65 – Contents of the Test


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65 – Contents of the Test

Rosetta was surprised to hear that.

「Eh? Is it fine for me to not take it alone?」

It was a test to judge the propriety of Rosetta.

Therefore, Rosetta was under the impression she would have to overcome the test alone.

「Aren’t you a scout?」


「Scout is a job that functions within a party, right?」

「That is so…」

「Umu, Arti, Tina, I have already gotten approval from your masters. Thus, I want you to participate」

If there was approval from their masters, than this test is also a part of their guidance.

They have no choice but to participate.

Regardless of that, Arti and Tina still would have cooperated.

「Understood, I will do my best!」

Tina replied in a fully motivated sense.

「Yes, please leave it to me」

Arti replied calmly but, there is a fire in her eyes.

Arti’s master, Xenovia, nodded to Arti’s response.

Regina approached me.

And of all things, she brought her face close to mine.

As she did, naturally the 「Jukooo」 sound became plainly clear to the ears.

「Will still isn’t Milt’s disciple yet but… Milt has also given his approval. So, it would be best to participate」


I somehow restrained from laughing, and replied.

「Oh? Is Will reluctant to participate?」

「Nothing of the sort」



Finally, I spurted out.

Apparently, Regina had realized I was about to laugh.

It was obvious that she was trying to make me laugh.

「What is it? Will, are you feeling unwell?」

With those words, in order to try to measure my body temperature, Regina brought her forehead to mine.

As she was wearing a full-face helmet, it was cold. There was no way she could measure the temperature through the helmet.

Regina was deliberately doing this to make me laugh.

Her tone of voice becoming cheeky is the proof.

Regina was trying to make me laugh.

In order to hold back from bursting out, I think of something quick.

「I am feeling fine, and am perfectly healthy」

「Is that true〜?」

Regina said with a cheeky tone.

It was immensely funny as the short statured Regina starts speaking in a cheeky voice.

As my cheeks began twitching, Xenovia called out.

「Regina… that should be enough」

「Umu, I’ll let it go in consideration for Xenovia」

Rosetta and Tina did not understand the meaning of the back and forth between Regina and I.

Therefore, they were staring blankly.

I could not discern whether Arti understood the meaning or not, as she was standing firmly with a lack of expression.

As Regina sat back on the couch, Rosetta asked.

「Regina-sama, what are the contents of the test?」

Hearing the question, Regina replied seriously.

「You will find out once you take the test」


「However, the difficulty is not low」

Then, Regina muttered in a whisper.

「Even if you became a disciple, without talent you would simply suffer unnecessarily…」

Xenovia said with a gentle tone.

「Tomorrow and the day after are off days from classes, right」

「Yes, that’s right, President-sensei」

This was the first I’m hearing about tomorrow being an off day.

However, Tina responded as though it was a given.

If I didn’t hear about it, then that must mean it was after the end of Homeroom.

Regina nodded in consent.

「Umu, that is just right. Complete your preparations from this moment forth, and head to the dungeon」

「Roger! I will do my best!」

「Rosetta… that was a fine response」

Then, Regina looked at us one by one.

「This is a test to become my disciple. Be careful」

「Yes, please leave it to me!」


As Arti replied softly, Xenovia said.

「Arti, this test will also be beneficial to you」

「Yes, I will do my best」

「Tina, there is a word from Dion as well」

At that instant, Tina straightened herself more than ever.

「Do what you do best. That is all」


After receiving her master’s words, Tina seemed delighted.

Nevertheless, I have something important to say.

「Well, can I say something?」

「Mu? What is it, Will?」

「 I would have to entrust my sister to the nursery」

Xenovia nodded.

「I will personally request an extension from the nursery」

「Thank you, but, I ought to directly tell my sister that I will be venturing out today」

「…That is true. Will, Rosetta, Return back here after visiting the nursery」

「Thank you」

「That would be helpful」

I and Rosetta ran to the nursery.

As we reached the nursery,


「Welcome back」

Saria and Rose rushed towards us.

From behind them, RunRun slowly walked towards us.

I hugged up Saria.

「Saria, I received an important job today… I might not return until tomorrow or the day after that」


「I am sorry for letting you be lonely」

「It is alright! Anicha, do your best at work!」

I tightly embraced Saria, as she said such admirable words.



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