96. Dragon’s Beard


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96. Dragon’s Beard

I also pet Shiro’s head.

「Shiro, Eat slowly. No one is going to take it away」


Shiro claims that anything can happen while eating which might disrupt his meal.

「That is so, but…」


Shiro kept eating the candy with a satisfied look.

Certainly, Shiro’s claim is correct.

In fact, if a big earthquake hits or a fire breaks out, it will not just be a matter of not being able to eat candy anymore.

Everyone will have to leave the candy and evacuate.

「However, Shiro, if that is so you will never be able to enjoy your meal」


Shiro is saying「certainly」. He seems to have understood.

But, he still doesn’t eat slowly. Perhaps he likes eating quickly itself.

「It’s bad for your digestion, so restrain a little」


「Shiro’s gluttony is terrific」

As I said so, Rubeum, who was silently eating his candy, raised his head and stared at my face.

「That’s not exactly true…kyu」

「Nn? What is?」

「Kyuru… Shiro often shares his meals」

「Is that so?」


That is surprising.

As I was surprised and looked at Shiro, he was munching on the candy as usual.

As I see it, his gluttony is amazing, but behind the scenes, he seems to be sharing his meals.

「Speaking of, Shiro had shared his food portion with the sheep when we first met」


Shiro cried out 「Is that so?」,while eating the candy.

When we first met, Shiro was protecting the sheep from the wolves.

He carried grass to the sheep which were hiding in the cave.

Even though he was skin and bones, he didn’t let the sheep lose weight to that extent.

「Perhaps he is accumulating physical strength so he could use it to help everyone in times of emergency」

Either way, I think Shiro is remarkable.

I pet Shiro’s back.

「I will also try to put as much food in the bag as possible」


Shiro says「That is good」.

「Shiro-chan, how admirableー」


Saria also started petting Shiro.

Shiro seems to enjoy being pet by Saria -to the extent, where he seemed to be more happy than being pet by me.

While watching the afternoon-snack scene of the god-beasts, I said.

「The story railed off from climbing the mountain」

「That might be for the best」

Milt nodded.

I guess it can’t be helped, as Saria said no.

「Isn’t there any prominent dragon nearby?」


Rubeum seems to be implying 「Isn’t there one right here?」

While munching on the candy, he tilted his head.

「…Is there any other prominent dragon nearby besides Rubeum?」

I politely restated.


Rubeum nodded with a satisfied look.

While I petted Rubeum, Dion said.

「Well of course, there are no dragons near the Royal Capital」

「I guess that’s true… It would surely cause an uproar」

If wild dragons were spotted near human habitations, it would cause an uproar.

It would be even more so if it appeared near the busy Royal Capital.

「The closest one should be in the mountain range border with the Armady Empire」

「It would take about a month on foot, right?」

「Yes, going on a wyvern would take about a few days」

「Do you know how prominent of a dragon it is?」

「I hear it has exceeded over a thousand years」

If it has exceeded 1000 years, then it is quite the prominent elder dragon.

That dragon’s beard would surely make a good material.

「…however, that dragon heads a flock」

「If that is so, just by approaching, the dragons would gather up」

「Most likely」

I do not wish to kill a dragon that is 1000 years old.

I plan to request and acquire the material.

A dragon’s beard is like a human’s and grows slowly. There are no nerves.

The length of the beard depends on the fashion sense of the dragon itself.

「I’ll be attacked before talking to the 1000 year old dragon」

「They don’t have a reason not to」

I will be attacked the moment I trespass into their territory.

That said, negotiating with the 1000 year old dragon will be difficult if I retaliate against the attacking dragons.

The 1000 year old dragon would probably join in on the attack. In other words, they are all one family. If I defeat the dragons, I would antagonize the 1000 year old dragon.

It wouldn’t even give me the opportunity to have a discussion.

「I wish an older dragon that is intelligent enough to talk would appear first」

「Normally, driving away humans who trespass into their territory is the role of the younger dragons」

「…I suppose so」

Defeating young dragons is not a difficult feat for me.

If it is only one, I can even suppress it without hurting it.

The young dragons are weaker than Rubeum, who is a god-beast.

「If the number is too many, it would be difficult」

「Yes, it is next to impossible」

Dion folds his arms and went into thought.

I asked Milt, who was listening seriously to us.

「Is there any way to suppress a large number of young dragons without injuring them?」

「…Lets seeー if it was indoors, we could use sleep cloud」

「It would be difficult due to the diffusion in the outdoors」


While Milt was thinking, Regina energetically butted in.

「It will be easy if I follow along」

Regina sure has great self-confidence.



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