61 – Regina’s Interview


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61 – Regina’s Interview



Rosetta and Tina instantly jumped back at the sudden voice.

「You don’t have to be on your guard」

From the neighbouring room, a person appeared, clad in full-body armour including a helmet which hid their full-face.

That person was holding a gigantic axe which was much larger than its wielder.

Although the face is covered, it was definitely Regina judging from the stature.

Tina and Rosetta were astonished by Regina’s bizarre appearance.

I too was a little surprised.


A weird noise leaked out from the helmet. She has inserted something inside the helmet.

There’s no doubt she had Milt build something to alter her voice.

Was this perhaps the preparation Regina mentioned yesterday?

When meeting the present me for the first time, Regina emitted an overwhelming bloodlust.

I’m sure that this is one of Regina’s traits when testing someone.

Perhaps Regina does this, so people wouldn’t underestimate her due to her short stature.

I understand that Regina put a lot of thought into altering her voice.

However, since I already know its Regina, I find it to be nothing but amusing.

I was even trying my hardest not to laugh out loud.

However, Xenovia remained sat in a composed manner as though she had gotten used to Regina’s appearance, and said with a smile.

「This is the first meeting for Tina and Regina, right」

「Yes」Rosetta said.

Tina on the other hand simply nodded in a bewildered state.

「Well, introductions are in order. This is my fellow sister disciple, Regina Edel Glacier」

「…Hero Regina-sama?」

Rosetta was surprised and looked over at Regina.

And Tina gracefully bowed her head.

「It is an honour to meet the esteemed Hero. I am Tina Dion Irmady」

「So you are Dion’s disciple. I have heard of you. You seem to be working hard」

「Thank you very much」

「And you are Rosetta?」

「Y-Yes! It is nice to meet you, I am Rosetta!」


Then, Regina approached Rosetta as close as possible.

「Ah, ummm… Regina-sama?」


Regina kept glaring at the perplexed Rosetta.

However, as Regina has a short stature, she had to literally look up to Rosetta.


As the “Juukooo” sound kept leaking out, I finally lost it and tittered.

「Ex-Excuse me, I sneezed」

Nobody seemed to have minded.

I’m glad no one got suspicious.

「Hmm, I see」Regina said, and moved away.

「Excuse me for suddenly doing that」

「No, I don’t mind, but… what was it about?」

「Nothing much, just that Xenovia recommended Rosetta as my disciple」

「I? The Hero’s disciple? Eh? Why?」

Rosetta’s tone became dishevelled as she received a great shock.

「You are a youngster with talent, so she recommended you as a disciple」

「I-I am nothing such as that, at all!」

In a flustered state, Rosetta held out both her palms to the front, and shook them in disagreement.

「Hey Rosetta, are you trying to say, Xenovia has no eye for recognizing talent?」

「N-No, not at all!」


The ridiculous sound became rhythmical.

This is just my guess but, Regina was probably laughing under the helmet.

The one who truly wants to laugh out loud, is me. Don’t make this any more difficult.

I pinched my thigh hard to resist laughing out.

「Regina, don’t tease my academy student too much」Xenovia reminded.

Thereupon, Regina faced Rosetta and slightly bowed her head.

「I have said something nasty to you. I apologize」

「N-No, I also made a mistake with my choice of words」

「Well, I do understand your hesitation to become my disciple. Think carefully about it」

While leaking out the 「Jukoo, Jukoo」noise, Regina returned to the neighbouring room.

「-Fuuuuu」I exhaled a deep breath.

Thank god. If I kept looking at that appearance and listening to that ridiculous noise, I definitely would have burst out laughing.

While seeing off Regina with a smile, Xenovia said.

「Rosetta, I apologize for surprising you」

「No, not at all」

And then, Xenovia beckoned Shiro and Fluffy.

Shiro looked at me and tilted his head. He was asking if it was alright to go over to Xenovia.

It must be due to my advice before entering the room.

「Shiro, Fluffy, you behaved excellently today. It’s alright now」



Shiro and Fluffy trotted over to Xenovia.

Xenovia took the god-beasts, placed them on her lap and served candies.

「Everyone, please take a seat」

「Yes, thank you」

Xenovia also placed some candies in front of us.

Furthermore, she poured out tea in cups for everyone from a largish tea container.

「It has already been a while since the tea was brewed, so the taste is not guaranteed」

It seems that, the largish tea container was also some sort of magic tool.

The liquid that is stored inside the container does not easily become cold.

For the time being, I took a sip.

Although Xenovia said the taste is not guaranteed, this tea tastes delicious.

Xenovia smiled as we drank the tea.

「If you have any questions, I will answer them to the extent that is allowed」

「President-sensei… why did you recommend me?」

「I heard from Arti that Rosetta has resolved to subjugate the Demon King」

「Yes, I don’t know how helpful I will actually be but, I am aiming for the Demon King Subjugation」

「Rosetta, why did you choose to join the Demon King subjugation?」

「I might be powerless, but I want to be helpful to Will, Arti, and Tina」

Xenovia was satisfied with Rosetta’s answer and nodded.

「Umu, I think that kind of personality is suitable to be Regina’s disciple」

「But I don’t have talent…」

「Are you worried about the fact that you only have the Human God and Hunting God as your only two pillars of guardian deity?」

「…I feel like I am lacking to be a disciple of Hero-sama」

「Will, who is arranged to be Milt’s disciple, has only one pillar. We do not judge by the presence of guardian deities」Xenovia said, laughing.



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