94. Material of Bowstring (2)


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94. Material of Bowstring (2)

Despite the loud sound of the bow, RunRun opened his eyes for a moment and then shuts it.

As expected, RunRun is bold.

「Fluffy, Rubeum, sorry for waking you up」

「I was surprised, kyuruー」


And then, Fluffy and Rubeum went to sleep once again.

I pet the god beasts with one hand.

「Will, empty shots hurts the string, so you shouldn’t…」

Xenovia said diffidently.

「Ah, sorry」

「Don’t worry about it, I don’t use it much」

「Even so, I’m sorry」

I lightly cast magic on Xenovia’s bow and bowstring.

This should have improved the durability.

「I’ve cast magic on it as an apology」

「Eh, ah, thank you!」

Xenovia seemed to be surprised.

「Unicorn’s tail seems to be a good material」

I returned the bow back to Xenovia.

Xenovia who received the bow also pulled the string several times.

「Sugoi, it’s much better」

「I didn’t cast full-magic on it… so I don’t think it will change that much」

「No, I can feel it」

「That’s fine then…」

After that, I asked Regina.

「I think the unicorn tail was really good, what do you think?」

「Well, I don’t think it’s bad?」

「As expected, it’s a great material」

「It’s not bad, but…」

「But what?」

「It’s perfect for normal use, but if you push it then the durability becomes a problem」

「Durability huh…hmm」

Xenovia looked at the bow. Then she pulled the bow and put it back slowly.

「Regina, that bow was also used quite often right?」

「Un, it is as Will says… it wouldn’t be a problem if it’s used normally」

It has less vibration than the giant spider thread, but seems to be less durable.

Even if the durability is low, the deterioration occurs over several years.

As for the deterioration due to use, it can handle a few thousand shots..

「A unicorn’s tail and mane are enough for normal use」

「I almost forgot but, Will is a beginner weapons manufacturer right…」

Xenovia was nodding her head.

「It might be good to use highest-quality products like dragon’s beard after improving further」

「If so, then giant spider should be fine?」

「That may be true」

The user, Rosetta, still cannot shoot at a rate of one arrow per second.

「I still want to recommend a dragon’s beard… Sometimes you can improve by working on good quality material」

However, Regina doesn’t want me to compromise.

She is trying to say that I will grow by making the best of every situation and making the best products.

It’s not like I don’t understand Regina’s opinion.

But, I do not know of any bow that uses a dragon’s beard, so it is difficult to discern the difference between that and a normal bow.

「So, a dragon’s beard is the better choice after all?」

I wanted Regina to show me the bow with a dragon’s beard.

However, Regina seems to have thought I was looking forward to using a dragon’s beard.

「Will! Let’s go get a dragon’s beard together!」

Regina’s eyes sparkled.

I don’t mind going to collect a dragon’s beard.

However, if Regina accompanies me, I will most likely be completely relying on her.

「Ehh… If I’m going to collect it, I want to go with just the students」

「No way…」

「No, no, Regina can easily hunt a dragon alone, right?」

「That is so but…」

「If we’re going to fight dragons anyway, I think it will be a good substitute for training」

「But, it might be dangerous」

「In the first place, to defeat a dragon solely for materials is a little…」

I pet Rubeum’s back.

Hunting an intelligent dragon feels heavy if there isn’t a compelling reason.

Dragons with low intelligence are no different from normal demon beasts, but the beard from such dragons are of lower quality.

「When you put it that way, it does feel a little…」

Regina too, looked over at Rubeum tenderly.

Rubeum’s tail slowly shook, while he was still sleeping.

Perhaps, he was still awake.

「If so, why don’t you request it instead?」

It was Dion who came from behind.

Dion had Saria riding on his shoulders, while Shiro was standing on his head.



Saria and Shiro were enjoying themselves.

「Dion, thank you」

「No, I am happy too」

「Saria, you sure seem happy to get to play」


Looking at Saria’s smile makes me happy too.

Xenovia asks Saria who was looking happy.

「Saria-chan, do you want candy?」


Saria replied spiritedly.


The gluttonous Shiro also cried out excitedly.

Dion lowered Saria and Shiro, and then sat beside me.

Xenovia brought out the candies.

「There is also hot chocolate…」

「Thank you, Xenovia-neechan」

「O-Onee-chan!」Xenovia was as deeply moved by being called onee-chan, as she was before.

She must be really happy to be called onee-chan.

Perhaps there was no opportunity for her to be called onee-chan after becoming 100 years old.

Saria and Shiro, and now awake, Rubeum and Fluffy eat the snacks.

RunRun was also slowly eating the snacks.

While looking at them, I asked Dion.

「Is a dragon’s beard, something that can be requested?」

「It depends on how you request and the dragon itself」

Dion is a dragon newt and also a priest of Dragon God.

In addition, he is well-versed on the ecology of dragons.

「The dragon’s beard that Regina recommended is from an adult dragon, right?」

「Well, that’s right. My bowstring is from a dragon over a thousand-years-old」

Saying so, Regina pointed to the piece of dragon’s beard that was placed on the desk.


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