Sniper Girl


Translator: SFBaka

Editor: Thor’s Stone

Silhouettes were humanoid in form.

But the unit currently taking its position presented a strikingly irregular figure.

The basic humanoid frame was still evident.

However, the weapon installed on its right arm was just too eye-catching. Its sheer size would make one gasp in awe. It was nearly as tall as the Silhouette itself.

Its left arm was also equipped with a strange-looking box-like module.

The cannon barrel on its right arm extended out. The fully deployed collapsible barrel was now nearly double the length of the Silhouette. It was probably more than 15 meters. The barrel got propped up by a bipod, and the ultra-long-range sniper cannon was finally ready to fire.

The Silhouette switched to a prone shooting position and started taking aim.

「Jenny…… She’s certainly going at it huh.」

The pilot muttered softly. Based on physical appearance, she was just a young girl in her teens. She had blue-colored hair and pointed ears. She was wearing a Metal Iris jacket as well.

She confirmed from her position that Jenny was able to land a direct hit with her missiles.

「Ballistic trajectory calculation is complete. Next is……」

In the next moment, she saw something incredible.

A lone Silhouette with a huge sword appeared on top of a building and suddenly destroyed the Enyo’s head.

「Eh! What the heck was that……?」

The young girl couldn’t help but shout in surprise.

Someone was actually crazy enough to take on an Enyo alone, and with only a melee weapon at that.

Thanks to high-dimensional projection, the strength of combat armor has improved by leaps and bounds.

But even so, overconfidence will often lead to death. You can’t just recklessly enter an enemy’s range.

「That was insane…… But thanks a lot, whoever you are.」

It was great that the Enyo’s head was now out of commission. This drastically lowered the chance of the Enyo unleashing a long-range attack of its own in retaliation later.

In battlefields inundated with powerful electromagnetic pulses, it was highly important to always grasp your enemy’s position.

Once you are at the receiving end of a sniper attack, you knew what would be coming next. You knew that before long, the enemies will move in and aggressively advance on your position.

A narrow line of sight straight toward the enemy Enyo ran between the gaps of crowded buildings.

Her target was the Enyo’s chest that had just taken heavy damage from the direct missile hits.

It had raised its gigantic body after receiving the attack on its head, leaving its chest wide open. It was the perfect chance to take the shot.

If Silhouettes are on completely level ground, the sniping range would be limited to around 10 kilometers due to the alignment of the line of sight and the horizon. However, it was different when sniping from an elevated position. As long as she stayed on top of the city buildings, the girl would have a clear shot at the Enyo from any distance, but she also needed to pay attention to the other Murder types surrounding it.

A 120 mm long-barreled railgun. This was the weapon equipped on the Silhouette’s right arm. Due to the nature of how railguns worked, the longer the rails, the more powerful it becomes.

This particular model was significantly more powerful than the tank and armored vehicle-mounted variants.

The recoil generated when firing it was equally massive due to its size. It was nearly double the height of a Silhouette after all. It was a difficult weapon to use. It was basically impossible to fire it effectively without the use of a specialized backpack unit to deal with the recoil.

Its design was fundamentally different from a standard general-purpose Silhouette-use railgun.

This particular sniper rail cannon variant also required the use of specialized ammunition.

The rounds used by light-gas-type rifles and the projectiles of regular railguns were standardized, so they were easier to produce and procure. They made use of the railgun technology developed in the 22nd century.

However, the long-barreled railgun that was currently deployed by the girl’s Silhouette was different. Its ammo was unique to itself and was specifically manufactured for it.

Theoretically, railgun projectiles were capable of reaching near light speed, but there was an upper limit to the speed of normal railgun projectiles due to the influence of the planet’s atmosphere and gravity. Once that speed cap is exceeded, the projectile would collapse on itself before reaching its target.

In other words, both the long-barreled railgun and its ammunition were specifically designed and manufactured for exclusive use by specialized sniper-type Silhouettes.

Being able to make practical use of such a large and unwieldy weapon was a testament to the Silhouette’s versatility. After all, tanks weren’t able to climb to the rooftops of buildings.

The girl aimed at the Enyo’s now-wide open chest and fired a shot.

There was also a single Ant Soldier-type that placed itself in the middle of her line of sight. The Ant Soldier was blasted to smithereens and the projectile went on to directly hit the Enyo’s chest.

Right after taking the shot, the Silhouette’s backpack unit activated its vernier thrusters. It was to counteract the railgun’s powerful recoil.

The Silhouette continued to fire shots from the same position. After the sixth shot landed, the Enyo finally crouched low in order to take cover. That was what the girl was aiming for.

She landed her seventh shot directly in the middle of the Enyo’s destroyed head and continued to fire until she completely used up the railgun magazine’s 12 projectiles.

The backpack unit’s reserve power was also entirely used up. It would need three minutes in order to recharge.

「Sniping complete. Moving away from current position.」

The girl transmitted her next action to her comrades and prepared to move out.

She made her Silhouette’s specialized weapon fold back in once more. There might actually not be any danger of enemies rushing to her position at all.

The problem was that her radar sensor was useless, so it was better to be safe than sorry.

But at that moment–

A Telkhines suddenly appeared before her.

It had brandished a high-frequency heat blade straight at her.

It was a Commander-type Telkhines that possessed excellent 3D maneuvering capabilities.

It probably wanted to close in quick in order to avoid being targeted by long-range attacks.

It closed the distance in an instant, and within moments, it was already right before the girl’s Silhouette.

The girl didn’t panic at all and quickly activated the weapon equipped on her Silhouette’s left arm.

Her next set of actions in order to deal with the Telkhines that suddenly closed in on her were quite unexpected.

The moment the Telkhines’ sword was about to reach her machine, it was blown back by a powerful impact coupled with a roaring explosion.

The cause was the equipment on the Silhouette’s left arm.

It was actually lucky that the enemy chose to close in on her.

Before the sword reached it, the weapon on the Silhouette’s left arm reached the enemy Telkhines first. The seemingly casual thrust was, in fact, an unexpectedly brutal attack.

The Telkhines was hit directly on the chest by a huge metal stake that was propelled forward by an explosive charge.

The Telkhines’ chest was gouged open, damaging its power unit, resulting in its movements slowing down to crawl as it tried to get back up.

「Girls don’t like it if you’re too clingy. How pathetic, idiiiot.」

She dissed her unfortunate opponent in a low voice.

When dealing with snipers, it was a common tactic to immediately close in on them. It was quite standard. That tendency wouldn’t change even if the opponent was an unmanned autonomous weapon.

Taking advantage of this, the girl purposely chose a point-blank range-use pile bunker as her defensive weapon.

She pulled the stake back inside the pile bunker’s chamber and turned the fallen Telkhines over.

The girl unleashed the pile bunker’s stake at the torso of the fallen enemy once more.

This time around, its power unit was reduced to bits, and the Telkhines ceased moving altogether.



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