Goddess of Liberation


Translator: SFBaka

Editor: Thor’s Stone

Unit 5 cut down the quantum chains one after another.

Asia moved her now-free arms with a look of disbelief on her face.

「Last would be the hair huh.」

A particularly sturdy-looking chain was coiled around the tip of Asia’s long silver hair.

「Kou, please. Just cut my hair!」

Asia suddenly requested with a bright and cheery tone.

「Eh? But Asia’s hair is……」

「It’s okay! It may look like hair to you, but it’s still data. And one can always regrow their hair, right?」

The appearance of Asia that Kou was seeing was ultimately just an image of the planetary control AI. A sort of illusory vision. It represented her current condition. If her data gets corrupted, it would appear as her getting injured. And since she was locked in an end node, she appeared to be bound in chains.

Hence, cutting off the extraneous data represented as the tips of her hair shouldn’t affect her as a whole.

「You’re right. I just didn’t want to cut it if possible because your hair’s really beautiful……」

「Fufu. Thank you. Oh, and also, I need to leave a part of me here. This place is set to self-destruct if I’m ever completely taken out of it.」

「So that’s how it is. Alright, I understand.」

Kou was hesitant to cut Asia’s beautiful hair, but he shouldn’t have to worry much if it can grow back. Even more so if the facility was set to self-destruct if he didn’t do it.

He proceeded to promptly cut off the section of Asia’s hair that’s tied up by the chain.


Asia quickly went forward and gave Unit 5 a hug.

That’s what Kou thought at first. However–

Before he knew it, Asia was already together with him inside Unit 5’s cockpit. She also reverted to a regular human’s size.

Asia dived straight into Kou’s chest, and Kou reflexively hugged her back.

He was surprised about how soft the young girl’s body felt against his own. It even felt like the sensation passed right through his clothes and was already akin to their skin touching directly. He really couldn’t claim that what he’s experiencing was a mere illusory vision.


「Now I can freely talk to you, Kou!」


「I have to thank everyone as well. Help me out, Unit 5.」


Unit 5 responded to Asia’s request.

『Kou, Unit 5, and everyone out there who helped out! Thank you!』

Unit 5 transmitted Asia’s message to all allied units.

But it wasn’t through the communications network.

It was as if Asia’s words were transmitted directly to everyone’s minds.

This was Asia’s way of directly expressing how grateful she was.

No other existence in the world would be able to perform such a feat.

The rear support unit members loudly cheered.

Everyone knew instinctively that it was Asia who spoke to them.

The reactions of the frontline unit members who were engaged in combat were varied.

Some of them screamed in joy. Some increased their focus once again. Others had their fighting spirit renewed and fought even more fiercely.

But no matter what their reaction was, they were all happy at Asia’s return.

Meanwhile, Kou noticed something unusual happening in front of him.

A Silhouette-sized Asia actually sprouted from the cut-off silver hair strands still tied to the chain.

However, this Asia was half-transparent and appeared much more vacant than before.

「What’s that?」

「It’s a dummy made by inflating the junk data from my residual data left in the system. This will serve to trick the Stones, at least for a short while.」

「It looks a lot like you Asia, so it kinda feels painful to see.」

「You’re so nice, Kou!」

The young girl proceeded to rub her cheek on Kou’s chest as she fawned on him.

「Kou, leave flirting around with a beautiful girl later, please. We’re getting out of here.」

Blue’s chilly voice echoed out from Unit 5’s comm.

Kou felt as if she was somehow looking down on him in disdain.

「Eh? Um, Blue. Can you actually see her now?」

Kou felt awkward about being seen frolicking around with Asia. Asia giggled and sat up.

「She’s a Nereid. She’s can see me when I’m together with Kou!」

Asia grinned mischievously as she waved at Blue’s image on the comm window.

「The one waving her hand is Asia, right? Hello, Ashia. I’m honored to finally meet you.」

Blue’s expression finally loosened up. Kou thought her cold demeanor earlier must have only been his imagination.

「Thank you as well, Blue!」

「You don’t have to thank me. Rescuing you is the top priority of those living on this planet and us Nereids, Asia.」

Blue sounded like she was a bit overwhelmed.

It was an indication of just how important Asia was to her and those living on Planet Asia, apart from those who threw their lot at the Stones.

「It looks like the data transfer process is about to be finished. I’ll be waiting for you at Astraea.」

「Alright. We’ll be returning too.」

Asia’s body was wrapped in a torrent of light.

Her body gradually became more transparent until she finally disappeared completely.

「Let’s go back.」

Blue’s tone turned cold once again. Kou wondered if she was actually sulking.

「Um, Blue. Err, are you angry?」

「I’m not.」

She denied being angry even though it was obvious that she was.



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