82. Meeting with Disciples (2)


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82. Meeting with Disciples (2)

When Regina met me, she was extremely distrustful that I was the reincarnation of Edelfuss.

That was a reasonable attitude.

However, Dion easily believed me.

He said it was the intuition of a dragon newt, but the truth was because he had met Rubeum.

That was what I thought, but Dion continued.

「Of course that was not the only reason I believed Master…」

「Which means?」

「I was thinking of bringing Rubeum to Master right away, but I received an oracle」

「An oracle from Dragon God?」


「Can I ask about the contents?」

An oracle is a direct word bestowed from God.

Dion, who is also a priest of the Dragon God, might not be allowed to easily divulge the oracle.

Is what I had in mind when I asked him, but Dion smiled and nodded.

「Of course, the contents of the oracle from Dragon God-sama is…」

That dragon is My own child, My apostle.

Let My child meet with your master, Will Wolms.

When you do so, arrange a circumstance where My child and Will shall fight one-on-one.

Conceal the existence of My child till the meeting with Will.

「Those were the four points」

「I seeー」

If a god can bestow an oracle on Earth, then they should’ve sent me a couple too.

I thought about that.

Perhaps there might be a trick to receiving oracles.

I’ll absolutely have to ask Dion later.

「Is that why you concealed about Rubeum from me too?」

Regina looked a little dissatisfied.

Dion prepared an opponent inside the dungeon without her knowledge.

Well, it is only natural she was dissatisfied as it was her dungeon of test.

「I apologize, Regina. But it was the oracle of Dragon God-sama, you see」

Dion lowered his head. Shiro, who was riding on Dion’s head, skilfully re-adjusted his balance.

「It can’t be helped if it was the oracle of Dragon God…」

「Thank you」

「Well, you did ask me to leave Master’s room up to you, so it’s fine」

「Even so, to arbitrarily arrange an opponent, moreover a considerably strong opponent is not agreeable 」

Dion once again deeply bowed to Regina. Shiro was happily maintaining his balance.

「I have caused you trouble」

「Well, it’s alright. Dion acted for the benefit of Master after all」Regina said.

「It saves me the trouble when you put it that way」

「In any case, it was planned for me to kill some time after all」

After the discussion regarding Rubeum came to an end, we moved on to discuss Rosetta’s test.

「I heard that Regina personally conducted the test together with Dion」

「Yes, I wanted to confirm it for myself at the end」

I totally understand Regina’s feelings.

With that said, I didn’t impose any tests when I took in my disciples.

In my case, rather than taking in a disciple, it was more towards the sense of adopting a child.

As a result, the children manifested their talents, and became extraordinarily strong.

「I participated so I could step in if Regina failed to hold back」

「Right, right, with Dion there, as long as they weren’t dead, we could manage somehow」

「Therefore, I wasn’t going to get involved any more than necessary」

「However, the ones called Arti and Tina started targeting Dionー」

Saying so, Regina started to ponder, tilting her head.

Fluffy, who was on top of Regina, moved together with her and wiggled.

「Taking out the rearguard is the basics, so it might have been the correct judgment」

「It is as Master says, that is what they are taught everyday」Xenovia said kind of proudly.

Lately, Xenovia has been guiding Arti and Tina.

「Xenovia, I am grateful to you for guiding my disciple, Tina」

「No, no, Tina is also one of my precious students after all. Don’t worry about it」

After that, I asked Regina about the evaluation of Rosetta and the rest.

As I did, Regina answered with a serious expression.

「I think every one of them is excellentー」

「How was Rosetta?」

「Yes, judgment-wise she is very accurate. Let me humbly say, the times she flinched were very small…」

「I see」

「What did Master think? You fought together right?」

「I also think that Rosetta is excellent」

「As expected」

「But, she doesn’t seem to have much self-confidence…」

「Understood! Please leave her up to me」

Regina flared up with confidence.

Then, regarding Rosetta’s self-confidence, I should leave it up to her would-be master, Regina.

After that, Regina asked me about the evaluations of the test itself.

「I think it was a good test. It was full of traps that punished carelessness」

「I feel shy when praised by Master!」

As the discussion roughly tied up, Rubeum was dozing off on my lap.

He needs to get a lot of sleep as he is still a baby.

In that sense, Shiro is also the same.

Although Shiro is a few weeks older than Rubeum, he is still within the definition of a baby.

「Shiro, don’t you feel like sleeping?」


Shiro was extremely energetic. He doesn’t seem sleepy. He was having fun on top of Dion’s head.

I petted Rubeum who was dozing off in a lulling way.

「Oh right, Dion… Is there anything I should be cautious about when raising a dragon?」

「Let’s see, I don’t think there is anything in particular. Dragons are much more robust than humans after all」

「That is relieving to hear. Is there any important points for food?」

「Anything that humans can eat… Small amounts of poison wouldn’t be harmful either」

That is certainly reassuring.

And, there was one more thing I absolutely had to ask about.


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