97. A Flock of Dragons along the Border


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97. A Flock of Dragons along the Border

「Do you have a secret plan?」

「Climbing the mountain while blowing away any dragon that comes our way!」

「Eeh… Isn’t that too forceful?」

I’m a little tired of this.

Regina still says such things even after a hundred years.

She hasn’t changed in the slightest. Although, that does make me a little happy.

「Plans should be simple, is what my ‘Master’! had taught me」

Regina doesn’t call me Master, as Saria was present.

However, she emphasized the ‘Master’ part.

I do remember teaching her something like that.


「I do agree it should be simple, but what you proposed is not even a plan」

While puffing her chest confidently, Regina said.

「Of course that is not all I have」

「Let’s hear it then」

「While blowing away the dragons during the climbing, we’ll shout out in a loud voice」

Regina had a self-satisfied look.

「What kind of simpleton idea…」

「I feel like I wasted my time by listening seriously to you, Regina」

Xenovia and Milt looked at Regina as though they were looking at an idiot.

「Ah, are you making a fool out of me? Dion, say something」

「Regina, don’t ask the impossible of Dion」

Milt sighed exasperatedly at Regina.

During that time, Dion had his arms folded and his eyes closed and a serious expression on his face.

And then, suddenly he opened his eyes.

「Hmm, it might work」


Regina was happy

She was excited and breathed roughly.

Perhaps inspired by this, for some reason Shiro started drinking his milk much faster.

Saria also ate her snacks while imitating Regina and made her breath heavily through her nose.

「You don’t have to cover for Regina」

「Xenovia, calm down… I am not covering for her」

Dion wasn’t joking. He was serious.

「Dion, what do you mean?」

「Yes, if you shout loudly while blowing the young ones away, it will surely reach the ears of the older dragons.」

「In other words, it will be possible to negotiate because the dragons who can understand us will appear due to the noise」

「That’s right」

「As expected of Dion, you understood my plan」

Regina was grinning happily.

「I understand the plan… but is it possible?」

I put forward a doubt.

The plan to negotiate with the older dragons that would appear, hinges on the preamble that we don’t injure the young dragons.

That is very difficult.

Even if the young dragons are unhurt, will the older dragons respond to the negotiation?

It depends on the personality of the older dragons. If they have the trait of swarming together with the young dragons, that would be a problem.

We’re simply betting they won’t. And that’s a bad bet.

「I think it is possible」

Regina seems to be confident but I’m uneasy.

「What do you think, Dion? How high is the chance of success?」

「Hmmm, I think it will be difficult but the chances of success are high」

Dion’s answer was surprising.

Noticing my surprise, Dion continued with a smile.

「The aforementioned group of dragons love to fight」

「So they are warlike?」

「It’s quite different from that. They love to test their strength」

「Ah, I see」

They prefer to test their strength against their opponents, rather than killing.

「In rare cases, humans with pride in their skills go to challenge them, and the dragons gladly respond to the challenge」

「Have any of those people come back alive?」

Xenovia asked worriedly.

「Naturally, there have been accidents. However, fundamentally they do return」

「And the ratio of returning alive?」

Xenovia wants to know the numerical value of the fundamental.

「Let’s see… 70% or so from what I’ve heard」

「…that’s low. Wait, maybe that’s high considering they return alive after challenging a dragon」

「Yes, I think it is high」

Listening to Dion’s story made me curious about something,

「Have you ever challenged a dragon, Regina?」

「No, I haven’t.」

「That’s surprising」

On the inside, I have an image of Regina, who likes to compare strength.

「I have fought dragons many times. A hundred years ago」

Now that she mentioned it, that’s right.

In my past life, I have fought many dragons together with my disciples.

For Regina, there is no longer a need to compare strength with a dragon.

「If you call out for a strength comparison, the older dragons will appear forward」

「And the rest depends on the negotiations?」

「Yes, that’s how it’ll be」

「Oh right!」

Regina pitched forward. Her eyes were sparkling.

「Let’s bring our disciples together, and train!」

「Against a dragon? Isn’t that dangerous?」

Leaving me aside, I feel that it would be too dangerous for Rosetta and the rest.

「I and Dion will follow along so that it doesn’t get dangerous」

「I am also coming along?」

「Dion, you’re not going to say you’re not coming after stirring all this up, are you?」

「I didn’t mean to stir things up though」

「Saying that isn’t going to let you off the hook at this point」

「If my disciple, Tina, will be participating as well, then I will follow along」

「Will, how about it?」

I thought a little.

「Rosetta and the rest should be able to hold their own against a dragon if they fought as a party」

Leaving aside a top-ranking dragon, they should be able to put up a good fight against a subordinate dragon.

That will definitely be a good combat experience for them.

「I think it’s okay for Dion to follow along」

「It’s decided then!」

Saying so, Regina happily nodded.


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