68 – The Dungeon of Test (2)


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68 – The Dungeon of Test (2)

As we entered the dungeon entrance, a narrow passage leads to the depths.

The dungeon doors shuts when we entered inside.

The entire surrounding becomes pitch black. There wasn’t even a sliver of light.

「I will use Magic Light」

Tina cast Magic Light on her cane, and the cane lit up.

「Thank you Tina! Shall I use the torch as well?」Rosetta asked.

「You don’t have to use it now. However, set it up so it can be lit up immediately when needed」

「Thanks for the advice, Will!」

「Can you please cast Magic Light on my sword too?」Arti requested.

「I shall cast it on Arti’s sword」

「Thank you」

Arti unsheathed her sword. I cast Magic Light on the sword blade.

「In the case of an unexpected situation, it would be better to have two sources of light」

「I see… that is good a tip」

Rosetta nodded with an earnest expression. I’m glad that they have a high desire to learn.

Therefore, I taught a few bits of knowledge while we were at it.

「And, the better method is to light up a sword blade like Arti’s」

「Is that so?」

Tina, who cast Magic Light on her own cane, looked at me.

「When you wish to turn off the light, you simply have to sheathe the sword」

「…I see」

「Wrapping the cane with a black cloth could work, but it is more troublesome compared to sheathing the sword into the scabbard」

「That is good to know」

After that, we cautiously proceeded forward into the dungeon.

The lead was taken by Rosetta, followed by Arti, then Tina, and finally me, at the end of the line.

After we advanced forward a little, the passage became wider.

As we walked forward even further, Rosetta came to a halt.

「Everyone stop」

「Is it a trap?」

「Yeah, it’s a pitfall」

Even though it was dim, Rosetta splendidly saw through the pitfall.

「It seems that we would be able to move forward through the right side but… please wait」


Arti stepped forward, and illuminated the surrounding with the Magic Light cast on her sword.

「There also seems to be a trap which activates if we proceed on the right side. I will try to disable it」

It was a trap aimed to catch us dropping our guard after seeing through the pitfall.

This was probably one of Regina’s choices.

「Ok, I disabled it. Follow me」

Rosetta seems to be a pretty reliable scout.

She was advancing cautiously without negligence.

I was also walking carefully, and not leaving everything up to Rosetta solely just because it was her test.

Being on guard for an attack from behind is my biggest role.

Moreover, it is also important that I am prepared to act if Rosetta failed to see through a trap.

Rosetta was moving forward while skillfully disabling the traps.

It seems that, the difficulty of the traps set by Regina aren’t that high.

However, similar to the first trap, there were numerous traps which were aimed at punishing negligence.

In other words, you can clear it as long as you aren’t negligent.

Regina’s thoughts are being transmitted by the dungeon.

Regina made this dungeon with the preamble of accepting Rosetta as her disciple.

Furthermore, she turned this dungeon into teaching material, and is using it to educate the youngsters.

Although I didn’t hear directly from Regina, I can understand what she feels.

I should leave it up to Rosetta and Tina to capture this dungeon as much as possible.

After advancing through the dungeon for about 30minutes, we took a break.

「This sure is a long dungeon!」Rosetta said while drinking water.

Rosetta was the most tired amongst us, as she was responsible for locating and disabling traps.

「That’s right… we have walked for quite a while. I am amazed to learn there was this much historic ruins underground」

Tina was also drinking water.

The dragon newt must have taken a long time to build this place.

Maybe it was based on the ruins of the dragons that the dragon newts respect as their ancestors.

「Rosetta, Tina, it would also be good to check your equipment during the break」

Arti advised them as their senior.

「Yes, thank you!」


Rosetta and Tina began checking their equipment.

「While weapons and scout tools are crucial the most important part is to check your personal armour」

「Is that so… We haven’t encountered any enemies, so we haven’t used our armour at all…」

While inspecting her armour, Rosetta said.

「Yes, just walking might cause some things to be slightly off. Especially the condition of your shoes」


Tina and Rosetta were earnestly ascertaining the condition of their shoes and armour.

Everyone still seemed to be in high-spirits.

After resting for five minutes, we resumed the exploration.

「At any rate, we still haven’t encountered any enemies」

「Yeah, perhaps Regina-sama defeated all of them」

「Perhaps so! I personally am happy to not encounter enemies!」Rosetta said.

We seem to have the leeway to talk and laugh about that.

After that, we advanced even more for another ten minutes.

The number of traps Rosetta has disabled since entering the dungeon was ten in total.

At present, we were completely focused on traps. I anticipate it is about time for the monsters to show up.

「Wow… we came out to a vast place! I can’t even see the walls」

「Dragon newts sure are amazing to be able to build this vast place underground」

Rosetta and Tina seem to be deeply moved.

Tina illuminated the surrounding with the Magic Light on her cane, but the light does not reach the walls or the ceiling.

At that time, Rosetta called out.

「Everyone, be on guard. There is something here!」

Finally! We seem to have encountered an enemy.


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