85. The Girl’s Identity


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85. The Girl’s Identity

As soon as that happened, my disciples simultaneously knelt.

Regina moved me from her lap, got down from the chair and knelt.

It was a very fluent and quick movement.

As expected of the Hero. No matter what she does, her movements are always fast.

「It seems that everyone can hear the Human God’s voice」

『If they are nearby, I can make it so they can hear as well』

「I see, how convenient」

『Since they are Will-chan’s disciples, I thought it would be a good idea to let them listen』

「Yeah, that’s helpful」

It is less troublesome as I wouldn’t have to explain later.

「Let’s see, it’s alright to use this child as a means of contacting, right?」

『Oh well, I’ll explain regarding this child first』

As expected, the little girl is the divine spirit of the Human God.

She has good affinity with me, who is the Apostle of the Gods and also the godkin of Human God.

『That’s why I’ll leave this child’s magic supply to you』


『Conversely, she can supply you with magic when yours is insufficient』

Incidentally, while the Human God was talking, the little girl was almost completely unconscious.

She’s like a shrine maiden, where a god descends upon them.

However, she will remember this event like it was a dream.

「Why didn’t this girl realise who I was?」

『Because she was just born. It was the same for Will-chan too, right?』

It was on my 8th birthday that I regained my past memories.

The Human God said that because she is a spirit, she will regain her memories quicker than I did.

『Even if she regains her memory back, she doesn’t have much memory. She is a newborn』

「I see. So, are there any important points to note?」

『Yeah, divine descent uses up a lot of magic, so supply her with magic after this』

「And the supplement method?」

『Just do it. Follow your instincts and it should turn out alright』

「I guess that’s fine」

『The real points are from here on, but this is also very tiring for me and the burden on the child is also great』

「In other words, don’t call unless it is a significant matter?」

『It’s helpful that your judgement is correct. After divine descent, it becomes difficult if you don’t wait for the fixed interval』

「How long is the fixed interval?」

『That depends on Will-chan and the child. Right now… the minimum should be at least a month』

If the ability of me and the girl improves, the period will be shorter.

『Will-chan, you seem to be doing your best. I’m so happy』

「Well, thank you」

『I’m sad to part, but if we talk more than this, the burden on the child will be too great』

「Before you depart, please tell me this child’s name」

『She doesn’t have a name. You name her, Will-chan』


And then, the Human God’s presence vanished.

The girl all of a sudden plopped on the table.

「I’m sure you need magic supply」

I scooped up the girl with both my hands.

「Human God said to just do it…」

It might be enough to simply be conscious of the flow of magic.

I carefully let magic flow into the little girl.

It flowed smoothly into her as if it were a part of my body.

「I see. So this is what she meant by following my instincts」

This is quite simple.

The girl opened her eyes as the magic flowed into her.

「Are you alright? Does anything feel wrong?」

「I am fine… but somewhat very tired」

「Yes, thank you」

「…why are the uncles and older sisters crouching?」

The little girl tilted her head looking at my kneeling disciples.

「Because the Human God descended to earth. I think it’s alright to stand now」

While looking at my disciples stand up, the little girl muttered.

「I see. So that wasn’t a dream」

「How much do you remember from the descent of Human God?」

「It feels like a vague memory in a dream」

It was as the Human God said.

She still remembers the event even if it doesn’t feel real. Or something like that I suppose.

「I see, do you have any questions?」

「I would like you to tell me who is Will」

「So you already know the name」

「I vaguely remember some things Human God-sama said while in my body」

Then, the little girl looked at my disciples.

「And also about these uncles and older sisters」


I briefly explained about myself.

I also told her about my past life and training in the World of Gods.

「My goal is to subjugate the Beast of Calamity, Tenebris」

「You specifically reincarnated for that purpose. That’s admirable」

It sounded like the girl’s true feelings rather than cynicism.

After that, I introduced Shiro, Fluffy, and Rubeum.

「In addition, there is also my sister, Saria, and a dog god-beast, RunRun. I’ll introduce them later」

「Looking forward to it」

After my self-introduction finishes, my disciples started introducing themselves.

「So uncles and older sisters are actually grandpa and grandma!」


Surprisingly, the one who received the most shock at being called a grandpa was Dion.

Regina and Xenovia were like 「It’s a pity to be old」

Milt was composed. Perhaps he had gotten used to it, as his outward appearance was that of a sixty-year-old.

「I’ll introduce my party members afterwards」

「Okay… Thank you」

Just in case, I told the girl, the information regarding my past life was a secret to everyone else besides Arti.

「Well, anything else you would like to ask?」

「What will you name me?」

「….umm, let’s see」

It was quite the troubling matter.

I was wracking my brain to think of a name.


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