89. Spending Holiday with Saria, RunRun and Everyone


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89. Spending Holiday with Saria, RunRun and Everyone

I pet Rubeum.

「You sure ate a lot」

「Thank you, everyone… It was delicious」

Rubeum flew around thanking everyone who fed him.

Although he was floating lightly, his body seemed heavier than usual.

「Thanks for the meal, it was delicious… kyururu」

Rubeum also flew to the cafeteria staff and expressed his gratitude.

「Oh, we appreciate it! Eat lots and grow big alright!」


Apparently, Rubeum is a courteous baby dragon.

After thanking the cafeteria staff, Rubeum came back and sat on my lap.

As expected, he was considerably heavier than before he ate breakfast.

He was more than twice as heavy as previously.

「How admirable of you to thank everyone」


Rubeum yawned and curled up.

「Are you sleepy?」


He was already half asleep.

Rubeum is still a baby so he needs to sleep a lot.

It is said that sleep brings up a child well, so I want him to sleep a lot, eat, and grow up nicely.

As everyone finished their meals, I picked up Rubeum.

「I’ll take care of cleaning the plates!」

「I will help too!」

「Will, please don’t mind it」

Rosetta, Tina and Arti took the tableware to the tableware collection place in the cafeteria.

「Thank you, that was helpful」

「It would be a pity if Ruu-chan woke up」Rosetta said.

「It might be good to prepare a baby sling」

If I had that equipped, I can work while carrying Rubeum.

「Shiro is also a baby. Don’t you have to sleep?」


Shiro was energetic.

Fluffy cleaned up the milk around Shiro’s mouth with its body.

After that, everyone returned to their dorm rooms.

I returned to my room together with Saria and the god-beasts.

After putting Rubeum to bed, I played with everyone.

Lately, I don’t get to play much with Saria. I wish to play with Saria as much as possible with the time I have.

「Anicha, Anicha!」

「What is it?」

「Take thisー」

「Yes Yes」

Saria asked for a lot of things, and I just went with it.

RunRun, Shiro, Fluffy and Fay also joined together and played.

After a while, Rubeum woke up, so I went out for a walk with Saria and the god-beasts.

I gave Saria a ride on my shoulder, and together with the god-beasts, we walked around the vast grounds of the Academy of Heroes.

There was also a lack of contact with RunRun lately too.

Therefore, I wanted to play a lot with him.

「Kyaaa! Anicha, so fast」


Saria and RunRun were having a lot of fun.

Shiro, Fluffy and Rubeum were also running happily.

Fay was sitting on Saria’s shoulder.

We played lots till the afternoon, and then ate lunch at the cafeteria.

After that, we returned to the dorm room.

Saria, Fay, Shiro, Fluffy and Rubeum took an afternoon nap after we returned.

Saria hugged Shiro and slept comfortably.

Whereas, Fay and Rubeum were sleeping on top of Fluffy.

I sat down on the couch and spent a leisurely time.

As I was sitting on the couch, RunRun came and lay beside me.

And then he rested his head on my lap. I gently stroked RunRun’s head.

「RunRun, thank you as always」


RunRun shook his tail while panting.

「I want to mobilise together with RunRun but… I am anxious to leave Saria alone」

「ha…ha…ha…, kyuーn」

RunRun cried out in a small voice.

He’s probably taking care not to wake up Saria and the others.

And then, RunRun started licking my face.

RunRun is saying「I understand, leave it to me」

I and RunRun are fellow godkins, so I understand what he wishes to convey.

After petting RunRun a lot more, I moved to the room which I had turned into the weapons production room.

RunRun also followed along.

「I’m going to start making weapons right now」


「I’m going to make Rosetta’s bow this time」


I recalled the memories of Rosetta’s fighting manner; height, length of her hands and legs, and other such physical features.

The strength of her physical and magical abilities and the way she uses it. Also taking into account her posture, I tried to imagine the size, shape and the materials for the bow.

「As for the material… I need to bend the bow, so metal might not be a good fit. RunRun, what do you think?」


「I see… Wood perhaps thenー」

The strength of the bow itself does not have to be very strong. This is because a bow is not something that should be strong.

The bow cannot be strengthened beyond the pulling strength of the user.

If you make it too powerful, you won’t even be able to pull it.

Then it has no meaning at all.

「When it comes to a bow that matches Rosetta’s pulling strength… even wood should be enough」


「Yeah you’re right… If it’s wood, it easily breaks when you defend attacks」

In fact, Rosetta’s bow broke because she blocked the attack of a giant bat with her bow.

「Umu… so it has to be metal after all?」

「wau wau」

「That’s right. What if the elasticity can be adjusted depending on how much magic is put into it?」


I decided on the fundamental plan of action for the bow production while consulting with RunRun.


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