.

「Tomorrow morning after classes is fine. I have to prepare something first too」

「Prepare? Do you plan to do something?」

Without answering my question, Regina turned my head while continued to pat my head,

「Master, I am inexperienced. Though I can judge capability just by looking, I can’t do the same for talent」

「Regarding talent, even I can’t judge just by looking」

「Really? Even Master can’t tell?」

「Yes, it’s the truth」

「Is that soー」

Talent can be judged just with a glance. However, the only ones who can do that are the gods.

Despite that, Regina seemed surprised.

「Do you want to confirm the results from the guardian deity love value measuring device that I invented?」

「No, not in particular. It’s not that I don’t trust the device that Milt invented」

「Understood. Certainly, the results of that device is not absolute」

Milt said in a completely calm manner.

He has a pretty good understanding of the weak points of his device.

After that, I kept chatting with my disciples till the time when the nursery classes ended.

Naturally, the academy classes also end at the same time as the nursery classes.

I met up with Rosetta outside the classroom, and we head together to the nursery.

After joining with Saria, Rose, and RunRun, we met up with Arti and Tina.

And then, all of us moved to the training grounds, and commenced our training.

Saria, Rose and the god-beasts, were all observing our training.

During the training break, I asked.

「Saria, Rose, are you two not bored?」

「It’s fun!」

「Yeah! Anicha looks so cool!」

「It’s amazing」

「Yeah, amazing」

I’m glad Saria and Rose were having fun watching the training.

After training, I asked while resting.

「How were the classes?」

「It was immensely informative!」Tina said.

「Yeah, it was beneficial!」Rosetta said.

「Glad to hear that」

While talking about that, Arti, who also skipped classes said.

「Everyone, please come to the President Office once the classes end tomorrow」

「That’s fine but, does President-sensei have some official business with us?」Rosetta said.

「I’m sure we would receive orders!」Tina said.

「Orders… I am getting fired up! But meeting with the President-sensei makes me nervous」

「Maa, I understand how you feel, but you’ll get used to it soon」

In order to visit the President Office, Rosetta and I decided to request for extension at the nursery.

The next morning as well, we started training early in the morning.

After training, Rosetta headed to class with Tina, after we sent Saria and Rose to the nursery.

And then, I started creating a weapon while simultaneously training with the aim of increasing my magic pool and advancing my magic manipulation to the next level.

I can feel my skills as a blacksmith improving gradually.

After Tina and Rosetta’s classes end, we head to the President Office.

As we had already requested for an extension at the nursery for Saria and Rose, I’m not worried.

Before entering into the President Office, I picked up Shiro and faced him towards me.


Shiro tilted his head, and started licking my face.

Shiro probably thought I picked him up because I wanted him to lick my face.

「Shiro, we are about to enter the President Office, so don’t jump onto President-sensei’s lap like yesterday」


「Can you sit quietly beside me?」


He does not respond. He seemed to be pretending that he didn’t hear me.

「Shiro, if you don’t listen to me, I will leave you outside to guard the door」


Shiro protested that he didn’t want that.

「Shiro, can you behave well?」


Somehow, he agreed to behave.

I felt relieved and lowered Shiro to the floor, and knocked on the door.

We immediately got permission to enter, thus we entered.

Only Xenovia was present in the President Office.

Unlike yesterday, Xenovia was sitting on a chair at the back of the room.

Xenovia looked super comfortable sitting on the chair.

In front of her, there was an elegant, sturdy-looking, wooden desk. In other words, the chair and desk is the place where official duties are carried out.

By sitting on the official duty chair, she was signifying to us that this was an official matter.

I straightened myself in front of Xenovia, and said.

「President-sensei, we four have come to answer your summons」

「Well done」

Xenovia was still sitting.

I fleetingly glance at Shiro. He was behaving well by standing properly beside me.

He is quite outstanding, even though he is still a baby goat. I will praise him well later.

「Thanks for coming. There is a person who wished to meet the four of you. It is fine to come out now」

As Xenovia said so, from the neighbouring room,

「So, you bastards are the new students who are running around with the intention of defeating the Demon King!」

A deep daring voice resounded.



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