83. Meeting with Disciples (3)


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83. Meeting with Disciples (3)

「When I named Rubeum, his language suddenly became fluent」

「Ah, it is the effect of naming」

When Dion said so, I also realised it.

「…Speaking of which, there certainly was something like that」

I never thought about it, but now that it was mentioned it sounds possible.

「What is the effect of naming? Dion, Master, please tell me」

Regina asked with immense curiosity.

Her honest personality of asking about things she didn’t know is the same as it was a hundred years ago.

How wonderful.

「…Let’s see… A part of the dragon undergoes development when a name is given…」


Dion looked at us with a slightly troubled expression.

It must be difficult for him to explain it in simple terms.

「Simply put, it is the sensation of being connected at a soul level」

「Hou? So what does that mean, Master?」

「Since we’re speaking of dragons, of all living things on Earth, they are the closest to gods next to god-beast」

「Well, I suppose that is so」

「Being closer to God means that the existence itself is closer to a different dimension from this world.」


Regina doesn’t seem to understand very well.

She started stroking my head from behind while I am still in her embrace.

I fleetingly glanced at Xenovia who was in front of me. Xenovia doesn’t look like she understood either.

「To explain it in terms even Regina can understand… The soul is very important for dragons」

Milt took over the explanation.

「The soul can easily pass through to the World of Gods. The love value measuring device sort of uses the soul as well」

「Hou? Therefore?」

「By naming, both of the souls get linked through the World of Gods」

「I see? So the effect is?」

「You can become able to somewhat lend magic power」

「That’s amazing!」

Dion supplemented more towards the somewhat excited Regina.

「However, the amount that can be lent is very miniscule, generally speaking that is」

「In other words, normally the language does not become fluent?」

「Exactly as you say」

For this reason, I realised this effect when I named Rubeum.

「As expected of Master!」

Regina started to stroke my head faster and faster.

「In this case, I think Rubeum is amazing」

「I think both Master and Rubeum are amazing」Dion said.

「That’s right, it is exactly as Dion says」

Milt agreed with Dion.

「Leaving aside amazing or not, it might be due to both of us being fellow god-beasts」

「Yes… that might be possible. You might be able to do other things besides lending magic power as well」 Milt said.

「It might be good to investigate that during training」

「If there is anything I can help with, please let me know」

「Thank you」

At that time, Dion made a sound as if he had just remembered something.

「Oh yeah, before I forget, I have to pass this to Master」

「Nn? What is it?」

Dion took out two white objects from the magic bag and placed them on the desk.

They were both hemispheres of approximately 0.3 meters in diameter.

I immediately realised what they were.

「Is this… the eggshell Rubeum hatched out of?」

「Yes, I retrieved it as it was right beside Rubeum」

「Considering that it is the eggshell of a dragon… it’s quite small」

Diameter of 0.3 meters is about as big as a bird’s egg.

The dragon egg I witnessed in my past life was much larger.

Even the smallest dragon egg, was about 0.8 meters in diameter.

If we consider the larger ones, there were even ones which exceeded 3 meters in diameter.

「Although it is small, considering Rubeum’s size it seems natural」

「Yes, he has the ability to become as large as a powerful dragon, but that is because Rubeum is special」

Rubeum can become larger, but his original size is small.

The form of Rubeum, who rolled up into a ball on my lap, is the true form.

Rubeum is the godkin of Dragon God, the god-beast of dragons, thus normal common sense does not apply to him.

It would be better to think of him as an exception.

「At any rate, it is about as large as the egg of a dragon newt. Kind of reminds me of Dion’s egg」

「Yes, it does resemble the appearance of my eggshell」

Dragon newts have the custom of safekeeping their eggshell.

Not every single one of them safekeeps it, but the majority of them do.

The same as how some humans, safekeep their umbilical cord.

A long time ago, I gave Dion the eggshell he was born from.

A hundred years have already passed, so I didn’t expect him to still hold on to it.

「Rubeum… this is your eggshell, you know」


Perhaps due to me petting him in a lulling manner for a while now, Rubeum had completely fallen asleep.

This morning, I was woken up by Shiro and Rubeum.

In other words, Rubeum got up earlier than me.

「Dion, Rubeum seems to be sleeping, so I’ll pass it on to him later」

「Yes, please」

Be that as it may, Rubeum doesn’t possess any bags or such.

Even if I passed the eggshell to him I would be the one who has to safekeep it in the end.

In order to put the eggshell into the magic bag, I reached out my hand.

As I did,


The instant my hand touched the eggshell, it began to radiate brilliantly.



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