78 – Return to the Academy


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78 – Return to the Academy

As we ascended to the skies, Arti asked.

「Who is that child?」

「I named her Rubeum. I think she is a god-beast」

「Oh, I see. Nice to meet you, Rubeum」

Arti pets Rubeum, who was still in my arms.


While crying out cheerfully, Rubeum licked Arti’s cheek.

「Rubeum, is there some meaning behind licking the face?」


「I see. Is it the same for all dragons?」

「Yup, as long as they aren’t idiots」

It seems to be an expression of affection by dragons that possesses intelligence to a certain extent.

That might be why Rubeum stopped being afraid.

「So Rubeum can speak human language…」Arti said.

「That’s right. It might be due to being a god-beast」

「Rubeum does not understand what a god-beast is 」

Rubeum was tilting her head.

「RunRun, Fluffy, and Shiro, were not self-aware either, so it lines up with them」

「Is that soー」

「Well, let’s ask the specifics from Dion later」

「Rubeum likes Dion because he is kind」

Apparently, Dion had taken care of Rubeum kindly.

It is a very Dion-like behaviour.

「By the way, how was your test?」

「Actually, all three of us were transported to the same place」

「I see. So, I was the only one transported to a different place」

It must have been to adjust the degree of difficulty of the test.

The reason I alone was mentioned by name makes sense now.

「Was the test difficult?」

「… it was fairly difficult」

I want to ask more about the contents of the test, but that’ll have to wait till later.

「Will Rosetta be able to pass?」

「Regina-sama said it will be revealed tomorrow… but I think it will turn out alright」

「Glad to hear that」

While conversing, we reached the academy.

As everyone got down from the Wyvern, Regina said.

「Yoshi! Everyone, good job! Let’s talk about the important details tomorrow」



Rosetta and Tina responded simultaneously.

Even Shiro responded together with them.

Rosetta responded with a relieved expression, although with a hint of disappointment.

She must want to hear the result as soon as possible, but also simultaneously afraid of hearing it.

Regina nodded.

「Everyone, go take a rest for today」



Although Regina said that, us students, do not move.

We were waiting for Regina, Dion and Xenovia to depart first.

「You don’t have to be so upright. Just leave normally」

While saying so, Regina and the others returned to the main building from the wyvern area.

After Xenovia and Dion entered the main building, Regina stopped right before the door that lead into the main building.

「Ah, that’s right, Rosetta」

Oh, I just remembered something trivial – Regina called out to Rosetta in that manner.


「I’ll explain the details tomorrow, but for now, you passed」


Regina returned to the main building after announcing the passing while leaving behind Rosetta, who was stunned from the shock.

Immediately, Rosetta pursued after Regina’s back.

「…no more.」

Regina must have been tired as well.

Therefore, explaining everything right now might be troublesome.

For this reason, Regina said in a manner resembling trying to escape.

「Congratulations, Rosetta」

「As expected of Rosetta! I knew you would pass!」Tina said.

「Congratulations」Arti said.

「T-Thank you, this does not feel real…」


Shiro kept repeating a congratulating head-butt.


Fluffy too, climbed onto Rosetta’s shoulder and wiggled.

After seeing them, Rubeum must have also felt like saying something.

「……Rubeum doesn’t understand but, congratulations」

「It-It spoke!」


Rosetta and Tina ran up to Rubeum, whom I was carrying in my arms.

Perhaps due to being surprised by their sudden approach, Rubeum flapped her wings.

「Waa… it’s so small and cute!」

「Will-sama, can I touch?」

「Rubeum, how about it?」


「She says it is okay」

「Thank you」

Tina timidly pet Rubeum’s stomach.

「……so warm」


Rubeum cried out as if she was feeling good.

「Can I touch too?」

「Me too」


After getting permission, Rosetta and Arti started petting Rubeum.

I handed Rubeum over to Arti.


I pet Shiro’s head as he repeatedly kept head-butting my leg.

Fluffy approached closer to my feet reservedly, so I petted it too.

「Shiro, Fluffy, sorry for making you wait. I will introduce Rubeum later」


I said towards everyone.

「Let’s move to a different place before discussing more… It’s alright if everyone is tired, though…」

「That’s okay. I wish to discuss more」Tina said.

「Me too!」

And, Arti silently nodded in agreement.

「Well, let’s go to my room for the time being」

「Yeah, let’s go!」Tina replied.

We began moving to my dorm room.


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