80. Morning of Next Day


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80. Morning of Next Day

「Is right now okay? I want you to head over to the President Office right now…」

It was Xenovia, who contacted me through the Transceiver Ring.

「I was just about to sleep, if it’s urgent, I’ll head over right now…」

『I see. Sleep is important after all. Come tomorrow morning then』

「I am grateful for your concern」

And then the Transceiver cuts off.

She might have wanted to hear about the test from me as well.

Or perhaps about Rubeum instead?

Rosetta’s success is confirmed after all.

In other words, it is not regarding the judgement of success or failure.

So that means it’s nothing urgent. Tomorrow should be fine.

「…Should I drop by the President Office before fetching Saria from the nursery?」

While thinking of that, I climbed onto the bed.

Shiro, Fluffy and Rubeum climbed onto the bed too.

「In the past, staying up all night wouldn’t even be a problem…」

As expected, you easily get sleepy in the body of a child. How inconvenient.

However, the body of an eight-year-old has its perks too.

Recuperation and growth are both quick.

「Kyuru, it is so soft」

Rubeum was jumping on the bed.

「This is called a bed. Family members sleep here」

「I seeー」

Rubeum seemed to have taken a liking to beds.

「Rubeum, I’m about to sleep so don’t shake the bed」


Rubeum obediently curled up on the right side of my head.

Incidentally, Shiro was on my left. Fluffy was under the blanket, near my belly.


Shiro and Fluffy yawned.

They must have been tired as well.

They might have been playing all the time with Regina, while we were undergoing the test.

After going to the President Office tomorrow, I’ll ask about that too.

「How old are you, Rubeum?」

「Don’t know. It was around last week that Rubeum hatched from the egg…」

A dragon’s age is probably counted from the time of being an egg.

「Even though you were born just last week, you are already good at human language」


Rubeum cried out happily.

「But, I am only able to speak after Will named me」

「Hou? Is that so?」

「Yes, it’s confusing for Rubeum too」

She seems to be confused as well.

「Leaving that aside, I think Rubeum is a god-beast, the godkin of the Dragon God」

「Is that right?」

「Yeah, Shiro and Fluffy are god-beasts too. And another one who is not present here, RunRun, is also a god-beast」


「Incidentally, I am also the god-beast of the Human God it seems」

「Friends with Will too!」

Rubeum flapped her wings looking joyful.

「Be quiet during sleep time」

I tenderly pet Rubeum.


Rubeum had about the same body temperature as a human.

While petting Rubeum, Shiro and Fluffy, I fell asleep.

The next morning.


Shiro was wholeheartedly head-butting me.

「Will, wake up」

While saying so, Rubeum licked my face.

「Thanks for waking me up」

Shiro and Rubeum had heard when I was called to the President Office.

That must be why they woke me up.



Fluffy was still sound asleep.

I decided to let Fluffy sleep in for a while longer, so I got out of bed quietly.

I made simple preparations, and was about to leave the room.


Fluffy ran after me in a flustered state.

「Fluffy, I’m just going to the President Office, so you can sleep for a while longer」

There isn’t really going to be a battle or anything. We’re just going to discuss.

Besides, I am going to fetch Saria today, so I would be back in a few hours at most.


However, Fluffy absolutely doesn’t want to be left behind it seems.

「Understood, I will wake you up from now on」


After that, we walked towards the President Office.

Rubeum, Shiro and Fluffy followed after me while frolicking around happily.

They were mutually head-butting each other, riding on Fluffy, and Fluffy riding on them and such.

I am glad Rubeum is getting along well with Shiro and Fluffy.


「Guys, it’s alright to play but keep it down」

There are many who are still sleeping in the early morning, that too immediately following dawn.

Although the dormitory has high soundproof performance, too much noise might be bothersome.


The god-beasts became silent.

However, they don’t stop messing with each other. They frolic about silently.

「Well, if you are quiet then I suppose it wouldn’t cause trouble」

After walking for a while, we reached in front the President Office.

Right before I knocked,

「Come in」

Xenovia immediately called out from inside.

「Thank you」

「Umu, thanks for coming …I am sorry for calling you out this early in the morning, Master」

Xenovia got up from the couch and approached me.

「No, I was too sleepy yesterday. Thanks for being thoughtful」

I started speaking in a broken tone. Xenovia started using honorific midway through.

In other words, including the neighbouring room, only I and my disciples were in this area.

And then, we started conversing with each other.


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