79. Information Sharing between Students


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79. Information Sharing between Students

While walking, Rosetta said.

「Actually, I wanted to go fetch Rose…」

「She’s probably asleep by now. Let’s go fetch her tomorrow morning」

「Yeah that might be better」

It’s already about the time for the date to change.

The children in the nursery have probably taken a bath and are asleep right about now.

The personnel are most likely finally resting as well. It would trouble them if we went right now.

「Rubeum, I will introduce Saria and RunRun tomorrow」


After walking for a while, we reached my dorm room.

As soon as I entered the room, I changed my clothes.

The only thing I was wearing right now was the thin robe I got from Dion.

Besides that, I wasn’t even wearing any shoes.

After putting on a housecoat and sandals, I served tea and pastry to everyone.

And I also didn’t forget to serve candies to Rubeum, Shiro and Fluffy.

And then, I reintroduced Rubeum to everyone.

Shiro and Fluffy seemed to have taken a liking to Rubeum as well.

「I see, so Master did……」

Dion’s disciple, Tina murmured.

「I also wish to ask about the details from Dion-sama」


Rubeum doesn’t seem to be interested in the conversation as she kept eating the candy together with Shiro and Fluffy.

「What were the contents of the test you guys had?」

「Listen to this Will… We had to fight against Regina-sama and Dion-sama!」

Rosetta pitched forward.

Going by their explanation, as soon as they went through the transportation magic circle, they were transported to a pitch dark room it seems.

That is the same as me.

「Did all three of you immediately realize that you were transported to the same place?」

「Yes, we realised. Arti’s sword and Tina’s cane was lit up after all」

「The place we each were transported to was close by, so we immediately realised」

「The problem came after that」

Rosetta, Tina, and Arti, tried to grasp the present situation by illuminating the surroundings with Magic Light.

Right then, Regina rushed at them it seems.

「As we desperately responded to Regina-sama, Dion-sama also appeared…」

「I thought we were about to die」

Although Rosetta and Tina said that, Regina and Dion were acting in moderation.

The greater the difference in power, the easier it is to go easy on someone.

Rosetta and Tina were never in any real danger.

In fact, Rosetta and Tina did not bear any significant injury.

Rather, I was in a greater danger while fighting Rubeum.

「While we fought for a while, 『That should be enough』Regina-sama said」

「Rather than saying fought, we were desperately trying to not get killed…」

「Yeah, as Tina said, I don’t think it was a proper fight」Arti said.

After saying that, Rosetta thought for a little while and muttered.

「I wonder why I passed」

「Well, if you could put up a proper fight against the two of them, then there really isn’t a need to become a disciple」

「…Maybe you’re right, Will」

Rosetta doesn’t seem to be convinced that her fighting manner was sufficient.

Arti, who is already a member of the Salvation Organization, would naturally be strong.

Even if not as high as Arti, Tina still has a considerable amount of experience.

Tina probably trained in the palace of her hometown, Armady Empire.

「I think there is no point in thinking about it now」Rosetta said.

「That’s right, besides, Rosetta has already become a considerable fighting strength」

Arti said clearly.

「Even if it’s just a compliment, I’m happy」

「It is not compliment. Compliments would just bring both of us harm」

If Rosetta got carried away and overestimated her abilities, she would be the one in most trouble.

And the ones who will be in trouble next would be us, who belong to the same party.

「Rosetta was really helpful」Arti said.

「That’s right!」Tina agreed.

「Thank you, hearing that makes me glad」

Rosetta smiled a little.

After that, the three of them explained about how they fought.

Regina seemed to have been swinging around her giant club with all her might.

「What kind of actions did Dion-sama perform?」

「Master wielded a large staff and played the role of rearguard」

Dion’s disciple, Tina explained about various things.

Tina seemed to have been observing the type of magic and the timing of the staff attacks.

Dion was probably conducting Tina’s guidance simultaneously, so he must have performed easy movements.

「Judging from the story, Dion-sama has been strictly sticking to the role of rearguard」

「Master is a healer after all」

If Regina and Dion were earnest, both of them would have fought in the front.

Even as a vanguard, Dion is still considerably strong.

In the past, I taught Dion something along the lines of 「A healer should always protect himself」

Therefore, Dion excelled in learning martial arts in using staff and classic martial arts.

Dion is an elite even as a warrior.

The real reason Dion made an appearance in the test, was probably to heal the students if they got injured.

After that, we discussed for 30 minutes and then disbanded.

As everyone was really worn out, we disbanded earlier than usual.

I was tired, so I decided to take a bath and turn in for the day.

I created hot water with magic and accumulated it in the bathtub. Furthermore, I even bathed the god-beasts, so I felt even more exhausted.

「However, using magic is also a part of training, so it can’t be helped」

Rubeum also seemed to be fond of the bath just like Shiro and Fluffy.



Right after getting out of the bath, Rubeum and Shiro energetically knocked their heads against each other.

And Fluffy kindly watched them.

「You guys sure are energetic. I’m already exhausted」

As I was heading towards the bed, a voice called out from the Transceiver Ring.


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