86. Fay


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86. Fay

The day after Rosetta passed her test.

In the President Office, the divine spirit of the Human God was born from the eggshell of the dragon god-beast, Rubeum.

And right now, I was requested by the divine spirit to name her.

「A name… Are there any good names?」

I looked over at my disciples.

All four of my disciples from my past life were assembled in this place.

Sword Saint Xenovia. Small Sage Milt. Beloved Child of Water God, Dion. Hero Regina.

And also all my fellow god-beasts except RunRun.

The slime god-beast, Fluffy, was wiggling on top of Regina’s head.

And the goat god-beast, Shiro, was riding on Dion’s head while crying out「MeeMee」happily.

The dragon god-beast, Rubeum, was sleeping on my lap.

「I think it would be best if Master think of a name for divine spirit-sama」

My oldest disciple, Dion, said.

And, my other disciples nodded in agreement.

「I also want Will to think of it…」

The divine spirit herself wished for that.

「Even if you say that, I’m poor at coming up with names」

「Even so, I want Will to think of it」

If she says so, I have no other choice but to come up with a name on my own.

「Let’s see…」

I think for a while.

「How does ‘Fay’ sound?」

「Fay? What does it mean?」

「In the old languages, it means fairy」

「Because my appearance resembles a fairy?」

「Well, yes… do you not like it?」

「It sounds simple but also cute, I like it」

「That’s great」

「My name is Fay! The divine spirit of Human God and the follower of Will Wolms!」

Fay declared in high-spirits.


Rubeum woke up due to that.

Seeing as how Rubeum is awake now, I’ll introduce him to Fay.

「This child is Rubeum. Rubeum, this child is Fay. The divine spirit of Human God」

「Nice to meet you, Fay」

「Nice to meet you too, Rubeum」

And, Fay pets Rubeum’s head.

They’re about the same size, and about the same age, so they’ll probably become good friends.

「Dion, Fay suddenly declared herself as my follower, does this mean…」

「Yes, it is likely to be the effect of naming」

When given a name, the tone of voice changes and becomes more clever.

The incident with Rubeum was explained as souls being linked together and such.

「Although Shiro, Fluffy and RunRun didn’t seem to have such effects」

「Master, perhaps there was」

It was Milt who said that.

Milt is the leading figure in magic, so he is well-informed in various details.

「What do you mean, Milt?」

「There is a possibility that Shiro and the others were also linked by soul and had their intelligence increased 」

「I see… So you mean, it was hard to notice because they couldn’t speak the human language?」

「Most likely so」

I looked at Shiro and Fluffy.

「…Shiro, Fluffy, is that so?」



Apparently, it is true.

「No wait, perhaps I can understand them due to the effect of naming?」

That’s what I thought momentarily but I rethink the thought.

Even before naming, I could generally understand what they were trying to say.

「Although I knew the general meaning, recently, I understand more accurately」

「It is probably the effect of naming」

「I was under the impression that my understanding increased with time…」

「That might be a factor too」

There seems to be various reasons as to why I can understand the god-beasts.

After that, my disciples and I chatted.

Fay and Rubeum were lightly floating around and toured Xenovia’s President Office as if it was interesting.

I had Regina show me her unusual gigantic weapons.

It will serve as a good reference during weapon manufacturing.

「Master, did you make the naked one dangling from your hips?」

「That’s right… the sheath was burned in the fight with Rubeum」

「Can I see it?」

「Of course」

Regina looked closely at the short sword I created.

「My time in manufacturing weapons is still short, so I feel embarrassed when you look at it so closely」

「No no, I think this is amazing」

「I would like you to tell me if there is anything to improve on」

「Let’s see… Master, about this part…」

Regina taught me about the specific points to improve on.

「As expected of Regina. A renowned weapons expert」

「No, no! Not that renownedー」

Regina blushed in happiness.

While we were talking about that, Xenovia stood up.

「Master, visitors… no, Arti and the others have come」

「So, it is a system that tells you who is approaching. How convenientー」

「Yes, it is peaceful right now, but in the past, there were incidents where our lives were targeted」

「Is that so… that’s troublesome」

「Yes… by the way, Regina, Is it alright not to wear your helmet?」

Xenovia said to Regina who was holding me.

「Nn? It should be fine now. I already decided to adopt her as disciple after all」

Perhaps Regina didn’t want to be underestimated until adopting a disciple was decided.

Now that they have fought Regina during the test, they wouldn’t underestimate her true self.

Soon, the door of the President’s Office was knocked on.


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