66 – Preparing for the Test


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66 – Preparing for the Test

My heart felt heavy to just leave Saria like that.

However, such occasions might increase from now on.

Saria, and also I must get used to this.

As I was reluctant to part with Saria, the nursery personnel came up to us,

「I have heard about the circumstances from President-sensei. Please entrust the rest to us」

「Thank you, sorry for bothering you」

「Please don’t worry, the nursery is fundamentally operational 24 hours a day」

It seems that, as we move up as upperclassman, classes and training which require staying overnight increases as well.

So, the nursery has accommodation prepared, and the personnel work in a shift-system.

「Even now, there are three other children who are staying over besides Saria-chan and Rose-chan」

「I see」

「Would you like to entrust RunRun-chan as well?」

「Yes, please」

「RunRun-chan is quite popular among the children, which is also helpful for us」

The woman smiled as she said.

RunRun drew closer to me.

I knelt down beside RunRun, and brush his head and body.

「RunRun, take care of Saria」


「Sorry for making you babysit」


As though saying don’t worry, RunRun began licking my face.

Rosetta and I finished saying our goodbyes to Saria, Rose, and RunRun.

Saria, Rose, and RunRun are very obedient.

Small children should be a little more selfish though…

I shall spoil them a lot afterwards.

After that, we returned to the President Office.

Thereupon, miscellaneous tools were lined up on the desk in the President’s Office.

While Xenovia was still present, Regina was not. Surely, she went to make preparations.

Xenovia said.

「Will, Rosetta, you came at the right moment, you should also request the necessary tools for dungeon exploration」

「Necessary tools?」

Apparently, Tina has lined up the types of tools that she thinks is necessary for dungeon exploration on the table.

Torch, rope, emergency rations, water, and such were lined up on the table.

There was a magic bag beside Xenovia where all these came from.

「Actually, I would have preferred to hand over the money, and have you purchase the items you need at the Royal Capital but we are short on time」

We have been in the President Office since the classes ended.

And we also discussed various matters, and even went to the nursery. Dusk is almost upon us.

It’s about closing time for the shops which sells tools which are necessary for dungeon exploration.

That is why Xenovia was supplying us with the tools instead.

「If I were to hand over the tools I thought were necessary, then that would defeat the point of the test, wouldn’t it?」

Xenovia only hands over the necessary tools that we deem are necessary.

However, high-grade tools are excluded. That seemed to be the course of this policy.

Rosetta was next in line after Tina got the various items she deemed necessary.

「Are there any picking tools?」


Rosetta is a scout.

Therefore, she is responsible for unlocking treasure boxes and doors.

「Besides that, I would like to request spare arrows」


Then, Xenovia looked over at me.

However, Xenovia did not ask Arti and me.

Which means it was only a service for the beginners.

「Alright, that concludes the preparation. Follow me」

We exited the President Office, walked down the hallway for a short bit, and entered another room.

The room was similar to a stable in some aspects. However, it was much wider than a common stable, and the ceiling was also high.

As we passed through the room, we came out into a courtyard surrounded by stonewall.

Seven wyverns were relaxing there.

These were surely the wyverns which are ridden by my disciples.

A man took notice of Xenovia and rushed over.

「Your Excellency, you can ride at anytime」

「You are helpful as always」

「No, it is my job」

The man seemed to be the caretaker of the wyverns.

「The lively fellow is…」


The particularly large wyvern among the seven rushed over, and nuzzled on Xenovia.

「Will you give me a ride?」


The wyvern seemed to be emotionally attached to Xenovia.

「That’s right. Rosetta, Tina, ride on the back of this wyvern together with me」

Rosetta and Tina got on the back of the wyvern.

「Will, as for you, I am sure you can ride a wyvern. Pick a suitable one and ride with Arti」

Although Xenovia’s wyvern is large, it would be cramped if seven people, including Shiro and Fluffy, were to ride on it.

Riding out on two wyverns would be better.

I have ridden a wyvern countless times in my past life.

However, this is the first in present life. Moreover, I am meeting these wyverns for the first time.

The wyvern I rode together with Milt previously, was absent.

Undoubtedly, Milt had taken it out somewhere.

「Umu, I would like a wyvern with an obedient nature」

I went around petting each of the wyverns.

Then, I chose an obedient wyvern and got on its back together with Arti and the god-beasts.

「If you are ready… then follow me」

Xenovia steered her wyvern and ascended to the skies.


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