Each One’s Thoughts Part 2


Translator: SFBaka

Editor: Thor’s Stone

「German cuisine isn’t actually half-bad at all. I didn’t think we’d actually have to spend the entire night here though.」

「Sorry, Jenny.」

「I don’t really mind, you know? We managed to snag a good deal too!」

「Indeed. I didn’t think we’d be able to purchase state-of-the-art Silhouettes for that kind of price…… I ended up buying four of them before I knew it.」

Apparently, the deal between both parties went quite well. Fuyuki was absentmindedly tapping his terminal.

「We have a lot of Bears in our Force too. This will greatly improve our overall combat strength.」

「I’m glad to hear that. I’d like to extend our gratitude as well. After all, if Metal Iris prominently uses our products, it will serve as great publicity.」

Kurt said so with his usual warm smile. He seemed like the perfect gentleman.

「Kurt-san. Thank you very much. I’d like to get in contact with you again if it’s alright with you.」

「Of course. Let’s have a fruitful exchange again in the future. If you have any problems, feel free to contact me.」


Kurt sent the Metal Iris members away with slight pangs of reluctance.

The smile disappeared from his face, and he proceeded to a room that only he can enter. He then went over to the Huckebein.

He looked up at the unfinished machine and muttered.

「Just wait a bit more. I’ve already given that young man all the hints I could. I wonder what his idea is, and what kind of thing he’ll offer me in return. I hope it will serve as a useful guide to me, at least.」

Kurt spoke to Huckebein akin to a father addressing his beloved son.

「You helped me get through that desperate battle in your woefully unfinished state. Surprisingly, that young man experienced something similar, and our goals overlap. I will certainly complete you to perfection. I’m sure Kou-kun will bring me the required technology to accomplish that. That is what I believe.」

Kurt thought back to the battle a few years ago.

The Fortress Area they formerly stayed at was overrun by the enemy.

Many of his comrades fell, and his own machine also collapsed from all the damage it suffered. The only thing that was left standing was the incomplete machine currently before him.

The incomplete machine that first appeared to be inert suddenly parked itself in front of Kurt that day.

He almost couldn’t believe what happened, but he felt the battle intent emanating from the machine. The only weapon it held in its hand was a zweihander.

However, it made full use of its prided agility and handling to display a truly magnificent performance. He was able to barely escape from the fallen Fortress Area and make a comeback.

Huckebein stood before him in silence.

「Please wait for just a little bit more. I will make you into a true Murder-destroying villainous bird that soars along the battlefield. I’ve already laid down the foundation. Now, all I need to do is wait.」

Kurt was akin to a pilgrim offering up a devout prayer to the immobile unfinished prototype.

–In Fortress Area I250 where the TAKABA main company headquarters was located. A man was having a conversation within the company chairman’s private office.

The man was an elderly Japanese. His body was lean but sufficiently muscular. He sported fine yet dignified features.

「Yes. Takaba speaking. Why, if it isn’t Kurt-san. Hello. Yes. So it really is that rascal Kou? I see I see…… Thank you for taking care of that young man on my behalf. He’s a very promising swordsman, you say? Indeed, he is. Right, right…… Hee. I see. The Lanius Unit 5 eh……」

It’s been a while since he’s had a proper talk with Kurt. He quite enjoyed it. Apparently, the other party was also in a great mood.

After turning off the communicator, he turned to one side with a gentle gaze.

He was looking at a picture placed on his desk.

The picture was of him and his grandson, Shuji. It was taken after they came to Asia.

「Kou-kun was alive, Shuji. And hear this. He actually found and rode Lanius Unit 5 that you were supposed to pilot. That kid even managed to rescue Asia.」

He gently wiped the tears that seeped from his eyes away.

The young man was reported dead, but he actually ended up being transferred to Asia. He was his grandson’s good friend. He’d met him several times and talked with him about swordsmanship in their family’s dojo.

When he first got told that the young man was dead, he couldn’t help but yell at the person who brought him the grievous news.

He questioned why a decent young man and a promising swordsman like him should have to die in such an abrupt manner. He was vexed. He wanted to talk with him more.

He wanted to talk with the young man about his grandson and swordsmanship more.

However, he had died.

He had died in such an unreasonable situation.

「If you were alive, then why didn’t you try to contact me right away, you rascal? Right, grandson?」

Takaba Hyoue talked to the photo that obviously wasn’t capable of responding.

His grandson never got the opportunity to pilot Unit 5 and passed away.

Their base, a Defense Dome that doubled as a weapons factory, suffered a surprise attack.

His grandson died in the ensuing chaos, and Lanius which had lost its pilot went out of control. It was in order to protect the remaining humans.

And now, he learned that the young man that he and his grandson had thought dead was actually alive. Moreover, he had ridden Unit 5 which his grandson was originally supposed to pilot.

It was certainly within the realm of possibility. The place Kou ended up getting left behind was their former base. And it was Hyoue himself who instructed his men to leave Unit 5 there.

He was against scrapping it entirely and didn’t want to replace its cockpit either.

He wanted it to undergo a rebirth. He truly believed that the right pilot for it will appear eventually.

In truth, he had wanted to take it with them back then. But there just wasn’t any time. Hence, the machine was abandoned in the underground junkyard.

Now, that very machine had activated. It then went on a journey together with his late grandson’s friend.

Eventually, they had even managed to save Asia. When he heard about it from Asia, he didn’t dare to believe it at first. Perhaps it was only a person with a similar name, he thought.

When he heard from Kurt that the young man was a promising swordsman today, he was finally convinced.

He couldn’t help but feel that a sort of destiny was at work.

「Hey. Was it you who guided Kou here, Shuji? Otherwise, it really is such an improbable coincidence. So he practices iai eh. If our Lanius can prove useful to him, then nothing could make me happier.」

The old man closed his eyes.

If it were possible, then he would have wanted to reunite with Kou together with his grandson.

Hyoue quietly immersed himself in memories of the past.



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  2. Plot Twist: Shuji managed to transfer himself to Unit 5 and cover their retreat.

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