Provisioning Next-gen Technology


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Kou and the others gathered inside the combat command center. The other members were Voy, Nyanta, Aki, and Aimer.

They were conducting a meeting about their plans to provide the technology they obtained through Okeanos.

「We’re gonna do something really big this time nyaa.」

Nyanta exclaimed excitedly as she went through a list.

「They will all be sold exclusively to A-Class Development Engineers huh.」

「Right. Because we’ll be selling quite a bit this time around, they can just pick and buy which technology they’re interested in. I do plan on handing technology I’ve already promised to some engineers as well as the ones crucial for others to be able to accept commissions from us though.」

「Is there any meaning to catering exclusively to A-Class Development Engineers nyaa?」

「If we also extend the offer to B-Class Development Engineers, there’s a high risk of passing over the technology and techniques to the Stones. I guess something like that can’t really be avoided, but I want to delay things as much as possible.」

There were three different lists. One listed the items that will be offered to the A-Class Engineers. Another had items that will be sold through an auction. And the last listed items that will be provided free of charge.

【Technology List for A-Class Development Engineers】

『Details regarding the manufacturing of an ultra-high temperature and high-pressure metallic hydrogen reactor as an additional power pack module.』

『Details regarding the production system of metallic hydrogen.』

『Facility-compatible metallic hydrogen production equipment and storage technology.』

『Higher-level electromagnetic armor technology.』

『Armor muscle technology.』

『Simplified armor muscle-infused hybrid drive system technology.』

『New type detonation engine technology.』

『Next generation machine designed for various combined operation methods between Beagles and Silhouettes.』

【Manufacturing Rights/Technology Provision List through Technology Auction】

『Metallic hydrogen engine technology for aircraft.』

『Details regarding the storage system of metallic hydrogen.』

『Next generation hybrid drive technology plan.』

『New type nano-steel manufacturing method.』

『General-purpose plasma armor technology.』

『New type hybrid drive system.』

『Octaazacubane weapon structure technology.』

【List of Technology Provided without Restrictions】

『New generation module standards.』

『New standards for additional armor components.』

『Nanocarbon composite alloy material that can be produced in general-purpose factories.』

『New high entropy alloy manufacturing technology.』

Various items were listed in neat rows.

「Kou, are you going to start a technological revolution?」

Aimer murmured in a low tone.

「It’s not really much of a revolution. After all, this level of technology is nothing compared to what was available during the Interplanetary War era.」

「Even so, in the current era, they’re already akin to out-of-place artifacts. In other words, they’re basically ooparts. This can definitely be seen as a technology renaissance.」

Voy confirmed things with an uncharacteristically serious demeanor.

「Through this list, our sealed knowledge also got released. Cognitive seals are really troublesome.」

「Is that so?」

It looked like the moment the three checked the lists out, they could immediately associate the contents with the knowledge they’d already previously known but were sealed up.

「It seems these things will even spur on the reorganization of companies and Fortress Areas nyaa.」

「We’ll be providing them with the exact same technology we have. We won’t entertain questions regarding how exactly they’d make use of the tech for bricolage. They can handle that on their own.」

「Hey, let’s make a second drill tank!」

「Right! The drill has a great reputation among the Metal Iris members after all!」

Aki was stunned when she saw the estimated price of the items on the list.

「Isn’t the metallic hydrogen reactor a bit too expensive? It costs 200,000 minas when purchased through Okeanos!」

It was an amount of money equivalent to 2 billion Japanese yen. Aki, who was in charge of the group’s financials, was quite surprised by the price.

「Silhouettes will gain mobility on par with that of a fighter jet through it after all. Silhouettes. Their prices will also become similar though.」

「That can’t be helped. These are technologies used during the Interplanetary War era after all.」

It seemed that Aimer had also grasped the crux of the matter.

「It seems that current reactors were actually designed under the premise of a combination with the ultra-high pressure furnace. The current power packs are kind of a downgraded and cheap version of that era’s packs.」

「A boron-based one-dimensional truss material is formed into a ribbon shape and then molded into a two-dimensional sheet. And from that, an ultra-compact metallic hydrogen reactor made out of a collection of nanomaterials several dozen centimeters thick is produced. I feel like there are almost no facilities on Planet Asia that can handle manufacturing it.」

「Borophene-based materials that utilize boron are already used for manufacturing Silhouette parts. It seems that there are actually eight facilities where metallic hydrogen reactors can be manufactured, but only four of them are under human control. The rest are in space, but one should be able to purchase the finished products manufactured there through Okeanos.」

「This high-end electromagnetic armor makes use of ultra-compact metallic hydrogen reactor tech to function, right?」

「Right. But I think it will be difficult to popularize it due to the cost, so I also prepared a storage type pack that works with the plasma armor used in tanks.」

「I see. As long as you have a metallic hydrogen refining facility, you can engage in the energy resource business.」

「It’s perfect for Metal Iris nyaa.」

Kou readily answered the other’s inquiries.

It looked like there were no particular objections.

「So we’re going to found a company that manages a large-scale metallic hydrogen reactor huh.」

「I think it’s a good start. We have to pay extra attention to the control method that allows the hydrogen to maintain its metallic state. So we’ll likely have to invest a lot of capital into the large-scale metallic hydrogen reactor.」

「It’s like owning an oilfield in the 21st century.」

「The storage models will be used exclusively as propellant and fuel for plasma armor operation. They can be purchased by the owners of Silhouettes and aircraft that don’t have compact reactors already installed. This will be the new norm.」

Aimer then asked a question about a matter she was curious about.

「The next-generation standard module simply replaces the joints between the thighs and the waist with wheel-type hybrid joints, right?」

「That’s right. That’s because using the previous joint, Silhouettes would be turned completely immobile once their legs get destroyed. I simply just turned the connection unit into a mobile wheel type from the get-go. By doing that, the Silhouettes will be able to detach their damaged legs and then retreat for repairs on their own. In other words, I turned the connection unit into another means of movement.」

「It’s a modification that can be handled even by small factories huh.」

Voy managed to notice the matter and pointed it out.

「Kou, will the production of the A and B variants of the Lanius be handed over to TAKABA? It’s written here that the reason is for achieving continuous mass production in the future.」

「I did mean to make that proposal. If it doesn’t work out, I can try talking to Kurt-san.」

「I don’t think they’d refuse though.」

「The B type requires the major renovation of a manufacturing facility, so we have to choose a company that can handle such a project. I intend to dismiss all those that can’t.」

The concept of “cost” was instilled in Kou by Kelly. Not only did he need to consider cost price and processing costs, but also facility investment costs.

「I guess we can only go about it like that considering the necessary upgrades to the facility’s manufacturing equipment.」

The heavy industry sector of the Nemesis system was fully automated.

If one wanted to make something other than the current standard, a major facility upgrade was required.

As long as you were dealing with for-profit companies, it will not be possible to proceed while considering the wishes of a Development Engineer alone.

Now, all they needed to do was to contact the Development Engineers through Okeanos.

Future developments will change greatly depending on the reactions of the Development Engineers in each region of the planet.

Kou felt both expectant and anxious for the future.


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