Azur Lane: Episode of Belfast Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 14

Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



[Your Majesty…… Are you perhaps saying that I am incapable of being “lewd”?]


People can’t change if they do not take action towards that change.


It was Belfast herself who said those words, and she sincerely believed that the meaning of those words rang true.


(–––––– Does that mean that I…… Can never hope to become just like Nee-san?)


But even though she knew that more than anyone else in this world, she still wanted to know the secret of the taste of that green tea that Edinburgh served at yesterday’s tea party.


[–––––– Your Majesty. Please look at this.]


In response to Belfast’s sudden call, both Elizabeth and Edinburgh who were still chasing and running around the room came to a screeching halt.


[I may not be good at striking poses that one might consider “lewd” or “indecent” because I have no prior experiences with those, but…… I am more than confident enough that I can strike poses that will make myself feel embarrassed.]


Speaking in a way as if she just happened to make up her mind, Belfast gently started to pull the straps of her school swimsuit off of her shoulders in a strangely stimulating manner.


[Your Majesty, hearing you mention Nee-san…… made me remember something. As long as you think that the things that you do are embarrassing…… That’s what the opposite sex is going to find attractive and “lewd”, isn’t that right?]


With that being said, Belfast slid the swimsuit’s straps right off of her shoulders.


And she just continued to pull the straps down until she eventually reached the point where she thought that the sight should be more than racy enough.


However, that was not the only thing that Belfast was going to do. There were still a whole lot of things that she did not know just how lewd they would be. At least, not until she would actually try them out and see what kind of reaction they would get from others, and how it would make her herself feel.


And so she tried doing just that.


Thinking that to herself, this time around Belfast tried to boldly shift her entire swimsuit all at once.


[Bel!? What the hell do you think you’re doing!? Geez, stop it! Just stop it already!!]


All of a sudden, Edinburgh dashed forward towards Belfast and forcefully pulled the straps of her swimsuit back onto her shoulders, fixing the rest of the swimsuit while she was at it. For a moment out there Belfast was in a daze-like state, unable to actually comprehend what just happened here.


[Seriously! What the hell is wrong with you today, Bel!? Ever since this morning, you’ve been acting all weird and not like yourself at all!]


The expression of deep sorrow and concern that was now clearly visible on Edinburgh’s face was more than enough of a proof that she was seriously worried about her sister, and that it was more than enough to overcome the embarrassment that she was feeling.


Edinburgh then let go of the shoulder straps of Belfast’s swimsuit and just casually sat down on the floor while letting out a tired sigh.


[AAAHHH!!!!!! Geez!!! Stop it already, you two! Just stop!]


In a gesture of pure frustration, Elizabeth tossed her camera onto her huge canopy bed.


[Even though this whole thing was supposed to be a Punishment Game, this doesn’t really feel like a Punishment Game at all! Also, Edi is right, Bel! There is something seriously wrong with you today!]

* * *

Later this afternoon, after finishing all of her chores for the time being, Belfast decided to go into the dormitory’s kitchen and start making preparations for tonight’s dinner.


[–––––– Everyone, I am really sorry for causing you so much concern. Please, accept my sincerest apologies.]


After the two maids have left Elizabeth’s private quarters, Edinburgh was staying at Belfast’s side at all times, not leaving even for a moment.


And that is exactly why Belfast wanted to reassure her that everything was fine and that her beloved sister had no reason for concern.


[I have already calmed down, Nee-san. Everything is fine. There is no longer any cause for concern.]


[……Really now? Are you sure?]


Even though Edinburgh nods her head, there was still a clear trace of anxiety that could be heard in her words.


So this time around, Belfast chose to use a slightly calmer tone.


[Really, Nee-san. There is really no point for you to concern.]


When Belfast said that, Edinburgh looked at her for a long moment before she eventually leaned onto her shoulder, looking drained both physically and mentally.


At this point in time, Belfast thought that she had already caused more than enough concerns to her dear sister. There was no need for her to worry her even more. However, since he had let her go, he no longer wanted to become her wife.


She should have done what she originally meant to do, that is to ask Edinburgh to show her how to brew that tea of hers. However, because she missed her initial opportunity to do so, with the passing of time going back to that topic was growing increasingly harder and harder for her.


–––––– However, with how things were right about now, Belfast was more than sure enough that she would be able to properly ask her all about it. Even if it would turn out to be something that she would be truly unable to recreate. Right now it was more about her simply being able to satiate her own curiosity. 


[Nee-san. You see, there is actually something that I really wished to ask you about, ans ––––––]


It was then that the door to the kitchen were swung open and someone walked right through them.


[–––––– Ah! You two! Perfect timing! I’m glad to see you!]


Looking back towards the entrance to the kitchen, the two maids could see none other than Warspite herself who for some reason decided to pay a visit to the kitchen once more.


Besides Belfast and Edinburgh, Suffolk of the Maid Corps was also in the kitchen watching the fire burn inside of the kiln right next to the two sisters. But unlike Belfast and Edinburgh, who show little to no reaction, Suffolk jolted up in a panic, almost managing to fall over.


[Waah! T-The Head Maid and Edinburgh-san!? T-This isn’t what it looks like, this is…… That. You know? What is it that people actually call it again……?]


[You see, because of what happened yesterday, today I have returned with an ally! This time I asked this here Suffolk-san to watch over the fire! So this time we should not have any unfortunate accidents or miss-happenings.]


When Warspite said those words without even trying to hide the purpose of her invasion upon the kitchen, Suffolk could only smile in a apologetic way, all the while sweating profusely all over.


[In the light of yesterday’s events I really wanted to learn more about the whole art of sweets-making. That is why I am here and why I asked Suffolk-san for help.]


[So, is that what this is all about?]


Belfast then started to look around the kitchen, and before long she noticed something: resting on top of the kitchen table, there was a freshly baked cherry pie.


[Warspite-sama, forgive me for asking, but…… Is that something that you have baked yourself as well?]


[Hm? Ahh, this thing? Yes, that’s right. However, since it did not turned out all that well I decided to place it to the side and try over from scratch one more time……]


True enough, the cherry pie that was resting on top of the table seemed to have been slightly overcooked, and although was not nearly as dark as the previously burnt scones, the dark crust was still clearly visible.


Belfast then approached the burning kiln and opened its lid,


[Warspite-sama. Where did you exactly placed your pie when you were baking it?]


Being asked such question, Warspite came towards the kiln and showed Belfast the right place with her finger.


[I’m pretty sure that it was around here somewhere.]


[I think that the reason why it turned out the way it did was because it was placed a little bit too close to the fire. I think that if it was placed a few centimeters to the right, it would have been just right.]


While Belfast and Warspite were standing in front of the kiln and talking about various places where one could place things inside of it, Edinburgh suddenly clapped her hands as if he had suddenly remembered something important.


[Ah! That’s right! I left the washed bedsheets in the hands of Kent and the other maids, so I think I’m going to go and lend them a hand a little bit. Now then, if you’ll excuse me.]


[Oho? Well then, if it’s like that, then I guess that I should also go and help them out.]


Suffolk also left the kitchen alongside Edinburgh, leaving Belfast and Warspite on their own to discuss the matter of the cherry pie on top of the table.


[But still, for it to actually turn all nice like that on your second try, that’s actually a sign of a true skill. Did you learn the recipe from scratch?]


[Yes, I in fact did. I happened to look it up in a cook book…… and the rest was basically adding ingredients with cups measured by eye. And that’s about it.]


[Can I have a taste of it? Wouldn’t that be a problem?]


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