69 – The Dungeon of Test (3)


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69 – The Dungeon of Test (3)

Tina started to panic a little.

She waved her lit up cane around to check the surroundings. But, there were no enemies.

「Where is the enemy?」

「Although I can feel their presence, I can’t see them」

Even Arti’s sword has Magic Light cast on it.

However, unlike Tina, Arti does not swing her sword around to search for the enemy.

「Tina, there is no point in recklessly searching for them」

「Y-Yes, understood」

「Either we increase the light, or we defeat the enemy when they draw close enough for us to see」Arti said.

「Will! Can you use any magic which can light up the surroundings!? Please use it if you do」

「Roger! Leave it to me」

As this is a test, I bear in mind not to meddle too much.

Because I know that is also what Regina wishes for.

If I were to take the initiative and display my full abilities, obviously this test would be too lenient.

However, following orders is the role of a party member.

And, that is also Regina’s wish.

In case, she didn’t want me interfering at all, she wouldn’t have let me accompany them in the first place.

「Magic Flare!」

I shouted the name of the magic spell I used.

As it would certainly be a plus for Rosetta to learn the effects of various magic spells.

Magic Flare, is sort of a bright magic bullet.

The Magic Flare exploded with a bang and brightly lights up area near the ceiling. Together with the sound of hissing, flapping of wings could be heard.

The intensity of the light and its effective time depends on the magic poured into it.

I poured in a considerable amount, so the surroundings where brightened up as though it was day time.

「There they are! But what is that? So huge!」

「That is Giant Bat. There seems to be four of them in total.」

Arti answered Rosetta’s question.

The giant bats have four pairs of wings, and sharp fangs and claws.

They are troublesome opponents which can fly around nimbly at high speed and can even use simple magic.

Their body length is around 2 meters; there was even one of them around 4 meters when it spreads its wings.

「So this is giant bat… This is the first time I’ve seen one」Rosetta said,

「I am seeing them for the first time too. If I am not mistaken, I heard their invisible attacks are dangerous…」

「That’s right… The invisible magic that it shoots from its mouth is the most dangerous」

If you are hit by the magic, you will be attacked by severe dizziness and lose your sense of balance.

「Some of them can even shoot magic bullets, so be careful!」


I also advised them.

I am sure these giant bats are part of Regina’s set up.

She prepared monsters which can’t be easily reached by Arti’s sword.

This means, Regina wants Rosetta to take the central role in defeating the giant bats.

「Aren’t they going to attack? Will, are giant bats docile monsters?」

「No, they are quite belligerent. But, they are also quite wary. Right now, they are probably waiting for us to drop our guard」

「I see」

The giant bats were circling near the ceiling while waiting to see our next action.

All of them would swoop down in unison if they find an opening.

「Even so, the ceiling sure is quite high.」

「This is probably an ancient part of the ruins」

The path we walked down before this was probably built by the dragon newt.

However, this section is probably a part of the dragon ruins.

The dragon newts of ancient times probably excavated a pathway to this dragon ruins.

「We should make a preemptive strike」

「I agree」

「Will, how long can you keep up the Magic Flare?」

「You don’t have to worry about the effective time right now」

Normally, the effective time of a Magic Flare would be approximately 10 seconds.

The Magic Flare near the ceiling would last about 30 minutes as long as I don’t cancel it.

「I will maintain the brightness of the magic flare! So, attack when you feel the timing is right, Rosetta」

「OK! Arti, intercept them when they swoop down!」


「Tina, provide back-up with magic!」


At the same time as Tina’s answer, Rosetta nocked an arrow onto her bow, aimed at one of the bats and releases.

The arrow magnificently found its mark into the torso of the giant bat which was flying around at high speed.

However, the bat does not fall. Even with the arrow lodged in its torso, it kept circling around.


All four giant bats cried out simultaneously.

「Giant Bats have high endurance」

「So that’s the case!」

After listening to Arti’s remark, Rosetta composedly nocked an arrow on her bow again and releases three arrows in rapid succession. All of which hit the bullseye.

Including the first arrow, the giant bat which now has four arrows lodged in its body, falls down.

To be able to hit every shot against an opponent flying at a high speed is nothing short of splendid work.

「Good job, Rosetta」

「Not yet, I only defeated one!」

Even though I praised her, Rosetta nocked another arrow without getting careless.

「I will shoot magic now!」

Tina shot three fireballs at the three remaining giant bats.

Two of the fireballs missed, but one of them hit its mark.


The giant bat screamed and falls. At the same time, a charred smell began to fill the air.

「Keep up this rhythm!」

As Rosetta energetically said that,


The two giant bats which were circling around near the ceiling, cried out simultaneously.

At the same time, I was hit by a sudden wave of dizziness.

And, Rosetta and Tina dropped down to one knee on the ground.


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