Kurt Maschinenbau 

Translator: SFBaka

Editor: Thor’s Stone

Before heading to the next company on their list, the party returned to Metal Iris’ base first to rest.

They immediately headed out the next day.

「Where should we visit next?」

Kou asked Aki where their next destination would be. Aki had displayed great aptitude in being Kou’s secretary.

「We’ll be heading to Kurt Maschinenbau next. It’s a company founded by a transferee from Germany. It’s apparently a prestigious company that has been in business for over 20 years. Kurt also seems to be one of the oldest A-rank Development Engineers.」

「My stomach hurts because we’re meeting bigshots one after another.」

「Our employer Libra was also worried about you. I was told to back you up from the side whenever required since you’re not good at socializing.」

「…… Libra huh. You guys sure are hitting me where it hurts.」

「I and Aki-san are here, so just relax, Kou. We have your back.」

Fuyuki reassured Kou, and Aki nodded in agreement.

「What kind of company is Kurt Maschinenbau?」

「If John Arms is the manufacturer of the most popular Assault Silhouettes, then Kurt Maschinenbau is the one that produces the most prolific high-performance machines.」

「As the person in charge of business negotiations, I’m getting really fired up.」

「Metal Iris uses a lot of Bear models after all.」

「Their mass production capability sure is amazing huh. John Arms, I mean. Their work Silhouette factory can handle almost everything.」

Jenny then displayed a mean-spirited smile.

「Observing them might be useful for getting know-how on running a business, but you don’t really plan on starting a company, right, Kou?」

「Nope! I’d rather fight a mock battle with a veteran pilot instead.」

「Now that you mention it, Kurt is apparently quite a skilled pilot himself.」

「Hee. I can already imagine him being like Takaba-san.」

「Actually, that really might be the case. I heard that he was also a former mercenary. And he seems to be on good terms with Takaba Hyoue too. He’s a veteran who’s interacted with lots of Development Engineers.」

Kou was looking forward to seeing just what kinds of machines such a veteran Development Engineer had come up with.

「Welcome, guests from Metal Iris. We’ve been waiting for you all. I’m Kurt Ludwig.」

They were brought to an office where they met up with an elderly Caucasian man. He had a slender build and seemed like a calm and reserved person.

He got up from the chair he was sitting on and walked up to welcome Kou and the rest.

Looking solely at his polite welcoming demeanor, he didn’t seem like someone who has been developing weapons of war for a long time.

「It’s nice to meet you, sir. I’m Jenny from Metal Iris. This young man is Kou. And……」

Jenny proceeded to introduce Kou and the others.

Kurt approached Kou and offered his hand. Kou took it without reserve.

「I’ve heard about you, young man. From various sources.」

Kou already found out that Asia got in contact with the A-rank Development Engineers.

He supposed Kurt was referring to that.

However, Kurt’s next words caught him by surprise.

「You defeated a super-heavy tank with a drill tank you created. It was a wonderful bricolage.」

「H-How did you–!?」

Only a few people knew about the drill tank. He didn’t think Asia would talk about it to others.

And moreover, he was way too embarrassed to let others know he created such a strange weapon.

「The developer of the super-heavy tank was really frustrated you know. I’m acquainted with him, you see. After analyzing all the information available, I was able to come to this conclusion eventually.」

Jenny and the other’s bodies involuntarily stiffened up.

The old gentleman possessed a keen eye for details and an equally keen mind. His network of contacts was also apparently quite substantial.

Jenny and the others still didn’t know who exactly the developer of the super-heavy tank was.

Hence, it was natural to be vigilant.

「There’s no need to be so on guard, everyone. I merely discussed bricolage with him and nothing more.」

After seeing the reaction of the Metal Iris members, Kurt displayed a strained smile.

Since they were both German Development Engineers, he ended up having an exchange with Alberto Knapp. That was all.

That obsessive genius felt truly frustrated because of his perceived loss when it comes to weapon ideas.

Kurt didn’t know what the drill tank was actually like, but he became curious about the Development Engineer who came up with it.

「And so, I have a proposal, young man. Would you like to hear it?」

「Sure. What is it, sir?」

「Would you like to have a mock battle with me? That way, we can glean more from each other compared to having an exchange through mere words. We will fight using only swords. How about it?」

Kurt’s proposal came as a surprise. Kou was momentarily taken aback, but he regained himself quickly.

He felt that such a proposal was really up his alley.

「Let’s use our own personal machines. I’ve also done quite a few modifications and improvements on my partner myself you know.」

「Understood. I gladly accept.」

「How decisive. I like it!」

Kurt smiled happily.

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