91. Continuation of Weapon Production


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91. Continuation of Weapon Production

We were petting Rubeum for a little while.

And the whole time, Fay didn’t show any signs of waking up.

She was sleeping soundly on her back.

After being petted for a while, Rubeum calmed down. And then he climbed onto my shoulder.

「You cannot leave Rubeum and go somewhere else」Rubeum cried out.

「I was just in the next room」



Rubeum hates feeling left alone.

It would be best to prepare a baby sling soon for Rubeum, for when he sleeps.

After that, we all played together once again. We also head out for RunRun’s afternoon walk.

After having dinner and a bath, I put Saria to bed.

The god-beasts also went to bed with Saria.

After making sure they went to sleep, I started working again.

「Let’s see, if I remember correctly…」

There should be leather from demon beast among the materials I received from Xenovia.

I want to create the sheath of the short sword that was burned by Rubeum and a baby sling for Rubeum.

「Speaking of, I wonder what leather this is?」

I selected the leather from Xenovia for their ease of processing.

Since it was my first leather processing, priority was given to ease of processing.

Due to that, it was easily burned by Rubeum’s flame breath.

It was a material that did not have fire resistance.

「For now, I have to carefully select the material」

I line up the leather materials that I have in my possessions on the table.

If I can identify the characteristics from when I created the first sheath, it will help in shortlisting the materials.

I began the shortlisting from the simplest leather.

「This is from a giant bat」

There is body leather and the wing patagium. [1. TL Note: Patagium is a fold of skin in mammals which is used for gliding]

Soft and durable but too thin.
It is unsuited for both the sheath and a baby sling.

There was also leather from demon crocodile and a series of fish.

It can be identified by its scale shape.

「These are durable and thick, so they may be suitable」

Let’s put it on the choice list for now.

However, the processing is difficult.

Xenovia put them raw in the magic bag without tanning them.

These are more of a skin than leather.

Naturally, whatever material it is, I would have to process it with magic, but reptile leathers are particularly difficult to process.

Next, I started shortlisting leather from mammals.

「This is… the leather from a demon pig. No, a demon cow perhaps?」

It is also possible that it is a demon horse or demon sheep.

It is difficult to distinguish because the characteristics differ depending on the body part.

「Demon wolf, demon dog, demon fox…. hmmm」

I thought a little and came to a conclusion.

「For the time being, let’s settle on the one which is easy to process… I can acquire leather which has high fire resistance from Xenovia tomorrow」

As part of my practice, I choose demon cow leather that is easy to process.

After processing with magic, cut, stitch and shape it.

As I had already made a sheath once, this was relatively easy.

The basic shape of the baby sling itself is not complicated.

However, considering the functionality, it is a little difficult.

This is because Rubeum has to be able to sleep comfortably.

In addition, it must be easy for me to hold and move around in.

「For now, it is done」

I sheath the short sword that I had stored inside the magic bag into the new sheath. It felt good.

The baby sling can be tested after Rubeum wakes up tomorrow.

After that, I moved to the bedroom to sleep.

Saria slept while hugging RunRun.

Rubeum and Fay were clinging onto RunRun.

As I climbed onto the bed, RunRun noticed me and started licking my face.

I fell asleep while petting RunRun.

The next day, I trained with Arti, Tina and Rosetta after breakfast.

We trained at the usual training spot.

Arti, Tina and Rosetta received guidance from their respective master before joining my training.

Truly, each one of them is a hard worker.

After the training ended, I asked everyone while we were resting.

「Are classes off today as well?」

「Yup, generally after five days of classes, there are two days of break」

Rosetta teaches me on this subject.

「I see, there sure is a lot of time for rest. It’s quite surprising」

「They mentioned this in the first homeroom」

I also attended the first homeroom, but didn’t listen.

From now on, let’s listen to the teacher’s explanation.

While we were talking about that, Saria and Rose were playing near the edge of the training area.

The nursery is open all year round, but its class days are the same as the class days of the Academy of Heroes.

So, I was spending the day together with Saria.



The god-beasts were playing with Saria and Rose.

Only Fay and Rubeum were sleeping by my side.

「Oh yeah, Rosetta… I have created the bow.」

The bow Rosetta had equipped now is the one I created instantly during the test.

Right now, it is degrading slowly.

「Eh, thank you… I’m so happy」

「It is still a prototype… especially the bow string material doesn’t fit well…」

The new bow uses a magic string that is commercially available in the market due to its ease of use.

I think the bow itself is pretty good, but I’m not satisfied with the bow string.

Rosetta draws the string several times.

「This is amazing! Thank you! It is very easy to use」

「I’m glad to hear that, but… I don’t feel convinced by the string…」

「Eh? I feel the string is quite high quality though…」

「For the time being, why don’t you perform some test shots with it?」

「Ok, understood! I’ll try it」

Saying so, Rosetta stood up.


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