99. To the Mountain Range of Dragons


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99. To the Mountain Range of Dragons

The person who was most surprised by Regina’s words was Rosetta.

「Eh! You mean a real dragon?」

「There is no such thing called a fake dragon!」

The divine spirit of the Human God, Fay, who was supposed to be sleeping in my pocket, abruptly said that.

Today, Fay was energetic for some reason.

Two days have passed since the descent of the Human God.

Perhaps she has recovered a lot as she slept well all day long yesterday.


Rubeum flapped his wings and flew to the front of Rosetta.

He was emphasizing and appealing that he is a splendid dragon.

「Rubeum-chan, please move aside」

Rosetta looked at Regina as she moved aside Rubeum, who blocked her view.

「Master, don’t you think it’s a little too early for me to take on a dragon…」

「Not at all… Besides, I’m also coming along, so be relieved」

If her Master says so, Rosetta can’t say anything anymore.

「…understood. I will do my best」

She said so, seemingly resigning herself.


On the other hand, Rubeum flew straight towards my stomach seeming a little dejected.

He seemed lonely that Rosetta didn’t pay attention to him.

And Tina was breathing heavily.

「To be able to fight a dragon! I am itching to put my skills to use! Right, Arti?」

「As you say」

Arti was composed.

Surely this wasn’t the first time Arti has had the opportunity to fight a dragon.

Dion told Rosetta, who was still worried.

「I will also be following along. You don’t have to fret too much」

「Thank you very much!」

Rosetta finally calmed down.

And so, Xenovia said.

「Everyone, take care on your trip」


「Arti, take care of them」


Xenovia deeply nodded to Arti’s strong response.

After that, we exited the President Office and headed to the wyvern room.

This time, we flew on three separate wyverns.

The ones who got on the wyverns were I, Arti, Rosetta, Tina, Regina, Dion and the god-beasts.

It will be a long trip with six people and the god-beasts.

In order to reduce the burden of the wyverns, we rode on more than 2 wyverns.

Rosetta and Arti rode with Regina, while Tina rode with Dion.

And I rode together with the god-beasts.

Along the way, nothing eventful happened.

Perhaps due to travelling with Regina and Dion, we only got the best rooms during lodging.

The food was also delicious, so Shiro was also delighted.

And it was impressive that Regina seemed to have had fun as well.

We reached near the mountain range after 3 days.

Since the wyverns were afraid to proceed further, they were entrusted to a Salvation Organization related facility in the nearby town.

Then we walked on foot to the mountain range.

As soon as we left the town, Regina told everyone.

「Rosetta, you walk in the vanguard position」


「Do you know the destination?」


Along the way here, Regina explained various things to Rosetta.

Wherein, also included information on the destination we were heading to.

If you become an adventurer, it’s common for parties to go to places they have never been to.

At such times, it is basically a scout like Rosetta that walks in the vanguard.

Rosetta looked at the map and started walking without hesitation.

Followed by Arti, then Tina, and then I was at the end of the student line.

Regina and Dion followed from a little distance away.

Fluffy, Shiro and Rubeum were walking beside me with quick steps.

Fay was riding on my shoulder.

Four hours after departing from the town. We finally arrived at the foot of the mountain.

I could see about two dragons circling over the sky.

They are most likely the dragons who stand guard against trespassers.

Rather than standing guard against humans, they were probably vigilant about intrusion from other dragons.

「Well then…」

Regina came forward.

「Children, are you ready?」


Rosetta and Tina responded loudly.

Even I could feel their nervousness.

「I am ready」

On the other hand, Arti responded calmly.

「Umu, that’s a good answer. Rubeum, go and hide together with Dion」

「Kyuru, why?」

「As you are a strong dragon, it would be troublesome if the nearby dragons become afraid of you」


Rubeum proudly cried out when Regina said that.

And then, Rubeum flew over to Dion.

「Rubeum, please enter into my pocket」

「Kyuru, okay… It would be a problem if they got scared… Rubeum is strong after all」

「Yes, also don’t cry out」


Rubeum behaved well. Then, his presence disappeared as soon as he entered Dion’s pocket.

I remember that when I first met with Rubeum, searching with magic didn’t work.

It is surely Rubeum’s special skill.

I should have properly asked what kind of skill it was.

I must not forget to ask when the battle is over.

Regina nodded satisfactorily, confirming that Rubeum’s presence had completely disappeared.

「Leave it up to me」

And then, she inhaled a deep breath.


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