90. Weapon Production and Afternoon Nap


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90. Weapon Production and Afternoon Nap

From the magic bag, I took out the metals I acquired from Xenovia and Milt a few days ago.

「Orichalcum… or maybe mithril?」


「Should I go with an alloy instead?」


RunRun was thinking about it seriously.

For a dog, he seems well-versed about bows; a dog of extensive knowledge.

Maybe he was reading the books together with me when we were little.

Perhaps he was also reading books while taking care of Saria.

Otherwise, there is also the possibility that he had observed the weapons of the retainers of the Wolms main family.

「Let’s combine orichalcum and mithril after all」


「It’s difficult to put magic into it, but it will turn into a good bow if it goes well」


RunRun approved.

I started working on the bow at once.

While heating up orichalcum and mithril with magic, I pour magic into it.

An alloy ingot was then created.

The crucial part is the mixture ratio of orichalcum and mithril.

The mixture ratio determines the flexibility and strength.

The heat added to it, and the amount and speed of magic to flow in are also important.

If the amount of magic is too much or too little, it will not be alloyed well.

And if the magic flowing is too late or too early, it will not work.



「…fuu, it somehow turned out well」

I think that my weapon production technique has improved, even if I do say so myself.


RunRun also praised me. His tail swishing through the air.

「Thank you, RunRun」

I pet RunRun’s head.

「Well, next is…」

…To mold the ingot into the shape of a bow using magic.

Previously, I was exhausted just by making an alloy, but now I can keep going on with the creation of the weapon.

The mold for the bow is not simple either.

I have to use magic to forcibly transform a metal that does not deform easily.

Perfect magic adjustment and a considerable amount of magic are required.

It is a process that demands utmost concentration.

I continued to mold the bow until I was dripping in sweat.

RunRun also sat and observed the process earnestly.





RunRun also congratulated the completion.

He put his forefoot on my shoulders and licked my face.

I furiously petted RunRun in return.

「Fuu, I finally completed it」


「Mu? Ah…」

I was so delighted with the completion that I inadvertently forgot that bows need bowstrings.

I was able to remember because RunRun pointed it out.

「Bowstring… ordinary bow strings which can be strengthened with magic are fine, but…」


The bow was made from an alloy of orichalcum and mithril.

I went through all that, so I want to make a proper string.

「What is a suitable material for the string?」


RunRun was also thinking about it.

But he doesn’t seem to have an idea either.

「Un, A fibrous and sturdy material… how about the thread of Giant Spider?」


「I think that is a good idea」 is what RunRun said.

「Ok, let’s ask Xenovia later if she has some?」

While we were discussing that,

「Anicha, what are you doing?」

Saria, Fluffy and Shiro came.

「Oh, Saria… and everyone else seems to have woken up too」


Saria was tightly carrying Fluffy in her arms.

And, Shiro was head-butting my leg.

「Wowー so cool」

Saria looked at the bow in the middle of production interestedly.

「I was creating this bow」

「Oh, I seeー sugoi… can I touch it?」

「You can」

「Wowー it’s so smooth」

「Because it’s metal」

「So shinyー」

The surface of the bow was reflecting light like a mirror.

That is too conspicuous. It is unsuitable for adventures.

Since Rosetta is a scout, there are many occasions where she would need to perform covert operations.

「Ah, I forgot to surface it so that it doesn’t reflect…」


RunRun said「I didn’t notice…」in a little reflective tone.

Since Saria was awake, his bark was louder.

「I have to treat it with matte finish afterwards」

「Ehー even though it’s so prettyー」

「It can’t be helped」

「I seeー」

Saria hugged my right thigh while saying that.

By the way, Shiro was still head-butting me on the left thigh.

「…KyuruKyuru, Kyuーn Kyuーn」

At that time, Rubeum started crying out from the direction of the bed.

「Rubeum seems to have woken up too」

We moved to the bedroom where Rubeum and Fay were sleeping.

Rubeum was crying out while hugging Fay on the bed.

And, Fay was still asleep.

「Rubeum, what is it…」


When he saw me, Rubeum flew over to my chest and clung tightly.

Perhaps he was lonely when he woke up and found nobody around.

It can’t be helped as he is just a baby.

I tenderly petted Rubeum.

「Ruu-chan sure is lonelyー」

Saria also started petting Rubeum together with me.



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