72 – Dungeon of Test (6)


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72 – Dungeon of Test (6)

I took this opportunity to chat with Arti.

「Arti, thank you」

Arti replied with a plain expression.

「I have finished retrieving the magic stones. Can I leave the disposal up to you?」

「Thank you, as soon as I finish Rosetta’s treatment, I’ll take care of the disposal」

Then, I faced Rosetta.

「Well then, next I need to cast Antidote, Cure Disease and Heal on you, Rosetta」

「A-Am I sick?」

「I’m casting it just to be sure. It doesn’t mean you are definitely sick」

I tried to be ambiguous.

「Rosetta, 8 or 9 cases out of 10 have been infected by disease. The symptoms don’t always show」

Arti told Rosetta frankly.

「Ehhh…. really?」

Rosetta puts on a frightened expression. Her tail seems to be withering.

「Don’t worry, Will-sama is here」

「That’s right, that’s what the cure disease magic is for」

Even as I said that, Rosetta was still uneasy.

「But, shouldn’t you identify the type of poison and disease, and then cast magic which responds with that specific type?」

「That’s right」

「And, I learned during classes that it is incredibly difficult to identify the type of poison and disease…」

「That is also as you say, Rosetta」

Apparently, they teach from the fundamentals in the Academy of Heroes.

That is quite good to know.

Even for non-magic users, the fundamental of magic knowledge is indispensable.

Depending on the type of poison, and the type of disease, you may need to cast different types of magic.

Therefore, it is essential to identify the type of poison and disease primarily.

「But, you can relax. I already know the poison and disease carried by the giant bats」

「Having Will here is a huge boon. You are also as knowledgeable as you are good in magic」

「Well, it is an important piece of knowledge. If you keep going on adventures, this knowledge would add up on its own」

「Huh? Aren’t you a beginner adventurer too, Will?」

The only person here who knows I am the reincarnation of Edelfuss is Arti.

Rosetta and Tina simply think of me as an eight-year old who is a genius at magic and combat.

「The truth is, I would often secretly go out hunting in the forest when I was a child」

「Your guardians sure are forgiving」

I lightly speak about the treatment I endured at the Wolms main family.

「I wanted to let Saria eat her fill, so I would catch birds and pick edible wild plants」

「…you went through so much hardship」

Rosetta looked tenderly at me.

「It might sound terrible to hear, but it wasn’t too bad」

Then, I cleared my throat and say.

「Maa, basically I just learn about them if the need arises」

「In other words, it is necessary to learn about the ecology of monsters as a healer!」

Tina seemed to be deeply impressed.

「Well, having the knowledge would be a great advantage. But, chances of encountering unknown monsters is also not entirely low」

「In that case, what would be the best course of action?」

During dungeon attack, there is not enough time to investigate the finer details of the type of poison and disease.

Therefore, we have to instead identify the effect of the poison and disease, and come up with a makeshift solution with magic.

「It is the same thing Will-sama performed when we first met, right?」

「Yes, however diseases are much more difficult than poison」

Disease takes time before any symptoms appear. There are even cases where, the symptoms didn’t appear for months or even years.

I explain while casting three kinds of magic spells.

「That is why, follow-up checking is important, and it’s also important not to bathe in the blood and not to sustain wounds」

「I see. This has been very educational. Even so, the wounds sure close up very fast. As expected of Will!」

Rosetta happily swung her tail.

「Thank you Will. That saved most of the trouble」

「Don’t worry about it」

While we were talking about that, Tina said.

「Will-sama, that magic? Are you perhaps casting three different magic spells simultaneously?」

「Yeah, it will be a waste of time otherwise」

「Even casting two spells simultaneously is difficult, and this is especially true for restoration magic…」

Interference occurs easily with restoration magic.

If two healers were to cast restoration magic on the same target, the interference would most likely cause an accident.

Even if one user were to cast restoration magic again on the same target, not having interference occur is next to impossible.

「If you continue the training I taught, then you should be able to perform it too, Tina」

「Is that really true?」

「It is true」

As I said so, Tina seemed to have gotten a little happy.

「Oh right, Rosetta’s bow was broken. I’ll give you a substitute weapon」

「Thanks, but I already have a short sword…」

Rosetta restrained herself..

Perhaps she was thinking that the test was over, in particular the test of fighting enemies.

That kind of carelessness is extremely bad.

「Rosetta, the possibility of encountering more enemies is high, you know?」

「That is so, but the one which was broken is the bow」

Apparently, Rosetta was not under the impression that there were no more enemies.

She just thought I would not have a substitute bow.

「As you assumed, I do not have a bow but I can create one」

「Eh? You can create?」

「Well, just watch」

And then, I quickly created a bow for Rosetta with magic.



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