88. Breakfast


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88. Breakfast

When we reached the nursery, my sister, Saria, and Rosetta’s sister, Rose, quickly ran up to us.

The godkin of the Dog God, the large silver dog, RunRun, followed behind them.

「Saria, good morning」

「Anicha! Welcome back! Good morning!」

I picked up Saria.


Saria rubbed her head on my chest.

Saria’s hair smelled good.

I tenderly brushed Saria’s chestnut hair.

After that, I pet RunRun’s fluffy body.

「RunRun, thank you」


RunRun slowly wagged his tail.

「Anicha! Who is that?」

「This is Rubeum and Fay」

「Ruu-chan, Fay-chan, Saria is Saria!」

「I am Fay. Nice to meet you… What a cute child!」

「Kyururuー nice to meet you」

Rubeum tenderly patted Saria’s head and licked her cheek.

「Ruu-chan, it’s ticklishー」

While saying so, Saria giggled happily.

「Thank you, Rubeum」

When an intelligent dragon licks the face, it is the sign of friendship.

Rubeum recognized Saria as a friend.

Then, I introduced Rubeum and Fay to Rose. After that, we headed to the cafeteria.

The cafeteria of the Academy of Heroes is open all year round so it is very helpful.

At the cafeteria, I laid out the breakfast for Saria and the god-beasts.

「What does Fay eat?」

「Same as humans」

「I see, well, I’ll prepare the same as us」


Besides Rosetta and Rose, Arti and Tina were also present in the cafeteria.

Thereupon, all of us ate breakfast together.

RunRun, Shiro and Fluffy were eating their food from plates on the floor.

Rubeum and Fay are small, so I put them on the table to let them eat.


Shiro was vigorously drinking his milk as usual.

「Shiro, drink a little slowly」

The rest of the god-beasts have excellent table manners.

Rubeum quietly eats meat and boiled eggs.

「Ai, Fay-chan, say “aah”」

「Thank you, but I can eat on my own…」

「This is also delicious, say “aah”」

「T-Thank you」

Saria sat Fay beside her plate, and was happily feeding her.

Since Fay was smaller than Saria, perhaps Saria thought of Fay as a little sister.

「Saria, eat yours first」

「Ai! But Fay-chan…」

「It’s alright, I’ll look after Fay」


Saria starts eating her breakfast.

And in between bites, she feeds Fay.

To finish the meal today seems to take twice as long as it usually does.

Looking at them, Rubeum came near my plate.


While crying out, he opened his mouth wide. As though a chick.

He is firmly requesting me to feed him.

「Can’t be helped I guessー」

I fed some of my breakfast to Rubeum.

As his mouth was wide open, I inserted a small piece of meat.

「Looks just like a chick」

Rosetta smiled while looking at me and Rubeum.

「Yes, so cute… Can I feed Rubeum too?」

Tina asked.

「I want to feed him too」

「Me too, me too」

Arti and Rosetta also followed suite.

「Saria too!」

「Rose will feed too!」

The little girls also want to feed Rubeum it seems.

It’s only natural as Rubeum was cute.

「In turns please, kyuruー」

Rubeum proudly flapped his wings.

And he was greatly delighted as everyone fed him in order.

I looked over at Rubeum while eating my breakfast.

He was eating too much.

「Rubeum, you’re eating quite a lot. Won’t you spoil your stomach?」

「Still growing up」

As such he said.

The food Rubeum was eating would definitely add up to more than his own size.

After going at it for a while, it seems he has become quite heavy.

「You became heavier」


「I see」

While looking at Rubeum and the divine spirit, Fay, I think.

Fay was also fed a considerable amount by Saria.

Although Rubeum is a god-beast, he is also a dragon. As expected, he would have a normal diet.

It is also the same for Shiro, Fluffy and RunRun.

However, Fay is a divine spirit; something akin to the god-beast of spirits.

Spirits don’t eat all that much.

「Fay… are you hungry?」


「Is it possible that you can starve to death?」

「Don’t know」

Tina, who was listening in, said.

「Fay-chan is a spirit, so she wouldn’t starve even if she doesn’t eat」

「That’s right I guess. Perhaps she can transform food into magic or so…」

Perhaps Fay wouldn’t need to eat if I supply magic.

「I don’t understand, but food is delicious」

「I understand you… food is delicious」

I understand Fay’s feeling of wanting to eat food even if there isn’t a need for it.

I should let her eat meals together with us whenever possible.

「Kyururu, I am full」

It seems that Rubeum is finally full.


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