77 – Reunion


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77 – Reunion

I slowly stood up while petting Rubeum who was still eating the candies.

「Well then… as expected, it is too cold to sit on stone」

My butt was completely chilled.

I was still as buck naked as ever. That is why sitting on the floor made of stone felt chilly.

「I might catch a cold like this. Isn’t there anything else…」

Rosetta and the others might be waiting on the other side of the transportation magic circle.

I am a little embarrassed to meet with everyone in a naked manner.

I search inside the magic bag for anything that can serve as substitute clothing.

There weren’t any clothes or armour inside. I should be more careful next time.

「This is all there is…」

I retrieved a towel from inside the magic bag.

Towel has many uses so I put it inside the bag just in case.

「This should be fine」

I wrapped the towel around my waist. As it is an emergency, this much should be enough.

Rubeum, who was eating the candy happily, looked at the towel wrapped around my waist and swung her tail.


Rubeum tried to pull off the towel. She must have thought that it was amusing as the towel was fluttering about.

「Rubeum, don’t pull」


Rubeum seems to be a reasonable dragon.

「Well then, Rubeum… let’s enter the transportation magic circle」


Rubeum held tight to my leg.

Although it was cute, I picked her up as it was a little difficult to walk. Compared to Saria, Rubeum was relatively light.

And then, I stepped on the transportation magic circle.

My field of view got distorted, and a few moments later, I was standing in a different place.

It was a vast room. Magic tools which shed a dull light were placed all over the room.

It was about as bright as the daytime in midwinter where the snow-laden clouds covered the sky.

And Rosetta, Arti and Tina were all present there.

All three of them seemed totally exhausted at a glance. It seemed to have been quite the difficult test.

Additionally, Regina, Xenovia, Dion, Shiro, and Fluffy, were also there.

It would appear that I am the late one to arrive.

Regina was clad in a full-face helmet and armour as usual. Her weapon was a club which was larger than her.


Fluffy, who was riding on Regina’s head, cried out happily when it saw me.


Shiro, who was riding on Dion’s head, also cried out happily.

Then, Xenovia said while looking at me.

「Will, you finally arrived. …and, that appearance is because?」

「My clothes were all burned by this little one」

I pointed to Rubeum, whom I was carrying in my arms.


Xenovia was a little puzzled and looked at Regina.

Regina tilted her head and turned her gaze towards Dion.

Due to the full-face helmet, I couldn’t understand Regina’s expression.

However, judging by the gestures, she seemed to be asking Dion, 「What does this mean?」

Dion looked at me and smiled.

「I am glad you were able to get along fine」

「Yes, thanks to you」

Apparently, it was Dion’s arbitrary decision to place Rubeum in the test.

Dion slowly approached me, and covered me in a robe which suited me perfectly.

「Thank you」

「I expected that the clothes might be burnt away」

Dion grinned sweetly while looking at Rubeum and me.

Shiro, hopped from Dion’s head onto my shoulder.

And then, while crying out 「MeeMee」, he started to chew my hair.

Fluffy too, had reached my feet before I noticed and started wiggling.

I went down on my knees, and started petting the god-beasts in turns.

「Well then, let’s return to the academy」

Xenovia said and started to walk out.

Everyone obediently followed after Xenovia.

Rosetta and the rest seemed like they wanted to ask me something.

I arrived in a near-naked appearance while carrying a small dragon in my arms. So I understand their feelings of wanting to hear the story.

However, they seemed to be quiet as Xenovia, Regina, and Dion were present.

As we walked a little and exited the room, we came out to the outside.

The entrance of the dungeon that we entered could be seen in the distance.

It was about 10 minutes walking distance away.

As soon as we exited to the outside, the wyverns we rode here were waiting for us.

Additionally, there was another wyvern present; probably the wyvern that Dion rode here.

「Everyone, get on the wyvern」

In the same arrangement that we came here, Rosetta and Tina rode with Xenovia.

Regina and Dion rode on their respective wyverns.

As I approached the wyvern to get on it,


The wyvern cried out frightened and trembled.

Wyvern was continuously staring at Rubeum, whom I was carrying. It must be frightened of Rubeum.

「Wyvern, don’t be afraid」



Rubeum also cried out quietly and licked the wyvern’s face. That calmed down the wyvern.

The act of licking the face might mean something special to wyverns.

Speaking of which, Rubeum licked my face right after I named her.

I’ll ask Rubeum about it later.

「Thank you for calming down」

I gently pet the wyvern’s head.

While carrying Rubeum, I got on the wyvern’s back together with Shiro and RunRun.

Arti got on its back soon after.

After that, we took off in the direction of the academy.



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