74 – Mysterious Enemy


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74 – Mysterious Enemy

My field of view was quickly distorted.

A few moments later, I was standing in a different place.

As usual, there wasn’t any light. I couldn’t even see my own hands in this total darkness.

「I should have cast magic light on Rosetta’s short sword before the transportation」

Magic light has already been cast on Tina’s cane and Arti’s sword.

However, Rosetta stepped on to the transportation magic circle without any light.

If Rosetta was transported to a similar place as me, then she is currently stuck in pitch black darkness.

Within the pitch black darkness, even lighting a torch with fire would be a difficult task.

「Rosetta, do your best」

While muttering so, I cast magic light on my short sword.

The bright light illuminates the room. The walls, floor, and ceiling were made from smooth white stone.

「It’s surprisingly cramped」

The room I am in has a length and width of about 5 meters. And has a height of approximately 3 meters

And, properly has a door made out of stone.

「The transportation magic circle… seems to be one way」

Returning doesn’t seem to be possible.

After investigating for traps, I opened the door.

As I did, I came out to an incredibly vast room. So vast, that the light from magic light does not reach the walls.

I searched the surroundings with magic, and found out the room has a length and width of 100 meters, and a height of 10 meters.

Why in the world did someone build such a vast room?

And it was extremely difficult to keep searching with magic.

I emit out magic from my body to the surrounding to sense the magic that gets reflected, but most of it does not reflect back.

There seems to be something which obstructs searching with magic.

「…What could it be?」

At the back of the room, at the exact opposite side of the door I came from, there was a magic reaction.

I know it is some kind of creature, but that is all I could find out due to the obstruction.

The illumination from magic light also gets absorbed, and the light doesn’t travel far even if I increase the intensity.

「This is also Regina’s handiwork I suppose. She sure is elaborate」

If I can’t investigate with magic, then there is no other way but to approach closer.

I prepared myself, and carefully approached the mysterious creature.

Thereupon, I heard a voice from the darkness.


I stopped.

The mysterious voice said prattling words with a unique intonation.

However, the line was said word for word with clarity, so it was easy to understand.

「I came here to accept Hero Regina’s test」


「Will Wolms」

「…vill …bolms」

For some reason, the mysterious voice seems to be reacting to my name.

However, it did not pronounce my name correctly.

「What’s your name?」


「I see」

And then, I sensed something move within the darkness.

I do not know what it is doing. It has considerable concealment ability.

「…I, will-fight-with-vill」

Perhaps Regina told the owner of the mysterious voice, to fight the guy who comes here.

「So you will be my opponent, thank you」

「Good- start」

At that moment, the darkness that was concealing the owner of the mysterious voice suddenly shook as if it were a giant slime.

And then, the lump of darkness projected out as a lance aimed at me.

Due to magic detection being obstructed, I don’t have a clear idea on the type of attack.

However, it is clear that I must not receive it head on.

I leapt back, while hurriedly lighting up a torch with fire.

Either due to the owner of the voice absorbing magic, or due to the interference, the light from magic light seems to be dying out.

And it was also producing darkness which was throbbing.

To fight against it, the best way would be to use a non-magic physically produced light.

I throw the torch into the center of the darkness.

Due to the illumination from the torch, I was able to see the form of the owner of the voice.


It was a magnificent dragon covered in deep crimson scales.

The dragon had two large wings, a beautiful horn, and a long thick tail, all of which catches the eye.

It has sharp imposing claws on both arms and legs.

The dragon was approximately 10 meters from head to tail. Its height was about 3 meters.

The size wasn’t exactly conspicuous considering that it’s a dragon. In fact, it was smaller than the average dragon.

However, judging by the density of magic from the impending attack, it isn’t an ordinary dragon.

I was only able to see its form for an instant.

Because, the dragon immediately stamped out the torch I tossed.


Perhaps it was embarrassed that I was able to see its appearance, the dragon groaned.

Suddenly, the dragon shot out flame breath unforgivingly. The entire room became bright.

A fair portion of the room was enveloped in flames. There was nowhere to dodge.

This is the frightening part about dragons; an attack that eliminates the advantage of numbers.

I erected a magic barrier and protected myself.

The flame breath doesn’t just cover a great range, but it also has considerable power.

I endured until the dragon’s flame breath stopped.

Displaying that I could endure the dragon’s breath, felt like a better action than slipping through the breath and counter attacking.

As there were a number of dragons which became obedient once I displayed my might.

「Next is my turn」


Although magic detection was being obstructed, I know the general location of the dragon.

Besides, the dragon just revealed its location no more than moments ago when it lit up the room with flame breath.

I plunged right into the center of the darkness.

Within the darkness, the tail came swinging at me. As I slipped through that, the claws were waiting for me.

I evaded that, and then strike the dragon’s head with my fist.

With the fist of an eight year old, no matter how hard I try, the power will always be insufficient as my body weight is too light.

Therefore, I used magic.

I strengthened my entire body with magic, clad my fist with magic until it was rock solid, and then strike hard.


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