93. Material of Bowstring


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93. Material of Bowstring

I asked Regina.

「A good material?」

「This is the one!」

What Regina took out of the magic bag was a cylindrical object that was about the size of my index finger.

It was part of a dragon’s beard. It must be a fine dragon’s beard.

But, it is too short to be made into a bow string.

「Well, what is this?」

「A dragon’s beard」

「Kyuru? Beard?」

Rubeum, who was on my lap, reacted to the word ‘dragon’.

Fluffy and RunRun were silent. They were behaving well beside me.

Fluffy was trying to lean on me.

RunRun had closed his eyes and put his chin on my lap.

「That’s right, it’s from a dragon’s beard」

「Does Rubeum have a beard too?」


I stroke the bottom of Rubeum’s chin. It was smooth.

「I think it will grow when you grow up」

If a human male does not grow up, a beard will not grow.

The same is true for dragons.


And Rubeum leaned over RunRun’s head and became quiet.

RunRun opened his eyes for a moment and closed them again.

I asked Regina.

「I think it’s a high-quality dragon beard, but isn’t it too short to make a bowstring?」

「It is the leftover from the time I requested for a bow! Of course it is short!」

「I see?」

Regina does not seem to be providing the material.

Rather, she is trying to teach me that a dragon’s beard is a suitable material.

Looking at me and Regina’s interaction, Milt sighed as if he had enough.

「Regina, Will is saying he wants materials that are suitable for bowstrings if you have a surplus.」

「Oh, is that so? Sorry」

「No, thanks for the advice. It was helpful」

I basically don’t use a bow.

But Regina uses all types of weapons. Naturally, bow is included in that.

An opinion from Regina, who sometimes uses a bow in real battles, is helpful as a reference.

「Regina, I was thinking about using a giant spider thread as a bowstring」

「The thread of a giant spider… It’s not a bad idea but…」

「So a dragon’s beard is better?」

「Yes… The thread of a giant spider has good durability and flexibility…」


「It’s a good material for normal use. But when you shoot continuously, the vibration of the strings increases」

「Is that so… By the way, how fast is it when you mention to shoot continuously?」

「Let’s see… it is difficult to suppress the vibration when you go beyond one shot per second」

「…I see」

This is a unique perspective from Regina, a master bow user.

Ordinary bow users don’t shoot one arrow per second.

So it may not be a problem even with a giant spider thread.

However, I want Rosetta to aim for the domain that is inconvenient with the thread of a giant spider.

Milt, who was listening to us, took something out of the bag.

「This is the tail hair of a unicorn, is it good as a bowstring material?」

「High-quality bowstring sold at weapon shops have many unicorn tails and manes.」

Xenovia said, and walked over to the president’s desk and brought back a bow.

「This bowstring is supposedly the tail of a unicorn. It’s one of the finest in store sales」

「Can I have it for a moment?」

「Of course, Will can do as you please」


Even the decorations on the finest products are splendid. The decorations were carved delicately.

I was pursuing no more than practicality, so I didn’t explore the decorations.

For this reason, I felt a little admiration.

「It has superb craftsmanship. As expected of highest quality products」

Assuming that a noble is going to use this for hunting, then decoration is also necessary.

「When it comes to the finest products sold in stores, it’s always annoying because there’s more useless decoration」

Xenovia, the owner of the bow, prefers to have no decorations it seems.

「No matter how much you use a bow, decoration is literally just a decoration」

Regina seems to share the same sentiment.

If you are not a noble, but an adventurer who uses it for battle, no decoration is required.

「Perhaps it is not needed for battle」

The bow does become slightly heavier due to decoration, thus it is unnecessary for adventurers.

「Now then, unicorn’s tail feels comfortable to use…」

What is important is the performance as a bowstring.

I tried to draw the string. It does not even budge.

「It’s very stiff」

As expected of the bow which serves as a sub-weapon to Sword Saint Xenovia.

Even if a noble purchases it, it can’t be used for hunting.

It may be a bow used to decorate.

「It’s a strong bow」

「And that bowstring is strong enough to withstand such a strong bow」

「It’s exactly as Regina says」

I strengthened my physical strength with magic strengthening and forcibly pulled the string to the end.

If there was enough physical strength, it would’ve felt comfortable to pull.

「I see, it is indeed a fine bow」

「Aa, as expected of Will. To be able to pull that」

Regina was impressed.

「But I’m using magic…」

「Still, well done!」

I pulled the string as much as possible with the length of my arm and then released it.

A burst sound rang out and the air trembled.

Fluffy and Rubeum, who were falling into a doze, woke up.


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