70 – The Dungeon of Test (4)


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70 – The Dungeon of Test (4)

It is the giant bats’ attack which disrupts your sense of balance.

Be that as it may, there were only 2 more giant bats remaining.

Taking them down should solve this. We just have to calm down and endure through the dizziness.

「This is those guys’ magic attack. It disrupts your sense of balance, so be careful」

「It feels really unpleasant, but I am fine!」Rosetta said.

「Yes! I will not be defeated」

Rosetta and Tina resumed their attacks.

However, Rosetta’s arrow and Tina’s magic all miss their mark.

It must be the effect of the dizziness.

「Rosetta, Tina! Are you alright?」

「I am fine!」

And then, Rosetta lowered her right knee to the ground and kept her left knee upright.

She most likely took that position to prevent her body from wavering due to the dizziness when shooting the arrows.

「With this!」

Rosetta shot three arrows but only one hit the target. But one arrow is not going to take down the giant bat.

Following Rosetta’s example, Tina dropped both knees to the ground and launched a fireball. But it missed the target by a small margin.

「Urgh! A little bit more! The next one will definitely hit!」

Tina got impatient and tried to launch a larger fireball.

If you miss by a slight margin, then you should simply expand the range of the attack.

That judgement itself is correct.

But, the giant bat reacted to Tina’s rising magic.

From high-altitude, the two giant bats shot magic bullets aimed at Tina from their mouth.

Tina, who has both knees on the ground, can’t dodge it.


Arti carried Tina, who had her eyes closed, and leapt sideways.

「Although I understand what you were trying to do, it is dangerous to go down to both knees during combat」

「A-Arti, thank you」

「Don’t worry about it」

The giant bats rained down additional magic bullets aimed at Arti who was carrying Tina.

Arti skilfully dodges the attacks while carrying Tina under her arm.

As a result, the distance between us and Arti grew larger.

Unintentionally, we were separated into two groups of Rosetta and me, and Arti and Tina.


At that moment, the giant bats which had fallen down, rushed at us simultaneously.


Rosetta threw away her arrow and pulled out the short sword which she had fastened at her waist. She used the bow and dagger to stop the blow from the fangs and claws of the giant bat.

The other one rushed at me, so I leapt sideways and dodged it.

The giant bats that had fallen down, had been approaching us slowly.

They had erased their presence and were playing dead so as not to alert us.

They seem to be considerably smarter that a normal giant bat.

Rosetta cried out in a slightly panicked manner.

「The bow has been broken!」

Even though it happened in an instant, naturally the bow would break under the pressure of the fangs.

「Leave it to me… oops!」


I purposely fell down.


As soon as the giant bat realized I was defenceless, it rushed at me.

Even the one attacking Rosetta turned towards me.

And the two giant bats flying near the ceiling which were attacking Arti and Tina, shifted their aim at me, and shot out magic bullets.

The giant bat near me tried to jump on me with its fangs.

「This is one done」

Without a moment’s delay, I pierced and hollowed out its heart with the short sword.

As blood started spurting down on me, I pushed aside the remains of the giant bat.

Immediately, another one rushed towards me.

「The weak point of these guys is the heart and the head」

「Even I know that much!」

Rosetta stabbed through the heart of the giant bat which tried to rush me with the short sword from behind.

The tip of the short sword which Rosetta used to pierce the heart of the giant bat appeared in my line of sight.

「That makes it two」


Rosetta said as she assumed a stance with the short sword.

Arti, who was still carrying Tina under her arm, ran up beside us.

「Are you hurt?」

Arti asked us while lowering Tina to the ground.

「This is the giant bat’s blood」

「I am fine too」Rosetta said.

「That’s good to hear」

Tina, who also plays the role of a healer, said with a relieved expression.

The remaining two giant bats stopped shooting magic bullets and resumed their invisible magic attack.

They might have deduced that, keeping our sense of balance disrupted would provide a higher chance of winning.

「The dizziness is too strong… I can’t fix my aim nor control the power of the magic…」

Tina was staggering unsteadily while pointing her cane at the giant bats.

Listening to Arti’s advice, Tina did not drop to her knees.

「The bow is broken too… what should we do? Will, do you have any way?」

Fundamentally, I intended to leave the decision making to Rosetta.

However, if she requests for advice, I ought to answer.

「Tina, in that state, you wouldn’t be able to dodge anyways, so plant your knees to the ground and attack with magic!」

「F-Fireball right?」

「No, Wind Magic! Use the strongest one you have」

「But it will drag everyone into it!」

「I will follow-up with that! So don’t hold back, and let loose with maximum force and range!」


If it is too difficult to establish aim and control the force, then just strike with your full power.

In so doing, the only thing to worry about is engulfing our allies in the attack, but I’ll follow-up on that.

「Rosetta, charge them when they fall down from the wind magic」


「Arti, assist me in the follow-up」


I didn’t really need to tell Arti that, but I just said it for the sake of it.

The basis is that, Arti and I work on the follow-up, while leaving it up to Rosetta and Tina to take down the giant bats.

「Here I go!」

Tina planted her knees to the ground and anchored her body.


While screaming out with fighting spirit, Tina fired a full power wind magic at the giant bats.


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