92. Saria and the Disciples


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92. Saria and the Disciples

Since this is a training ground, there is a shooting target at the end.

It’s perfect for a test shot.

「This is a splendid bow」

「It’s a magnificent bow」

Tina and Arti were impressed by the bow.

When everyone praises me, I feel a little shy.

We move to the end of the training grounds.

「Here I go」

「Yes, please」

Rosetta nocked an arrow, pulled it back to the limit and released.

The released arrow pierced the center of the target.

「As expected of Rosetta!」

「Fine skill」

「No, Will’s bow is that good」

Rosetta is modest, but no matter how good the bow is, it’s useless without skill.

It was Rosetta’s skill that hit the bullseye.

「Rosetta, how–」

I was about to ask about the ease of use, but Rosetta had already nocked another arrow.

And then shot arrows in succession. It was extremely fast rapid-fire.

She shot at a pace of one arrow every three seconds.

Although she was shooting at that speed, most of the shots were accurate.

As expected, not all the arrows hit the center of the target, but it’s quite impressive.

After shooting about thirty arrows, Rosetta looked back at me with a smile.

「It’s a really good bow! Yeah, it’s very good!」

「Thank you, Is there anything off?」

「Nothing to criticize!」

「Well then, you can have the bow… I’ll be happy if you would use it」


「Of course… Please inform me if you find a way to improve it. I want to make use of it in the future」

There may be some dissatisfaction that can only be understood for the first time after being used in battle.

Therefore, I had Rosetta use the bow.

Rosetta was extremely grateful.

By having Rosetta use it, it will also help me improve my bow-production skills.

I am also feeling grateful to her.

After that, I took Saria and the god-beasts to the President Office.

…To acquire the materials for weapons.

I took Saria because I thought I should have my disciples meet my sister at least once.

As I stood in front of the President Office door, I heard a voice from inside before I knocked.

「Come in」

「Excuse me」

As we entered inside, Xenovia rushed towards us.

「So, this is Saria-chan」

「That’s right… I thought I should introduce her」

「Thank you very much」

Even before Xenovia, Saria was not afraid at all.

「Who are you, Onee-chanー?」


Xenovia was deeply moved at being called Onee-chan.

It might feel nice to be seen as young.

Xenovia is an elf and doesn’t age easily, so I think it’s natural to look young.

「Saria is Sariaー」

「I am Xenovia, a friend of Will’s… nice to meet you」

「Anicha’s friend! Xenovia-neechan, nice to meet you!」

After that, while being head-butted by Shiro, Xenovia contacted the other disciples.

Soon enough, Milt, Dion, and Regina, showed up.

I introduced Saria to Milt, Regina, and Dion.

The disciples and Saria each introduced themselves.

My disciples introduced themselves as my friend instead of revealing the truth.

Saria doesn’t seem to be suspicious.

「Wowー, so huge!」

Saria seems to have taken an interest in Dion.

「Yes, I am huge」

「Carry me, carry meー」

「Sure, I don’t mind」

「Thank youー」

After Dion picked up Saria,

「Would you like a shoulder ride?」

「Yay! Shoulder ride!」

Saria rode on Dion’s shoulder.

「So high!」


Shiro looked enviously at Saria from down below.

Shiro started head-butting Dion’s leg. I’m sure that he wants to be high up too.

「I will carry Shiro later」


「Will, it’s been a long time since I wasn’t seen as scary by children other than the dragon newts」

「Dion is huge after all」

Dion’s height was about 2.5 meters and also has a magnificent tail.

There would naturally be many children who would be scared of him.

「Kyaaaaa! So high!」

「Haha, this makes me happy」

「I am glad」

Dion was happily waving his thick tail slowly.

Then Dion picked up Shiro and put him on his head.

Saria and Shiro were having a lot of fun.

「Dion-chan… Dion-chan!」

「What is it?」

「Saria want to see thatー」「Meee」

「Ah, that sculpture, I see… It’s fragile, so don’t touch it」


Dion with Saria on his shoulders and Shiro on his head walked around Xenovia’s room.

Meanwhile, the rest of us sat on the couch and had a discussion.

「I wanted to introduce Saria to everyone and also…」

「Is there anything else you want? You can ask for anything」

As Saria was present, Xenovia did not use honorifics.

「Thank you, Xenovia」

「Since it is Will, it’s definitely about weapons material or something, isn’t it?」

Regina is very sharp.

「Yes, I want to ask for weapon materials… If there is a suitable material for bowstring, that will be helpful」

「A bowstring… I have something good for that!」

Regina said that with a grin on her face.


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