73 – Dungeon of Test (7)


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73 – Dungeon of Test (7)

When Rosetta and Tina saw the completion of the bow, their eyes widened.

「Eh? You can even do such things?」

「S-Sugoi!」Tina was amazed.

Speaking of which, I never showed creating weapons with magic to anyone except Arti.

I tell Rosetta as I hand over the bow.

「The performance might be subpar, but it’s better than not having one」

「Thank you」

Rosetta pulled back the bowstring to check its condition.

「…This is wonderful. It is very easy to use and much better than the bow that broke!」

「Glad to hear that… But, as it was made in haste, it degrades quickly」

The performance would most likely drop to 80% in about two months.

When I previously created a sword for Arti, the quality dropped down to 80% within a month.

My weapon manufacturing skill has certainly improved.

I am very happy to realize this fact.

「Will sure can do anything, you’re amazing」

「Don’t praise me too much. I feel shy」

「No, I really think you are amazing from the bottom of my heart. And this bow is also super well-made」

「If you like it that much, then should I make a proper bow next time?」

「Eh? Is it ok? I feel bad」

「Nowadays, in order to train magic control, I manufacture weapons during my free time. So, you don’t have to hold back」

「If that’s the case, then I would like to request the bow」

「Yeah, I’m so happy!」

Rosetta’s tail swings around excitedly.

She seems to be genuinely happy. If that’s the case, I am glad too.

「Excuse me, Will-sama」

「Nn? What is it?」

「I know you are busy but… if possible… a weapon for me….」

Tina requested hesitantly.

Lately, creating weapons has become my favourite pastime, so receiving requests to manufacture weapons brings me great joy.

「Yeah, understood. Is a staff alright?」

「Yes! Thank you!」

In addition to bow and staff, they might be happy if I made a short sword for them too.

I will need to allocate some spare time for this.

And then, after the treatment, corpse disposal, and bow creation, we resumed our advancement.

As the width of the pathway was wide, we progress in pairs in two rows.

We move forward with Rosetta and Arti as the vanguard, and Tina and I as the rearguard.

While searching for traps, Rosetta said.

「The giant bats were quite the formidable enemies」

「That’s right. It was troublesome when they were flying at a position where our weapons couldn’t reach them.」

Arti asserted as well.

Although they were having a conversation, Rosetta and Arti don’t seem to be negligent in their roles.

After that, Rosetta discovered two traps and disabled them.

As we progressed further for about ten minutes, we came to the end of the ruins and stood before a door.

「Opening it is my duty」

While investigating for the presence of traps, Rosetta carefully opened the door.

Beyond the door, there was a cuboid room of about 5 meters in height, and length and width of 20 meters.

「What is this? Do you know, Will?」

「It’s a magic square」

There were four magic circles drawn on the floor.

And, there were wooden notices erected beside the magic circles.

「『Swordsman』『Scout』『Will』『Healer』is what’s written」

I am a little bothered as I was the only one mentioned by name.

「I think Regina-sama prepared this for each of us, but…」

We were not foolish enough to touch the magic circles without investigating them.

「Will, Tina, can you investigate the type of this magic circle?」

「Yeah, I’ll investigate it」

「I will investigate it too」

I took a rough look at it, and then asked Tina.

「Can you understand what kind of magic circle this is?」

「…It is extremely complex, so it might be difficult for me to analyse it」

「Sometimes you have to separate complex magic circles into components and then analyse it to understand」

Tina investigated once again, but it doesn’t seem like she understands.

We have flexibility with time. So, I decided to show how to analyse it in practice.

「This section has specific coordinates…」

「…I see. It certainly seems to be so」

After showing how to analyse all the components, I said to Tina.

「Have you ever seen any other magic circle which resembles this?」

「….If I am not mistaken, is it a transportation magic circle?」

「Correct! As expected of Tina」

「No, I have previously seen one」

Since Tina was royalty, she must have used the transportation magic circle a few times.

「Even if you had seen it before, it is amazing that you memorized it」

As I praised her, Tina started blushing red.

Rosetta started observing the magic circle carefully.

「So, this is the rumoured transportation magic circle. This is the first time I am seeing it」

「It is a rare thing after all. The usage fee is also high」

Transportation magic circles are fundamentally under the management of the country. It is beyond the reach of the masses.

Only royalty, high government officials, and great nobles, can use it.

「I think this was created by Milt-sama at the behest of Regina-sama」

「…They created something incredible for the sake of my test」

Although Regina is leading this test, substantially the four people of the Council of Sages are involved in this.

「We can ignore the notice board and choose where to stand but… it might be better to abide by Regina-sama’s will.」

「That’s right. Is everyone okay with that?」

「Of course」Tina said.

「No problem」Arti replied.

Everyone stood before the transportation magic circle corresponding to the notices.

「I think it is going to be a solo test from now on. Everyone be careful」

As I looked at everyone and said so,

「Yeah, Will take care too」

「I will do my best!」 Tina said.

「Let’s meet later」Arti said.

Each of them responded energetically.

Then, we stepped on to the transportation magic circles.


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