98. Before Departure


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98. Before Departure

I asked Xenovia.

「What do you think, Xenovia? Do you think it’s alright?」

Xenovia is the head of the academy and also Arti’s master; and also the guardian of the academy students.

「I suppose it’s alright as Dion is following along. However, Regina, be really careful」

「I know」

Dion is the greatest healer in this era.The Beloved Child of the Water God.

His recovery magic is at a level where anything can be healed as long as the subject is not dead.

「I want to go along as well though…」

「Milt has to be patient with just house-sitting」

「I know. I can’t let Xenovia alone in the academy either」

It would be fine if it was near the academy, but the mountain range along the national border is far away.

It would take a few days even on a wyvern.

The academy is also the headquarters of the overall Salvation Organization, so everyone from the Council of Sages can’t leave at once.

Even if one person moves out in the event of an emergency, the other one would still be in the academy.

「Well, let’s all leave for the mountain range tomorrow without delay」

Regina seemed happy.

I stroke Saria’s head.

「Saria, You would have to sit at home again tomorrow」

「Yup! Understand! Do your best, Anicha!」

Saria behaves well as usual.

「I’m really sorry」

「Saria will be alright! RunRun is with me after all!」


RunRun said leave it up to me, with his tail standing straight.

「Hey… RunRun let’s house-sit together okay?」


Saria cutely hugged RunRun.

And the Human God’s divine spirit, Fay, continued sleeping in my breast pocket.

She might still be tired due to the Human God descending a few days ago.

After that, I left it up to Regina to contact Rosetta and the rest, and I went back to my dorm room.

That night, I climbed onto the bed together with Saria and the god-beasts.


「What is it?」

「Can’t sleep so, read a book!」


I read a children’s picture book for Saria.

Saria, who can read simple text, can read it on her own as it is a picture book for young children.

However, Saria wants me to read it for her.

Sometime during the time I was reading the book, Saria fell asleep.

I gently brushed Saria’s head.

Even if she behaves well, Saria is a 3 year old toddler.

She would surely feel lonely.

And so, I said to RunRun.

「RunRun, take care of Saria」


Without barking, RunRun just licked my face.

「I’m sorry for always making you babysit」

RunRun slowly shook his tail as if telling me not to mind it.

The next day, I headed to the President’s Office after leaving Saria and RunRun in the care of the nursery.

In the President Office, Rosetta, Tina and Arti were all present.

The student’s were all standing straight.

I too stood alongside the students.

After confirming I was ready, Regina nodded and said.

「Yeah, thanks for coming everyone」

Regina was smiling. Dion stood behind Regina.

Xenovia was even further behind Dion. She was observing us while sitting in the president chair.

「…Nevertheless, is everyone gonna come in that equipment?」

Regina was clad in full-body metal armour.

Although her face wasn’t covered, she was wearing a metal helmet.

Her weapon was a giant two-handed sword which was taller than her.

In addition, she had a large bow on her back, and 3 short swords fastened to her hips.

「Just in case, I came in my usual combat equipment」

Tina said with very little confidence.

We’re talking about Tina here, she surely came here prepared.

However, looking at Regina’s heavy equipment, she must have felt anxious.

I certainly understand how she feels.

「Hmm, are you okay with that equipment, Rosetta?」

「Err, Master, this is my best equipment」

They were probably instructed to assemble in the President Office after prepping their equipment.

「I see」

Saying so, Regina inspected Rosetta’s equipment.

Seeing that, Dion approached closer.

「Tina-chan, what’s under that robe?」

Dion seems to use honorifics when addressing his disciple, Tina.

「Yes, I have put on a chain mail as Master has taught」

「Wonderful, by the way, what is it made of?」

「I chose mithril」

「That’s good, it’s strong and light」

「Thank you very much」

As expected of Tina, the imperial princess of the Armady Empire.

She seems to have a financial allowance for expensive equipment.

After that, Dion checks on carry-on items such as Tina’s cane and emergency food.

And he gave her detailed advice.

Regina seems to be teaching Rosetta about various things.

On the other hand, Arti and I were standing as we were.

Arti is already a member of the Salvation Organization. She does not need to receive instructions on equipment.

So, she was a little free.

The god-beasts were also free. Shiro was single-mindedly head-butting my thighs.

After the equipment inspection ended, Regina said.

「Children, we are about to train from here on out」


「The location is the mountain range on the national border of the Barridor Kingdom and Armady Empire」

「…no way」

Tina, who is from the Armady Empire, opened her eyes wide when she heard about the location.

「Yes, Tina, your guess is correct. You are all going to fight against dragons」

Regina loudly declared as such.


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