71 – Dungeon of Test (5)


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71 – Dungeon of Test (5)


The giant bats got caught up in the wind magic, whirled up and crashed into the ceiling.

Tina’s strongest wind magic turned out to be Magic Tornado.


I was considerably surprised, as Tina had thought to combine powerful Wind Cutter in the attack.

The magic tornado created a powerful whirlpool of wind, and wind cutters ran free within the whirlpool.

It was a magic skill which was super compatible with wind cutter.

Those who can shoot magic tornado at the same age as Tina are extremely rare.

As far as I know, with the exception of myself, only Small Sage Milt could do it.

Moreover, Tina’s magic tornado was fairly powerful.

However, due to the dizziness caused by the giant bats’ invisible attack, she could not control it.

Wind cutters started projecting out of the magic tornado boisterously all over the surroundings.

I erected a barrier which protects Rosetta, Arti, me, and Tina, the caster of the wind cutter.

Tina’s magic tornado lasted for about 10 seconds and then settled down.

Perhaps due to using up all her strength, Tina planted both her palms on the ground and started breathing raggedly.

Looking at the two giant bats which fell to the ground, Tina asked.

「…Did I take them out?」

「Not yet」

Roughly at the same time Arti answered, the two giant bats rose up and started to dash.

Each of their four pairs of wings has all been tattered. Although other parts of their body is also injured, they are still quite fast.

They charged at Tina with incredible momentum.

「I won’t let you!」

Rosetta stopped one of them by its fangs with her short sword.

The remaining one ran past Rosetta and pressed onwards to Tina.

And Arti sent it flying with a kick. Then, she used her sword for a follow-up attack.


In the blink of an eye, Arti dealt the killing blow.

However, Rosetta was still scuffling with the last giant bat.

「Are you okay?」

「I am fine!」

Thanks to Tina’s wind magic, the giant bat was weakened.

Its speed and strength had decreased.

Hence, Rosetta was able to maintain the upper hand in the fight.

When the giant bat swings down a large arc with its claws, Rosetta’s repels it with her short sword.

She sidesteps the fangs, and slashes at the giant bat’s unguarded neck.

However, immediately after sidestepping, Rosetta’s posture made it difficult to deal significant damage.

In addition, the giant bat’s neck was covered in thick fur with thick bristle.

Thus it wasn’t a fatal wound.

Even so, Rosetta dealt a good amount of damage.

I moved over to Tina, who had used up all her strength and carefully watched over Rosetta, so that I can step in if necessary.

「With this! You’re finished!」

The intense fight between Rosetta and the giant bat comes to an end.

Rosetta finally dealt a fatal blow.



Rosetta, now dyed in the blood of the giant bat, started breathing heavily.

「Good job… Is anyone hurt?」

「I am alright. It is just scratches」

「Thanks to everyone, I am also alright」

Rosetta and Tina replied with exhaustion on their faces.

「I am unhurt」

Arti had already started dismantling the four giant bats.

「That’s good to hear. Rosetta, Tina, come over here. I want to check just in case」

While saying so, I checked Arti for any wounds.

As expected of Arti, she did not have a single scratch on her.

Rosetta and Tina came over to us.

「That’s fine but… What do you wish to check for?」

「By all means, you can check for whatever」Tina said.

I examine Rosetta and Tina for injuries with magic.

Rosetta had minor injuries and she was bleeding due to being grazed by the claws.

Due to falling down on her knees, Tina had several cuts on her knees.

「First, we’ll start with the simple one. Tina will be alright with just a heal」

I cast heal on Tina first.

「T-Thank you… But, there wasn’t really a need to cast heal」

「Wounds are risky in many ways. This is especially true when dealing with giant bats」

「Is that so?」

Tina tilted her head.

It can’t be helped as Tina was unaware about the ecology of the giant bat.

「Giant Bats are carriers of infectious disease」

I looked at Rosetta’s expression as I said.

「Rosetta, you are doused in quite a bit of blood there」

「I am still inexperienced. How embarrassing」

「It will feel a little cold, so endure it」

I create water with magic and warm it up just a little, and dash it all over Rosetta to wash away the blood.

「It wasn’t too cold. Thank you」

「That’s good then」

There is no need to dry her off.

As it was pseudo-water created with magic, it disappears as soon as the magic supply is cut off.

「M-Magic sure is amazing. I am completely dry」

「Because the water was made with magic. Although I want to save magic, I also want to save water」

But right now, I have a surplus of magic pool compared to water.

If the healer Tina, who has used up all her magic had been alone, then she should not hesitate to use water instead.

I explained about such things.

「Having a mage sure is convenient!」

「Rosetta, that is an overestimation of mages. Will-sama is an exception」

「Is that so? No, I am aware that Will is amazing, but…」

As Tina began explaining my amazingness, Arti returned.



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