87 – Regina’s Welcoming Speech


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87 – Regina’s Welcoming Speech

「Master, Arti here」

「Umu, wait a little」


Xenovia told Arti and the rest to wait and looked at Regina.

「Regina, stop hugging Master in front of the disciples」

「Eh? Why?」

「It’s suspicious, isn’t it? No one except Arti knows about Master’s past life」

「Fumu… that is also true」

Regina took me off her lap and sat me by her side.

After confirming that, Xenovia called out in the direction of the door.

「You can enter now」

「Excuse us」

Arti, Tina and Rosetta entered.

They stood straight orderly in a row.

「I had Will come earlier. To ask regarding Rubeum」


「Well, sit down first」

Xenovia got up from the couch while saying so.

And then, she headed towards the President chair.

Milt and Dion also stood up and walked towards the neighbouring room.

「Well then…」

Regina also got up and shifted to sit down on the couch that Xenovia was sitting on till just now.

Even if Xenovia tells them to sit down, it is difficult for students to sit at the same seat of honour that the President was sitting on.

With that consideration in mind, Regina opened up the space beside me.

「Rosetta, Arti, Tina, sit beside Will」


The one who seemed to be most tense was Rosetta. Tina was just a little tense.

However, Arti was completely calm.

From the right, we were sitting in the order of Rosetta, Tina, I, and Arti.

After waiting for Rosetta to sit and calm down, Regina said.

「This is the first time you’re seeing my face, right… I am Regina」

「N-Nice to meet you? Is that right?」

「I don’t teach proper greeting methods. Ask Xenovia! I conduct combat guidance」

「Thank you very much」

「Of course, you should prioritize my guidance above academy classes. The credits are no problem」


「Regina, that alone is not enough」

Saying so, Xenovia supplemented the information that Regina mentioned.

There is a system where the credit system can be replaced if the student receives guidance from a master recognised by the academy.

Fundamentally, the academy recognizes individuals who are above the level of the main force of the Salvation Organization.

About the time Xenovia’s explanation ended, Milt and Dion brought out tea and confectionaries.

It appears that the two went to the neighbouring room to brew tea.

After distributing the tea and confectionaries, Milt and Dion sat down beside Regina.

Regina thanked the two, and drank the tea.

「Umu, delicious… Milt has also become good at brewing tea」

「It’s because Dion helped me out」

「No no, Milt really has improved」

Dion said and laughed lightly.

Looking at that, Regina smiled and then continued her explanation to Rosetta.

「About the training from now on…」

Rosetta now has to wake up early to train with Regina, and then join in my training.

In other words, the same as Arti and Tina.

「In my absence, Xenovia or someone else will take over」


「For the time being, come together with Arti and Tina to the President Office every morning」


「Umu, by the way, I heard you were receiving special training from Will?」

「Yes that is right, Master」

「That’s good, continue doing that」

「Thank you」

Even after that, Regina continued her welcoming speech.

Fay and Rubeum were near Xenovia, behind Regina.

They look interested in Xenovia’s desk.

「What is this? Do you know, Ruu-chan?」

「Don’t know. I think we should pull it. Fay, pull it」

While talking about such things, they were fiddling around with various stuff.

As they were being mischievous,

「Hey! Don’t mess with things」

They were stopped by Xenovia.



Fay and Rubeum seemed dissatisfied, but they listened to Xenovia.

Although they have high intelligence, Fay and Rubeum are still babies.

I should keep an eye on them.

I looked at Shiro, who is also a baby.


As usual, Shiro was on top of Dion’s head.

Shiro seems to be in a good mood when he climbs on to high places, so he doesn’t cause problems.

Fluffy is the most obedient.

Regina’s welcoming speech continued for about 5 minutes and ended.

And then, keeping in mind that recovering from exhaustion is important, she decided to begin the training from tomorrow onwards.

As so, all of us decided to return and walked towards the door.

「Ah, are you going back? Fay is going too」

「Will, waitー」

Fay and Rubeum hurriedly flew towards me.

Fluffy quietly got down from Regina’s head and hopped to my side.

「I’m not leaving you behind so calm down」


「Shiro, we’re going back」


Shiro still seemed reluctant to get down from Dion’s head.

「Shiro, come」


Reluctantly, Shiro climbed down from Dion’s head.

After that, I bowed to my disciples.

「Well then, excuse us」


For a little while after exiting the President Office, everyone was silent as usual.

After walking further away, Arti said.

「Umm… Will」

「What is it?」

「Who is that child?」

「Ah, Fay?」


「I’ll explain the details later, but she is a type of spirit」

「Nice to meet youー」

While floating around, Fay greeted Arti and the rest.

Everyone returned their greetings.

「After fetching Saria and having breakfast, does everyone want to gather in my room?」

「Yes, let’s do that」

Thus, I decided to head to the nursery to fetch Saria.


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