76 – Chatting with Rubeum


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76 – Chatting with Rubeum

「Now then…」

Thanks to resting while sitting beside Rubeum, I managed to recover most of my stamina.

I stood up slowly.

Rubeum looked at me and tilted its head.

「I’m about to move forward. What will you do, Rubeum?」

「Follow you, Ok?」

「Yeah, ok」

Rubeum cried out happily while swishing its tail through the air.

I walk in the opposite direction of the transportation magic circle; towards the wall where Rubeum first was.

「There is a door but it doesn’t seem to have a transportation magic circle. Rubeum, how did you enter here?」


Rubeum tilted its head.

The door was 2 meters in height and was less than 1 meter in width. Rubeum could not have passed through that door.

After investigating, I opened the door. On the other side of the door, there was a relatively smaller room of length and width of 5 meters.

A transportation magic circle was installed there. It is most likely the return transportation magic circle.

「You can’t go through this door with that body size, right?」

Did Rubeum perhaps use the same transportation magic circle I used?

If that’s the case, then that is a little troubling.

Currently, the transportation magic circle I used to come here is unusable.

「Rubeum will go through」

「No, that’s impossible」

As I said, Rubeum started to panic.

While crying out, Rubeum started flapping its wings.

Perhaps she thought I was about to leave her behind.

Thus, to calm her down, I pet her head.

「It’s alright… I won’t leave you behind… I guess I’ll have to knock down the wall」

「Rubeum will become small」

「You can?」


Rubeum became smaller in the blink of an eye. The body length was approximately 0.5 meter.

「You’re about as small as Shiro now」


Rubeum cried out happily, and climbed onto my shoulder.

「Isn’t it difficult to become small?」

「This is normal. Rubeum becomes bigger when scared」

「I see. So that’s how it was」

Shiro also becomes bigger during battle. It might be the same as that.

Perhaps she was afraid of being left alone in the darkness, and was on alert in battle-mode.

It might also be the reason she acts spoiled.

That is too sad. Let’s spoil her a lot more from now on.


There was a notice at the back of the transportation magic circle.

『Please enter after at least 30minutes have passed since you came to this place. Regina 』

「I see?」

I guess killing some time here must surely be a necessary part of Regina’s test.

Going through this magic circle, might transport me to Rosetta’s test location.

Regina must have adjusted the test difficulty with utmost calculations as the Test Master.

If I assisted in the test, all her adjustments for the test difficulty will be for naught.

In that case, I should properly kill some time.

「Rubeum, how many minutes has it been since I came here?」

「…not sure, around ten minutes?」

Rubeum gave an unserious answer.

「At the very least, more than ten minutes should have passed」

「Kyuru, since it was fun, time went by in the blink of an eye」

「I see」

When she was waiting alone in this darkness, time must have felt really long.

So, after I appeared, time must have felt relatively shorter.

I objectively calculated the time that has passed since I came here.

After going through the transportation magic circle, I fought with Rubeum, and then we chatted while resting.

It wouldn’t be odd if 30 minutes has already passed.

「But, let’s wait a little longer. Do you eat candies, Rubeum?」


I sat beside the transportation magic circle, and took out the candies in the magic bag.

Then, Rubeum and I ate the candies together.

「Rubeum, what else do you eat besides candy?」


「I seeー Dragons are omnivores which grow on a meat diet」


Rubeum’s eating habits seems to be the same as that of a normal dragon.

「So, is Rubeum the godkin of Dragon God?」


Rubeum doesn’t seem to be self-aware. That itself is normal.

RunRun, Fluffy, Shiro, and even I, were not self-aware that we were godkins.

「Have you ever spoken with the Dragon God?」

「While Rubeum was still an egg」

Dragon’s eggshell does not only provide physical protection, but also has a magic barrier.

Considering it was the eggshell of the godkin of Dragon God, part of it must have been connected to the World of Gods.

「What did you talk about?」

「I don’t remember well, but… I think… we talked about Will」

「…Is that so?」


The reaction that happened when I named her might have been due to that.

「If you already heard from the Dragon God, then there wasn’t a need to fight」

「It might have been an imposter」

Well, the possibility of deception and having the same name does exist.

That is why she fought me to ascertain my identity as the true Will.

It is the same line of thinking as dragons, who place an emphasis on strength.

「Did you not think of the possibility of a strong imposter?」

「I did not!」


「I knew it was Will from the start」

「Just now, you said because it might have been an imposter」


As I asked her again, she seems to have known it was me from the start.

Nevertheless, she wanted to fight, and thus started the fight.

Perhaps there is an absolutely necessary ritual for dragons, to fight with someone before befriending them.

While chatting with Rubeum, enough time had passed.

「Yoshi, it’s about time to head to the transportation circle」


Rubeum also cried out happily.



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