67 – The Dungeon of Test


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67 – The Dungeon of Test

I followed after Xenovia’s wyvern and took to the skies.

It was right about the time when the sun was setting in the west. The setting sun was beautiful looking at it from high in the skies.

A couple of minutes after we took off on the wyverns, we reached the dungeon, right about the time the sun completely set beyond the horizon.

There was a white stone cube 5-meters in length on the ground.

And there was a door on the stone. The real dungeon itself was probably underground.

And Regina was near the dungeon entrance.

There was also a wyvern nearby, which Regina probably rode here.

「I have been waiting」

Regina was still wearing the full-face metal armour as usual. And her voice was also audacious.

However, she was carrying a giant broad-sword instead of her usual giant axe.

The sword blade itself was taller than Regina. The width of the sword blade was about 0.2meters.

I wonder just how heavy it is.

I will somehow get Regina to show it to me, after the test ends.

Lately, weapon manufacturing has become my hobby, thus I wish to study unusual weapons that I come across.

Without paying attention to my passionate gaze upon her weapon, Regina started the explanation.

「This is the historic ruins where the dragon newt conduct their coming-of-age ceremony. This ceremony is conducted in various other places too」

Listening to that, unearthed a memory from very old days. It reminded me that Dion also went through such a ceremony when he was fifteen.

However, it was not here.

This dungeon is a historic ruin that I have no knowledge of.

「You can relax, as I have already gotten permission from my brother disciple, Dion」

Dion seemed to be in an eminent position among the dragon newt tribe.

If you request Dion, you would easily get permission.

And Regina continued explaining.

Basically, the test this time is a model of the dragon newt coming-of-age ceremony.

We clear the test by retrieving and returning with the something that Regina had placed inside the dungeon.

However, the dragon newt coming-of-age ceremony is usually performed alone.

「As four people challenging it would be too lenient, I added various additions to make it more fun」

Regina laughed as she said.

I wish she would stop laughing, as the 「JuukoJuuko」noise leaked out as she did.

It is likely that, these various additions are those that put Rosetta’s ability to the test.

No doubt, she has set up traps, locks on the doors and such.

「And… leave behind Shiro and Fluffy」


I complied with it honestly.

Regina must have tuned the degree of difficulty with various adjustments.

And, to adjust the difficulty while taking into account Shiro and Fluffy’s participation was likely too troublesome.

There surely is something in the test that would be rendered useless with the participation of either Shiro or Fluffy.

As it was an instruction from the so-to-speak Test Master Regina, we would do well to obey.


Perhaps Shiro felt the atmosphere of being left behind, and started head-butting my butt.

「Sorry, Shiro and Fluffy wait for me here」


「I will return as soon as possible. Wait together with Regina-sama」


I stroke Shiro and Fluffy as they cried out lonesome.

Then I said to Regina.

「Fluffy eats anything that is fundamentally organic, Shiro eats milk and grass」

「Aa, understood. I will bear the responsibility and look after them」

「Especially Shiro, he isn’t exactly gluttonous, but he gets hungry often as he is still a baby」

「Understood… I will keep that in mind」

Even at that moment, Shiro was head-butting my butt.

It took several minutes for me to persuade Shiro.

On the other hand, Shiro’s older brother or sister is very obedient.

Fluffy snuggled up close to Shiro.

「Fluffy, take care of Shiro」


With a single cry, Fluffy jumped onto my shoulder and nuzzled its body on my face.

A good ten seconds later, Fluffy hopped off my shoulders and got down on the ground.


Fluffy tenderly snuggled close to Shiro.



「Shiro, Fluffy, please be good and wait for me」

They were feeling reluctant, but we can’t depart if this kept on.

「Sorry, for making you wait」

「No, no… It is alright! Let’s go then」

Rosetta said with a smile.

As we were about to enter the dungeon, Xenovia’s voice called out.

「Always be focused. Don’t push yourself too hard」

「Yes, we will do our best」

Rosetta replied with high fighting spirit.

「Call through the Transceiver Ring if anything happens… I will head there immediately」

「Thank you」

Rosetta’s responses were full of determination.

Listening to that, Regina nodded.

「With that said, don’t hope for Xenovia’s help to arrive at all places or in all situations」

「Yes, I will keep that in mind」

Regina nodded again satisfied at Tina’s response.

「Umu… always be focused」

「Take care」



Regina, Xenovia, Shiro, and Fluffy, saw us off.

Once we confirmed the party ranks, we entered inside the dungeon.



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