Revival Candidates

Translator: SFBaka

Editor: Thor’s Stone

「Kou, Even though you can now completely reactivate Astraea, you are still woefully short of manpower. This is despite the fact that you can technically pilot the ship without a crew present.」

「Yeah. I’ve heard that huge ships need a lot of crew to operate properly.」

In order to properly operate Astraea at full capacity, a crew was necessary.

「Yes, we need them to take charge of some of the work. Astraea, how goes the datalink to the revival candidates?」

『It’s proceeding smoothly. I’ve already uploaded all relevant data regarding the 21sth century and Master’s experiences to them.』

「Revival candidates?」

「Even if you can pilot Astraea alone, this is still a weapons factory, correct? The Therianthropes and Familiars that serve as this facility’s technicians and maintenance staff were put in a sleep state when this facility was sealed.」

「So they should be the companions Master mentioned. Since they are called candidates, does it mean there are still others besides them?」

「Yes, there are. But it wouldn’t do to suddenly wake up a large number of crew members right from the get-go, right? That’s why I only chose a few to start with. Of course, they are all favorable to humans, but I’m sure you’ll take a shine to them as well, Kou. They are very compatible with you. I guarantee it.」

「That would be nice. Thanks, Master.」

As Master and Kou chatted, three visitors entered the room and appeared before them.

They were probably the aforementioned revival candidates.

Each of them had been educated about the events regarding Kou and Master as well as the 21st century before they were woken up.

There was a tall girl with dog ears and pale brown hair extending to her waist.

The other one was a petite cat-eared girl with dark brown hair splashed with some black. She had big and lively-looking eyes.

The last one was a huge bear.

The former two were Therianthropes and the last one was most likely a Familiar just like Master.

Kou carried Master in his arms and moved forward to greet them.

「It’s nice to meet you, Kou. It’s been more than a thousand years since we slept. Please treat us well.」

「G’morning nyaa.」

「Nice ta meet ya, kid! I’m the representative of all the Familiars. There are others apart from me, including an extra-large autonomous machine. And by extra-large, I mean Silhouette-sized. I’ll introduce ya ta all of ’em later.」

The bear was obviously a male-type.

「Nice to meet you, everyone. I’m Mozuya Kou. Can you introduce yourselves to me one by one?」

The three exchanged troubled looks before turning back to Kou.

「We were only given specific roles to fulfill. For example, I’m a bear in charge of maintenance, and so on.」


「We are tools as well as pets after all.」

「Umu. Kou, this is due to the humans living in the era they were created.」

Master explained with some apprehension in her tone. She noticed that Kou’s mood had dropped slightly.

「Why do they not have names……?」

「It’s to have a clear distinction between them and humans.」

「We’d be more than happy if you gave us names instead, Kou.」

The long-haired girl said so with a light laugh.

「You’re really okay with that?」

「Yes. There were some humans who didn’t want to recognize us as actual people during the Interplanetary War era. Thankfully, it seems you recognize us, including the bear, as people.」

「That’s how it is. Of course, these girls would be given proper names once they’ve become a human’s companion and spouse, however…… they were put to sleep along with the facility before anything like that could happen.」

Somehow, Kou had realized Master’s comment about compatibility with him had a different nuance than what he expected.

「Please give us some wonderful names nyaa.」

「Right. I understand……」

He pointed toward the cat-eared girl.

「Okay. You’ll be called Nyanta then.」

「The heck’s with that old-fashioned JK-sounding name!?」

「Why are you familiar with old-fashioned high-school girls anyway……? C’mon. You’re a catgirl and you’re very cute. It fits.」

「Cute… Huh. Okay. I’ll let it slide this time nyaa.」

Nyanta answered with a teasing grin on her face. Kou thought she really had very pretty lashes.

Next, he turned toward the dog-eared girl. Rather than a girl though, he had the impression that she was more like a beautiful woman.

「How about Aki? It’s the name my country has for autumn. Your lovely hair color reminds me of maple leaves as well.」

「Lovely? Oh dear, I don’t deserve such praise…… But I’m happy. I’ll gladly take that name!」

Aki’s face turned bright red, but she did indeed look happy about her name.

「Hey! Why is Aki the only one who got a name overflowing with sentimental charm?」

Kou awkwardly turned away from Nyanta who was staring at him with accusatory eyes.

Lastly, he turned toward the bear whose eyes were sparkling in anticipation.

「Err, Kuma?」

「Sorry, but no. That’s way too literal, man. Can’t you think up a better name?」

He rejected the name instantly. Kou seriously considered his name as requested.

「I think I remember seeing a documentary about a bear accompanying humans on battlefields before. I think the name was…… Voytek. [1]」

「Ooh, Voytek huh! It’s an honor to be named after such a legendary bear!」

Voytek was quite satisfied with his new name.

「Great. Once again, nice to meet you, everyone.」

「Thanks to Master’s data, we already know all about Kou and the current situation of the planet nyaa.」

「Yes. We’re also aware that you still do not know much about this world. We will support you to the best of our abilities, so please rest assured, Kou.」

「Yeah. I’ll be counting on you all.」

「Alrighty then. I think I better get around to takin’ a look at Unit 5. I’ll leave Kou to you two.」

「Roger nyaa!」

「Yes. Please leave it to us.」

「Kou, ya gotta take this chance to raise yer favorability with the ladies y’hear.」

Voytek walked away while laughing vulgarly like a dirty old man.

「Master, what did he mean by favorability?」

「If their favorability toward you goes up, they will take care of you better. And like I said a while back, Therianthropes were created to replenish the population of the human race that had decreased too much.」

「Nn. I don’t really get it, but I’ll try my best not to be hated by them.」

Master leaped off Kou’s arms and walked up to the two girls.

「Well, he’s like this, so please make sure to take care of him properly.」

「He’s already a working adult, isn’t he?」

Aki asked Master with a serious look on her face.

「Undoubtedly. He’s a normal guy. Perhaps too normal. He’s not a nasty fellow anyway.」

「I’m relieved.」

「Oh boy. It looks like Aki’s favorability is already high from the get-go. That’s a losing flag y’know.」

「There’s Blue-san after all. I’m aware I’ll be having a hard time with her in the running. But I definitely won’t lose.」

「What are you talking about over there, everyone?」

「It’s about a world that children wouldn’t understand.」

For some reason, Kou felt uneasy about the unknown topic the three were busy discussing.

TL Notes:

[1] Wojtek (pronounced as Voytek) was a bear who served in the Polish military – specifically the 22nd Artillery Supply Company – during World War 2. Yep. This badass bear smoked (more like ate) cigarettes, drank booze, and joined the fight against the Nazis.


  1. Hm, yes, that Voytek lived quite an adventure. I remember it was picked up somewhere in the middle east by Polish soldiers, and it grew with them. At some point this group ended up with the brits, but there was an issue with the bear’s identity. Basically pets weren’t allowed by the brits (and they were in charge) but since the bear was actually useful the polish soldiers decided to actually give the bear a rank, a military rank. So, this bear was a war veteran, an actual war veteran.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

    • He was an awesome bear alright. Just imagine the Germans seeing a bear lugging ammo around in an active battlefield.

      Hans: Franz, I think there’s a bear carrying ammunition on the enemy’s side.

      Franz: Did you go crazy from all ze fighting, Hans? There’s no way a bear like zat exists.

      Hans: See for yourself. *Hands Franz the binoculars.

      Franz: Mein Fuhrer!

      Hans: So… Should I get the flammenwerfer?

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