64 – Let’s Go Inform Regina


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64 – Let’s Go Inform Regina

It seems that Rosetta has misunderstood.
So I explained carefully.

「No, let me rephrase that. I do think Rosetta has talent, but you are lacking strength」
「That’s right. I am lacking strength」
「Naturally, I’ve factored in all your many mistakes. I’m sure the same is true for Regina-sama too」

Rosetta stared at me with a meek face.
Because disciples are immature, they become disciples. That is natural.

「And if you were a burden like in the fight against the beastkin, I will tell it straight to your face」
「We don’t have the luxury of taking care of other people’s feelings after all」Arti smiled.

「Regina-sama would also say you don’t have to worry about being an immature disciple」

I actually said something along those lines to Regina a long time ago.
The strongest and renowned Regina also had an immature period.
I feel like I said that to my other disciples as well.

「As President-sensei said, your talent cannot be measured on your own」
「That may be so…」
「You were recommended by President-sensei, and Regina-sama who is hailed as the strongest, will test you out」
「I think it is an honour」 Tina said
「Since it’s a huge opportunity, why don’t you just take the test?」
「If you pass, then you have reached the level that Regina-sama wants.」
「What if I fail?」
「Ask for another chance at being Regina-sama’s disciple after training hard」

After that, Rosetta thought for a while.
And she seemed to have decided.

「Yeah, I am going to take Regina-sama’s test!」
「That’s the spirit」
「I’m sure you can pass!」 Tina said.
「Do your best」 Arti said.

I decided to report to Regina tomorrow, as everyone returned to their room.
Rosetta carried Rose back to her dorm room.

I will sleep too as I am still a child.
Staying up late is not good for growth.


As I entered the bed, RunRun, who was baby-sitting Saria, came over to lick my face.
He cried out in a quiet voice so as not to wake Saria.

Shiro seemed sleepy and went to lay down right beside my pillow, as did Fluffy.

I gently stroked the sleeping Saria’s hair.
She was sound asleep.

「…hehe… su」
Saria might be having a pleasant dream, as she was sleeping with a happy expression.

「RunRun, thank you as always」
I fell asleep while stroking RunRun and Saria.

The next day, I got up early, made breakfast, completed preparations, finished training, and sent Saria to the nursery.
By the way, the training was done together with Arti, Tina and Rosetta.

When Tina and Rosetta head to class, I created weapons as usual.
I feel my technique is improving more and more.
Soon, I want to challenge magic endowment.

Then, once Tina and Rosetta’s classes end, we four met up and headed for the President Office.

As we entered the president’s office, Xenovia and Regina were present there.
They were sitting on the couch.

And Regina still had her whole body covered with metal armour and was wearing the full-face metal helmet.
While sitting on the couch, she had the gigantic axe resting on her shoulder.
The axe was also an important item for the intimidation.

「Umu…You came back faster than I expected. It’s good that you can make quick decisions」 Regina nodded.

Regina said it in an earnest manner.
However, since the voice was changed to a very thick voice with magic, it sounded funny.

I almost laughed out, so I held my cheek muscles with my hand.

Xenovia smiled kindly.
「Regina. Don’t rush. She might be here for a question.」
「That’s right. If you have something to ask, go ahead」

Rosetta corrected her posture and said clearly.

「I have decided that I would like to be a disciple. Thus, I would like to take the test」
「Oh! That resolve is superb!」

Regina stood up, and then walked over to us.

「Hmm… Let’s get on with the test!」

When Regina declared in a daring voice, the tip of the gigantic axe handle dropped to the floor.
At that moment, the sound「Shokokoshokoko」rang out.
Perhaps Regina’s nasal breath had become rough.

「… fushu」
I chuckled. Shiro raised his head and looked at me.
However, Rosetta, Tina, and Arti were staring at Regina in a tense state.

「Let me explain」

Regina calmly explained about the test.
You have to enter the dungeon and get the proof of the test at the end of the dungeon, with that you will have cleared the test.
Surprisingly, it was a test without a twist. Such things should be simple after all.

「All four should challenge the dungeon together!」Regina said encouragingly.


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