95. Material for Bowstring (3)


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95. Material for Bowstring (3)

「Did you defeat that dragon? Or…」

「I defeated it, but I didn’t kill it」

「Hou? What were the circumstances?」

「Well that is…」

Regina talked about the story of how she fought the dragon.

The dragon, who had its prized possession stolen, raged and attacked the town. So Regina repelled it.

「Although, it was the humans who stole first」

「Certainly, it would leave behind a guilty conscience if you killed it」

As part of the human race, Regina had no choice but to repel it.

Nonetheless, even humans would get angry if their possession was stolen.

Naturally, the dragon would be enraged as well.

「Did the townspeople not urge you to kill the dragon?」

「There were some who did… but I told them if they said that I wouldn’t help them ever again」

Milt, who was listening to the story, said while nodding.

「In those days, our influence wasn’t as large as it is now」

「Nowadays, there isn’t a single person who would complain」

Xenovia agreed with Milt.

「That’s how much authority we wield. That is why we have to be self-aware of it」

「That’s admirable, Dion」

「…Thank you very much.」

As I praised him, Dion blushed and covered his face with his hand slightly.

Saria looked at Dion and tilted her head.

「Dion-chan, do you want to eat this?」

「Thank you, Saria-chan is very kind」

Dion smiled, and accepted the candy from Saria.

As he did, Saria also smiled brightly.


I gently patted Saria’s head.

While doing so, I asked Regina.

「What’s going on with that dragon right now?」

If I can ask that dragon to share its beard with me, that would be for the best.

「I wonder where it is… It happened several decades ago. Dion, have you heard anything?」

「Well, the dragon said it wanted to move to a place where humans wouldn’t approach」

It must have had enough of having its possessions stolen.

Perhaps it got sick of humans.

Yet, it told Dion it was going to change residence, so it might not completely hate humans.

That’s what I’d like to believe.

「So what kind of place is this “place where humans won’t approach”?」

「It is at the summit of the『Grand Mountain』located in the north」

「That… might be a little impossible」

「We can somehow reach there by using magic, but… it’s quite dangerous」

「Grand Mountain」has a height of approximately 8000 meters from sea level.

The air at the summit is very thin; it is a severe environment for the human race.

In addition, it is near the polar regions. It is so cold that boiling water would freeze in an instant.

During bad weather, the winds could blow up to 50 meters per second.

「I am already old, so it would be tough, but… Will should be able to go, right?」

「No no, that is unreasonable, Milt」

「Is that so? But I feel like you can go」

「Well, I’m not saying I can’t go but I’m also not saying that I can go…」

I think about the magic that would be necessary.

Cold-resistance is compulsory. Should I create an air membrane around my body?

What should I do to deal with the thin atmosphere?

Will it be alright if I applied pressure around my nose and mouth to increase the atmospheric concentration?

In the first place, is it enough just to increase it around the mouth and nose?

How would the pressure difference between the mouth, nose, and ears affect the body?

Even with the knowledge gained in the World of Gods, I do not know.

「I considered many things, but I don’t have any confidence」

「Is that so…」

Milt felt a little dejected.

Perhaps Milt wanted to be an explorer.

「If I was alone, I might be able to do it perhaps… but several people would certainly be impossible」

Even going alone is difficult.

It is absolutely tough to bring along multiple friends while protecting them.

「Well, that is also true」

「I’m sure it would still be pretty dangerous even if I went alone」Milt said.

「Milt, don’t be ridiculous」


Xenovia rebuked Milt.

When all my disciples are assembled, Milt, the youngest, feels a little childish – although his appearance looks to be the oldest.

While thinking about that, Saria, who was eating candy, pulled my clothes.


「Nn? What is it?」

「Don’t do dangerous stuff」

「Yeah, understood. Sorry for making you worry」

The little ones are always listening to the conversation of adults even if they seem like they don’t.

You have to be careful.

However, I’m also a child, so I don’t know if it’s right to call it an adult’s conversation.


「Really… I’ll only do dangerous mountain climbing once I’m grown up」

「You cannot even after you grow up」

「Yeah, understood」

As I said so, Saria smiled happily.

「Anicha, this is delicious」

「Thank you」

Saria shared her candy with me.

With that candy in my mouth, I gently stroked Saria’s head.

「Xenovia-neechan, the candy is delicious!」

「I am glad to hear that」

「Thank you!」

The atmosphere was softened by Saria’s cute smile.

On the other hand, Shiro was eating the candy single-mindedly.

The sound of munching and crunching resounded within the room.


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