84. Shining Eggshell


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84. Shining Eggshell

I pulled back my hand from the eggshell and asked Dion.

「What kind of phenomenon is this?」

While asking, I investigated Rubeum’s eggshell with magic.

I grasped that there is a magic reaction. But, that was all I could grasp.

Even with knowledge from my previous life and the World of Gods, I didn’t really understand.

「I-I don’t know. I have never heard or seen this before」

Even Dion didn’t understand, it seems.

It was a fresh feeling to see Dion flustered.

Milt and Xenovia were on guard with their stance assumed.

Regina readied her weapon, while still sitting on the chair, embracing me.

During that time, the brightness of the shining eggshell kept increasing.

「Is this…… perhaps……」

「Do you know, Milt?」

「No, I don’t understand」


You said something that suggests you had an idea, but you don’t know, you say
– I swallowed those words back in my throat.

Surely, Milt has realised something.

So, I quietly waited for Milt’s explanation.

However, Xenovia strongly retorted to Milt.

「You made it sound like you knew, then you say you don’t know!」

「No, Xenovia, that’s not right. Master, dragon’s eggshell is magical material」

「Certainly that is so」

「Since it is the eggshell of the apostle of Dragon God, can’t we assume it is a very unique material?」

「I think so too」

As I agreed, Milt smiled happily.

「With that as the basis, I analysed it with magic…」

「So, did you understand anything?」

「I understood that I didn’t understand it」


In addition to Xenovia, Regina tried to retort fiercely.

「Wait, establishing that even Milt couldn’t understand is great progress」

「So what does that mean?」

While putting more strength into the hand that was holding me, Regina asked.

「By the way, I don’t understand it too」

「Even Master?」

「It is probably the work of God」

「…the work of god… If that’s the case, then it’s a relief…」

Xenovia’s tension seems to have dropped a little.

「Surely, if even Master couldn’t understand, then it’s hard to believe it is magic related」

Dion gulped in a breath, and continued staring at the eggshell with a serious expression.

Other disciples were also tense and stared at the eggshell that became increasingly bright.

Shiro and Fluffy were also looking with a mysterious expression.

Rubeum was the only one who was pleasantly sleeping.

Rubeum’s eggshell just increased in brightness, and finally shone so bright that the whole room became white.


As expected, perhaps due to being dazzled, Rubeum let out a single cry.

And suddenly the brilliance subsided.

The two eggshells disappeared completely, and what was left was a girl of about 0.1 meter.

The girl had shining transparent wings on her back.


The girl looked around as if confused.

I unintentionally whispered when I saw the girl.

「That face…… is similar to the Human God」

Rather than similar, it was the exact same; more similar than identical twins.

The size was the only difference.

But since god is not a physical being, size doesn’t really matter.

So as not to frighten her, I asked her gently.

「You are?」

「err… who am I?」

「…We do not know」

The little girl puts on a troubled expression.

「Uーm… Master… I think it is a type of divine spirit…」

「I am of the same opinion, Milt」

I think a little.

「The face is very similar to the Human God, perhaps it is an angel of god?」

「Unlike Master, I don’t know the face of Human God-sama, but if it is similar, that possibility is high」

Dion stared at the girl with a gentle expression.

「Perhaps this is the means of contact with gods that Human God mentioned?」

「When I went to the World of Gods, Hime the Human God, said I shouldn’t come to the World of Gods too much」

Because the soul is more likely to be drawn into the World of Gods and thus I am more likely to die.

And she said I shouldn’t come often, and she would think of a means of contact.

I have informed my disciples about that.

「But, Master… Isn’t it strange to lose memory if it is a means of contact?」

「It is as Regina says」


「Did something go wrong perhaps?」

As Xenovia said so, Dion shook his head.

「Impossible… Even if by chance Human God-sama did that, that kind of flaw is incomprehensible」

「No, I think it is possible」

We’re talking about that Human God after all. It is not too difficult to imagine her making such a mistake.

「Haha, Master is jesting」

However, Dion thought I was joking.

As the beloved daughter of the Supreme God, the Human God is the god of all human race including dragon newts.

Naturally, she has many believers.

Even as the priest of Dragon God, Dion deeply reveres the Human God.

It’s understandable that Dion would believe that the Human God has a proper personality.

「The summoning might have been difficult due to using Rubeum’s eggshell」

Rubeum is the godkin of Dragon God.

It is not strange to think that there were complications in using the eggshell as a catalyst to summon Human God’s divine spirit.

「I feel uneasy to say this as a kin of the Human God but… she is quite irresponsible」

『Will-chan, you are bitter to me as ever!』

The little girl spoke directly into my mind, like telepathy magic.

The girl herself closed her eyes, and seemed to be unconscious.

And as for me, a nostalgic feeling filled the space.

「Is it the Human God?」

『Of course, it is I』

It would seem that the Human God is speaking to me through the little girl as the intermediary.


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