62 – Consultation of the Four


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62 – Consultation of the Four

As if grumbling, Rosetta slowly said.

「But, Will is incredibly strong」

Xenovia laughed as she heard that.

「Yes, it is exactly as you say. There are people who overflow with talent even with one pillar」

「…Perhaps so」

Since I was a living example, Rosetta couldn’t make a counterargument.

「Although the device Milt invented is extremely convenient… there still are many exceptions to it」

「But, I am still inexperienced…」

「You don’t need to worry about that」

「Even if you tell me that, it’s impossible」

「Listen… Rosetta. If you weren’t inexperienced, then there is no reason for you to become a disciple」

Saying so, Xenovia took a sip of tea.

「There is no one who truly grasps their true strength. Let alone grasping their talent」

Xenovia continued explaining to Rosetta, who just listened quietly.

「Moreover, in the case where Regina wishes to adopt Rosetta as disciple, you would have to go through a test」

「A test?」

「Aa, although I am unaware of its content. Supposing you truly don’t have talent, you wouldn’t be able to overcome the test」


Rosetta silently pondered.

「Rosetta, I will not force you. I guarantee there will be no drawbacks if you refuse this proposal」

「Yes, thank you」

「Come to a conclusion after thinking about it」

After that, we exited the President Office and everyone walked in silence.

And then Rosetta said with a serious expression.

「Say… Will, Tina, Arti, I have something to consult about」

「Alright, let’s gather in my dorm room sometime after dinner」

「I agree with that plan」Tina said.

「Will, thank you」

「Yes, I will wait in my room until Will calls」 Arti said.

And we all head towards the nursery as is, to fetch Saria, Rose and RunRun.

After that, all of us moved to the cafeteria, and had dinner.

During the meal, Saria and Rose seemed to be in a good mood.

「Anicha! Everyone is here!」

「That’ right… Does Saria love eating with everyone?」


「I love it too!」Rose asserted.

「Right….」Saria replied joyfully.

Saria and Rose seemed to have grown closer. Just looking at them is so adorable.

After dinner, everyone briefly returned to their own dorm room.

I returned to my dorm room as well, and had Saria, RunRun, and Shiro take a bath.

After that, Rosetta and Rose came to my dorm room, and they seemed like they just got out of the bath.

Because, it is poor to leave behind a young child alone in the room, Rosetta brought along Rose.

After putting Saria and Rose to sleep, I went out to call Arti and Tina.

At last, all four of us were gathered, so we can start the consultation.

Incidentally, RunRun was together with Saria and Rose in the bedroom.

And, Shiro and Fluffy were sitting on my lap.

「Well, what does everyone else think?」

Rosetta said with a serious expression.

「How do I say, that is a vague way of asking」


「No need to apologize」

Rosetta was also at a loss.

She must have never even imagined the possibility of being the Hero’s disciple.

「I think it is a good idea to become a disciple」Tina said.

「I also think it is a good idea for Rosetta to become a disciple of Hero-sama」Arti agreed.

「You really think that?」

「Yes, I do」 Tina replied.

And Arti nodded in agreement to Tina.

「Rosetta, is there something bothering you about becoming a disciple of the Hero?」

「Something that bothers me…」

「Anything that makes you unable to make a decision or causes you unease」

As I said that, Rosetta started thinking with all seriousness.

「…No, I think it is an honour 」

「That’s right」

「But, I can’t get rid of the feeling of someone like me deserving that honour」

「Basically, you don’t have confidence?」

「That might be the case. This probably wouldn’t be the case, if I was as talented as Will」

Rosetta said that because she knew I was going to be Milt’s disciple.

My becoming a disciple is completely different from Rosetta, as it is just a formality and for appearance’s sake.

Therefore, it is difficult to say anything from my position.

「How did Tina feel when asked to be a disciple?」

「Same as Rosetta right now… If someone like me was truly worthy」

「And, how did you feel after actually becoming a disciple?」

「Well, let’s see. I still wonder if I am worthy」

「You still think that?」

「Exactly, but that is also my motivation to strive forward」

Rosetta looked straight into Tina’s eyes.

「Say… Tina. Has there been any difficulties?」

「Surprisingly there hasn’t been any. Although there might be from here on after」

It’s not as if there is going to be difficult orders.

Not even a matter of too many tasks, or even tasks of an extremely high degree of difficulty.

「What does the guidance feel like?」

「Right now, Master Dion-sama is in a distant place, so I am being taught by President-sensei」

It seemed like Dion still hasn’t told Tina of his arrival.

I do think it would be good to tell her, but Dion might be busy with his own matters.

The night grows late, as Tina and Arti were talking about the guidance they receive from Xenovia.


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